Shared by irene gomez on February 19, 2012
Well this very hard to believe my family n i knew her n mom n brother n sister since she was a bby my mom babysat her n we saw her grow..... I remeber her since she was a baby not even 1 i remember..her nrothe nick n blessing go to her family..brenda we have u mind...its me marias daughter if u can respond we'd appriciate it..
Shared by Arianna Alejo on December 21, 2011

i remember in elementary school when she lived here in Kerman, California we were really good friends. she was so nice. i was really sad when she moved away. if only she would have stayed here in California this wouldn't have happened. :'( i dont understand how someone could do something so horrible like that. i wish i would've got to have more memories with Tiffany. we were little girls when she left California. when i heard about what happened to her i just cried and cried. i couldn't believe it. i told my mother about what happened, and my mom remembered her as the pretty girl with her cute little freckles. :') i just wish this was all a nightmare. :( rest in peace Tiffany Renee York, i love you. <3

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