This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thomas Saaty, 91, born on July 18, 1926 and passed away on August 14, 2017. We will remember him forever.  Please join us for a memorial in the November timeframe to commemorate Tom (more information to come).  We hope that you will plan on attending ISAHP 2018 in July in Hong Kong and you can look for all things AHP and ANP at

Posted by Birsen Karpak on July 18, 2020
I miss you Tom. I always thought what a wonderful family you have. They always remember you we always remember you. Journal is doing fine. 
Posted by Dr Syafrizal Maludin, SE ... on July 18, 2020
Thank you for crafting such a useful method.
Posted by Iwan Azis on July 18, 2020
I will forever miss Tom and his way of thinking and seeing things. 
Posted by Mujgan Sagir Ozdemir on July 18, 2020
Sleep peacefull on your birthday Dear Tom. I never forget your contribution to my life as much as to many others'.
Posted by Nina Szklennik on August 16, 2019
Dear Professor, I will never forget you ! Your ideas, philosophy, scientific methods and lectures they will stay with me forever.
Sleep peacefully ....
Posted by claudio garuti on August 15, 2019
Dear Tom,
There are already passing 2 years, but don't ever think that we are going to forget you. You (and all you gave) will be forever with us.
Rest in peace Tom, we love you.
Posted by Mujgan Sagir Ozdemir on August 14, 2019
We did not forget you, today it is two years since you passed away.. Rozann visited me here in Turkey this summer Tom, I wish we were able to do this all together. Your ideas, philosophy, techniques and all you gave us will live with us forever Tom. Sleep peacefully...we love you.
Posted by Dragana Becejski Vujaklij... on August 14, 2019
I was very happy when I met Professor Saaty at the Euro XXII Conference in Prague and took a picture with him! That photo was of my cabinet until my retirement, and now it adorns my work space in the apartment.
Thank you prof. Saaty for the knowledge he shared with us!
Posted by Yoon Minsuk on August 14, 2019
Today (August 14) marks the second memorial day of Professor Saaty's trip to heaven.
No one can dare deny his great academic achievements in organizing human judgments.
Furthermore, I never forget Prof. Saaty, who has put great care and effort into world peace for humanity.
The eternal mentor of my life,
Please rest in peace.
Posted by Lou Sander on July 18, 2019
I really miss being an invited judge of the student creativity projects at Tom's classes at Katz. It was an honor to do it, and a pleasure to be exposed to Tom's great wit and charm. It's just another thing of Tom's that will be missed by many.
Posted by Charlie Petredis on July 18, 2019
Tom Saaty dared to touch the soul of those who were fortunate to know him and study his pioneering theories and protocols.  Tom enriched and made better all those who he knew and taught over the decades.  May Tom's memory be eternal & his work live on. 
Charlie Petredis
Posted by Luis on July 18, 2019
Dear Tom,
Jerry and I are trying to continue your dream of a conflict resolution institute. Now we would need your more than ever. 
Posted by Amy Mertens on June 30, 2019
Lilly, my Mom and I just returned from visiting with Grandma. The house and visit wasn't the same without you, but your great presence remains. I hope you enjoyed the flowers from your garden that we left for you. I miss you very much and think of you so often. Sending you love
PS Go Steelers ;)
Posted by Maurice Khoury on May 18, 2019
Close to sixty years of knowing Tom is too long a time period to paraphrase in a few words. He is a special person who left me with a lot to remember.
Grace and I miss him and he is always remembered by us as we frequently relate a story or an anecdote where he and us were involved.
Posted by Nadya Megawati Rachman on April 2, 2019
Thankyou Mr. Saaty for give such a smart and helpful methods of decision making. I used this methods for my theses, and we learn this methods at our Major, so many people very familiar with the methods and with your name. And right now i use it again for another research.
Nadya, Learning Center - Ministry of Trade Indonesia.
Posted by András Farkas on January 25, 2019
Dear John,
For your kind letter I am highly appreciated. I am assuring you that I will do my greatest effort to disseminate Tom's works and achievements here in Hungary and preserve his memory.
With my warmest regards,
András (Farkas), Budapest, Hungary
Posted by Puneet Mangla on August 23, 2018
He has been a great Professor. He helped the society by his academic and professional contributions. He showed the path for critical decision making which we all professionals use now.
Posted by Birsen Karpak on August 18, 2018
We remember you a lot Tom. Wonderful birthdays, thanksgivings spent with you. Visiting you, visiting different places together with you in Youngstown, in Canfield, in Pittsburgh, in Istanbul, in Canada name it, so many good memories. We love you....
Posted by Bo Huang on August 15, 2018
A year has past since you left us. I miss you, your kindness and humor. I love reading the joke books you gave me. I do hope I could add some joke into your joke book.
Posted by claudio garuti on August 14, 2018
Dear Tom, a year has passed since you left us. I miss your guide, your every-week jokes and amazing stories that you used to send by email to all of us, but over all I miss your Symposium hugs, our talks and sharing ideas.
Love you so,
Posted by Lou Sander on August 14, 2018
I have just read every word of every Tribute below. I endorse all of them without reservation. Tom Saaty is truly a great man, who inspires everyone whose life he touches.
Posted by Saaty Astrid on August 14, 2018
Very Dear uncle Tom, déjà un an, je ne t'oublierai jamais. I think of you often.
Posted by Glenn Mazur on August 14, 2018
Tom, We sorely miss you. But your work lives on in all your followers. I am proud to have known you.
Posted by Hussein Najee on August 14, 2018
Met many through my life of 70 years in many countries but nobody left an impact on me like Tom; truly a towering person as a human being with a rich background who made himself since he was 16 when he left his family in pursuit of education. He not only attained the education he wanted but also gave mankind something to work on after he leaves.
Posted by Hussein Najee on July 19, 2018
I am no academia but met him through my wife Asma. This guy is unique in all its senses and he related to me and my Ethiopian/Yemeni background. Left an impression in me and will always remember him for supporting me morally and emotionally. Stronger and larger than the mountains and will always be remembered. He passed through life with a mission that will truly impact life and science.
Posted by Mujgan Sagir Ozdemir on July 19, 2018
Your loss is Heaven's gain... If there is a Heaven for the ones who worked very hard as a scientist, created ideas endlessly, and always shared those ideas with us without questioning like you, you Tom must be there now, You always will be remembered not only in your birthday but everyday..and after us, forever.
Posted by Nina Szklennik on July 18, 2018
Dear Professor,
I will never forget You. You were an extraordinary man, scientist and friend. You left us so many of your scientific works, which we use every day in our work. At the AHP Conference in Sorrento`2011, I told You: "If young people would have such math teachers as You, everyone would love math."
I told my students from the Białystok University of Technology (Poland) about You and Your scientific work. They were delighted.
Thank You very much ! We miss you very much !!!
Posted by Elio Padoano on July 18, 2018
Dear Tom,
a year has just passed and I cannot still find the right words to say how much I miss your friendship and guidance.
Thank you!
Posted by Emily Harker on July 18, 2018
Happy Birthday dear Dad. Memories of you keep getting stronger...thank you for your energy which continues to spill out here! I love you.
Posted by Meghan Porcella on July 18, 2018
Happy Birthday Grandpa! I miss you so much and think of you often, especially when retelling your favorite jokes!
Posted by José Manuel Magallanes on July 18, 2018
We miss you Tom!...happy Birthday!
Posted by Mujgan Sagir Ozdemir on July 15, 2018
We are having the first meeting without you, we miss you.
Posted by Flora Guillier on July 13, 2018
JUst a simple and big thought today as the symposium is taking place. Wish  i could have been there to share the memories and new subjects that uses ahp and anp.
Posted by Rangsan Thammaneewong on July 12, 2018
Dr. Saaty is a very intelligent and kind hearted man. I was one of his students in 1988.Not only I learned how to think more systematically from him but also to understand that intelligence with love is even more powerful. I have met him a couple more times since graduated. This is a man who has shown what a legacy one can leave behind and has lived a meaningful live.
Posted by Chris Everett on June 6, 2018
Goodbye Dr. Saaty, though I never knew you at all you leave behind a body of work that has enriched my life, the lives of my colleagues, and the lives of the millions/billions of people who have benefited in unquantifiable ways from the improved decision-making that you made possible.
Posted by Kathy Alstrin on February 24, 2018
Dearest family of Dr. Saaty, My heartfelt grief for the loss of this wonderful man! I was privileged to have taken his last course shortly before his passing. He thought I was goofy for asking him to sign my copy of his books... now I'm so glad I did. What an amazing spirit!
Posted by Leopoldino Vieira on February 10, 2018
I did not personally know Dr. Thomas Saaty, but I knew through his work the Analytical Hierarchical Process - AHP that he shared with me in his writings, as well as the Analytical Network Process (ANP). Works that help me and also the decision makers to find a solution that best suits their goals as well as understanding the problem. Relying on mathematical models and psychology (The Psychology of Fonts) he formatted a combination of data judgments, mainly used to analyze complex decisions.
Prof. Dr. Leopoldino Vieira
Posted by Harwinder Singh on January 8, 2018
Professor Tom Saaty a great personality. I met him during ISAHP 2014. No words to express....A real GEM.
Posted by Sam Sharp on December 29, 2017
My first introduction to the name Saaty was through his book 'Non-linear Mathematics' which I studied in the seventies.

I next encountered it when I became interested in the AHP and attended the 2009 ISAHP in Pittsburgh, principally to meet him.
During my first conversation with him I mentioned that my AHP students tended to guess the priorities at the lowest levels of the hierarchy. His response was to punch me in the stomach and say "That is not AHP!" 

Another lasting memory relates to the last day of the symposium when he invited me to sit alongside him during a discussion session. This was apparently a reward for making a speech on behalf of all the overseas participants the previous evening on the river cruise, thanking him, Rozann and the organisers for their hospitality. During the discussion I ventured an opinion on something. He apparently approved because he leaned over toward me and whispered. "I could kiss you but I don't want to embarrass you.'

The four days in Pittsburgh were amongst the most memorable of my entire career. 

With his wisdom, humour and intellect Professor Saaty cast a spell over the entire decision-making community from which we will all continue to benefit.
Posted by Michael Promentilla on December 6, 2017
Dear Prof. Saaty,

You are such an inspiration to me..a great mentor and a creative scientist. Although I have not met you personally, it is indeed my privilege to have known you more than a decade through your books and papers on AHP and ANP while I was doing my postgraduate studies in Japan. The theory and tools you have developed played a significant role in my scientific and academic career, and I will always remember and honor you everytime I teach and use AHP/ANP in my class here in the Philippines.

Thank you for your "beautiful mind" and I will always be grateful for your legacy, and I wish in another time, or perhaps in another parallel world, I would have the opportunity to converse with you in person and learn more about life and decision theory in particular.

Yours truly,
Michael Angelo B. Promentilla
Professor of Chemical Engineering
De La Salle University
Manila Philippines
Posted by Angel Coca on December 4, 2017
Operations Research is Math and Professor Saaty used mathematics to create AHP an useful method in decision theory.
Posted by Daniel Aviles on November 29, 2017
" Knowing more does not guarantee that we understand better..." - Thomas L. Saaty, "Decision making with the analytic hierarchy process", Int. J. Services Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2008. Genius! I never met you but your work was (and still is) an inspiration for my development as a researcher. Peace to the family and a sincere condolence.
Posted by Nzinga René on November 21, 2017
I never met Prof. Thomas Saaty in person. I remember some years ago I was trying to apply Mathematics to real-world problems and I had this awesome privilege to receive some materials related to AHP/ANP from my supervisor who also suggested me to write to Prof. Saaty for a particular problem I had with the theory.

To my surprise, despite my poor English, he and Mrs. Saaty replied my email so fast, answering my question and even sent some other materials. I was astonished for being the very first email I received from a scientist.

I am thankful for his support and effort for providing an efficient scientific theory which helped me to use numbers for consistent decisions. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. My the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.
Posted by Mohamed Shalaby on November 12, 2017
Long time ago, in Summer 1972, this man introduced me to Operations Research at Cairo University. I listend as a newly graduate IE to him in Queueing theory, to Dantzig in LP, to Elmaghraby in networks, to Mangazarian in NLP, to Taha in IP, to Kamal el-Din in simulation, who were supporting our new MSc program voulantarily. He was among our distinguished grand dadies who made us love what decision making is and make it our career. His book, Queueing theory, was "The reference" for my generation in stochastic processess 45 years ago. I enjoyed the character, the drive, the motives, and the scientist. I, at 71 years old, realize through his rich trip what giving is. May Allah bless his soul.
Posted by David Taylor on November 11, 2017
A truly great man amongst men. The one person, more than any other, who encouraged me to take and pass my PhD. Sitting in his house discussing things intangible over lunch, remains one of my fondest and uplifting memories. So sorry to hear of Tom's passing. My thoughts are with the family. Rest In Peace, a real genius, Professor Thomas Saaty.
Posted by Theo Dijkstra on November 1, 2017
Professor Saaty was one of those truly great scientists who used their outstanding gifts and talents for the service of mankind. I respect him deeply. I fondly remember his very kind and helpful response to a query of mine, three decades ago, a query of a young person he had never met. 
My sincere condolences to Professor Saaty's family and friends. He will remain an inspiration to us all.
Posted by Angel Zang on October 30, 2017
Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I took Dr. Saaty's class over 10 years ago and was thoroughly amazed; it changed the way everyone thought about making decisions. I was impressed by him and appreciated his generosity in sharing his work and his family-Rozann and John have helped me with projects over the years, too. I have hoped many times that the people making the most difficult decisions know about his work and use it, too. I check out John's clients and the conference info sometimes, just to see what the world's best and brightest are doing with it.
Posted by Miroslaw Dytczak on October 22, 2017
I would like to expres my deepest condolences to the family.
Great teacher, great scientist, great men forever.
Posted by Konstantinos Kirytopoulos on October 19, 2017
A farewell to one of the most important contributors of the MCDA family. You will be sorely missed.
Posted by José Manuel Magallanes on October 12, 2017
Profesor Saaty será por siempre una gran figura en el mundo de la ciencia; y siempre permanecerá fijo en los recuerdos de aquellos que tuvimos la suerte de conocerlo y estrechar su mano. Lo extrañaré mucho, será muy raro llegar a Pittsburgh y darme cuenta que no podré pasar a visitarlo ni a disfrutar de su hospitalidad.

Professor Saaty will a world science figure forever; and he will always stay in the memory of those lucky ones who met him and shook his hand. I will miss him so much... It will be very odd to arrive in Pittsburgh, and realize I will not be able to see him and neither enjoy his hospitality.
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Posted by Birsen Karpak on December 27, 2021
Dear Tom,

I was able to find the photos 2001 ISAHP in Switzerland. As I wrote, it was a gala dinner, they played Alphorn (Alpine horn). After such a big enstrument everybody was quite astonished when you started playing a tiny violin! It was a pleasant surprise. You were so good playing violin! You played alphorn as well. Good memories Tom. It is great to see what Tom Saaty big family write. Photos are posted.
Posted by Dr Syafrizal Maludin, SE ... on December 27, 2021
This method was walking me to meet Experts and Global Leaders. We discussed about their decision and their consistency. It leads to such a colorful horizon behind the leaders’ decisions. Thank you, Tom,
Posted by Dori Davari on December 25, 2021
Dear Tom,

I remember the first time I contacted you and you responded generously to a young unknown entrepreneur who was inviting you to a conference. You and your beloved wife attended the First International Conference of Industrial Engineering Association in Iran virtually in 2001! We had to bring a dish to the event! I have remembered you and this experience whenever I attended a virtual event during the last couple of years. I hope, like you, I will be remembered as a symbol of knowledge, humanity, and generosity.

Much love to you and your family. You are eternal.

Dori Davari
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ISAHP 2001, Bern, Switzerland

Shared by Birsen Karpak on December 27, 2021
Dear Tom,
2001 ISAHP in Bern, Switzerland. During gala dinner, they played Alphorn (Alpine horn). After such a big instrument everybody was quite astonished when you started playing a tiny  violin!  It was a pleasant surprise. You were so good playing violin! You played alphorn as well. Good memories Tom. 

Bern, Switzerland, ISAHP 2001

Shared by Birsen Karpak on December 27, 2021
Dear Tom,
I was able to find the photos 2001 ISAHP in Switzerland. As I wrote, it was a gala dinner, they played Alphorn (Alpine horn). After such a big instrument everybody was quite astonished when you started playing a tiny  violin! (Please see the other photo I posted) It was a pleasant surprise. You were so good playing violin! You played alphorn as well. Good memories Tom. It is great to see what Tom Saaty big family write.


Shared by Shashi Bhattarai on August 15, 2021
I am always remembering Prof. Thomas Saaty when he said, he wanted AHP addressing common people's problem. It is already four years of passing Prof. Saaty. I missed to be with him, when I was presenting cases of demand responsive application of AHP in ISAHP2018, Hong Kong. Moreover, I am always wanted to bring power of AHP in everyone's pocket, when smartphone become popular. Lase year September, We were able to release DecisionMentor, a mobile app based on AHP with advance feature of dynamic decision visualization for common people. Thanks to Sovit Poudel of Truenary Solutions for partnering and shaping AHP in the form of Mobile App called Decision Mentor. Lase year ISAHP2020,  when we presented Decision Mentor, the moment we missed Prof. Saaty immensely. Rozann mentioned, his idea was as early as when first ISAHP was happening at Tianjin, China in 1988.
We are continuously working to fulfill the dream of Prof. Saaty to make Decision Mentor known to everyone for clarifying on their decision dilemma putting AHP in their pocket.
The work as Tribute to Prof. Saaty is in the resources of Creative Decision Foundation, we will be updating when newer versions comes.
We will be always remembering when the AHP is spread in the common peoples pocket as they install AHP based app Decision Mentor in their mobile phone. 

With immense respect
Shashi Bhattarai