His Life

"Take care of eachother."

Thomas Kerry Lynch was born July 6, 1937. He was grew up with his brothers, Jimmy & Dennis Lynch in Rockville Centre Long Island, NY. He was a couragous man, and he served in the US Army stationed in Sinop, Turkey, where he ran an enlisten men's club. After returning from service, he met Marilyn Rogoff Lynch, whom he married, and moved to Jupiter, Florida, and had three children, Scott, Mike, and Kerin Lynch, and seven grandchildren: Jordan and Maegan Poe, Makayla, Alexis, Tiffany, Michael and Madision Lynch. We all enjoyed his company, and he was always making us laugh and running us errands. He was a very selfless person, always doing good for others. He lived by his mottos such as "If its not a toy, don't play with it." or "I love you" with three squeezes of the hand. But by far, his most meaningful one, most touching, was:

"Take care of eachother." And in his request, thats what we will do.


We love you, Kerry. We'll see you soon.