This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Thurston EagleElk, 37 years old, born on June 11, 1980, and passed away on December 31, 2017. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Arlin Eagleelk on March 26, 2020
I remember me and my dad would always arm wrestle and I always said that I was stronger then but I really wasn't really miss you dad

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Posted by Arlin Eagleelk on March 26, 2020
I remember me and my dad would always arm wrestle and I always said that I was stronger then but I really wasn't really miss you dad
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Thurston Lee EagleElk was born on June 11,1980 to Patricia Gunshows and Rodger EagleElk in Rosebud,SD.. he move to Washington when he was little was raised by his mother n auntie's n uncle's ... Went to school at nespelem elementary (SAVAGES)he loved playing baseball n doing track n playing basketball... Went to LR high school.. attended Curlew job Corp.. did one year in carpentry.. Meet the love of his life on Aug.23,1999 ... his first job was a emergency fire fighter for mt.tolman n Curlew job corp. Then He started working in omak,wa at c.i.p.v for a year then switched to c.i.p.p working with lumber but before then he worked out in the woods with LeRoy St.Peter cutting wood for senior wood program n low income ..he always did different jobs as the years past but always made sure we was taken care o no matter what .. we had our first son Feb.16,2005 at Grand Coulee,Wa ,.we got married on April 1,2005 was suppose just go n say April fool's but niethe one o us did lol so go stuck with each other lol..had our second baby July 30,2006 wsa baby girl at sacred heart in Spokane wa n our third was a son on October 13,2008 at Grand Coulee,wa n our four was a baby girl on November 9,2010 at CMC Grand Coulee Wa.,.we lived in Keller wa for seven years we got remarried after ten yrs on April 11,2015 was the best day of our life's we was the happiest people alive that day ...he loved hunting,hiking,fishing, shooting around at targets n throwing knifes he was never without on either where ever he went ...was always out n about no matter rain or snow or shine until he got really sick the last two years was the most painful watching a loved one die n not being able to do anything beside stay by his side the best I could help him eat bathe walk n sit whatever his needs where I was there til his last breathe on December 31,2017 @11:20am in my arms love n miss you so much Thurston Lee EagleElk.,always n foreverĀ 

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Me and my dad

Shared by Arlin Eagleelk on March 26, 2020
I remember when me and my dad would always ar!m wrestle and he would let me win because I thought I was stronger then him but really wasn't tho
Miss you dad

Daddy daughter time

Shared by Gray Cookies on October 21, 2019
I remember when I was 4-6 years old my father turned music on it was Sam Smith I'm not the only one. He held out his hand to me and asked "come on let's dance" I said " I dont know how" " I'll teach you" then I grabbed his hand and I got on his feet and we started to dance. When the music stopped I got on the couch and was embarrassed, the next day I believe he asked me again and I refused bc I wanted to play outside. He laughed and I went outside. I do regret refusing him over ten times during my life time but I'll always love you fatherĀ 

First time

Shared by Mabel Eagleelk on April 24, 2019

I remember the first time he got the balls to ask me out lol it was June 9,1999 we was on our way down to white swan for a powwow with my brother David Dick n brother Jima James we was all get stoned out of our mind all the way down to valley but stopped in Ephrata at McDonald's to get something to eat I stayed in car everyone else went in n my brothers came back out just laughing giving me my food so I asked why you laughing so much n they said cause they had to block Thurston in just so he'd eat inside joke with my family so I teased him a little while we started leaving town n that's when he asked me what you think bout me n you lol I looked at him n said what you mean "don't you mean you n lisa " lol he looked all puzzled at me while I laughed n then he said she's gone n I laughed harder n told him nope tell her face to face not on some dam text but don't make me the reason your doing it ... but then dodged me all weekend till we headed bk home he finally talked to me n said sorry I respect what your saying but I just wanted you for my birthday present lol I died the way he tried to spit game back then but eventually worked two months later ...for 18 yrs 4 mths, you so much gurt...TLEE