Posted by Dick Moore on March 6, 2021
It will be the first time in 13 years that we won't be watching basketball in Vegas. We always looked forward to meeting up with Tim at those events, and think of him every year!
Posted by Matthew Coleman on March 5, 2021
I see the same twinkle in the eyes of your namesake Dadbob!
Posted by George Tolon on March 5, 2021
Miss you...Love you bro.   You would be so proud of your boys!!!
Posted by Matthew Coleman on August 3, 2020
Dadbob, Miss you everyday but especially today on your Birthday. It was always fun to celebrate Mom's, Mine, and Your Birthdays this week. Wish you could have met your namesake arriving this Thanksgiving, but we know you will be with us.
Posted by Dick Moore on March 6, 2020
As we head to Las Vegas for the WCC tournament---always think of the great visits with Tim. It was a highlight of the trip. And, we lost Ken Dothee' this week, who was a part of those wonderful conversations. RIP my classmate, my UAL fellow-employee in Oakland.
Posted by Dick Moore on August 5, 2019
Just talking about this so missed person with another fellow alum of SMC. One of the funniest, most interesting and friendly guy you'd ever want to meet. We still, and will always, feel his absence.
Posted by Matthew Coleman on August 3, 2018
Happy birthday Dadbob
Posted by Tom Bruce on August 3, 2018
Paul Rinetti and I had dinner together this week and remembered Tim with multiple special memories. Tim and Paul were roommates at SMC. Tim would lament that he flunked a test and then would receive an A. He was scary smart and warranted our respect but his special talent was how he told us stories. At our 45th Reunion, Tim literally "held court", telling all our old memories in a colorful recollection that have become even better with time. We laughed and laughed all night. The last time I saw Tim was at a home game at SMC vs. Pepperdine when we sat court side and he provided a play by play rendition of the entire game. He could've done the game for ESPN. Afterwards a dozen Gaels from the Class of '67 adjourned for dinner and Tim's stories continued. He was just a very special part of our shared time at SMC, never to be forgotten!
Posted by Dick Moore on August 7, 2017
Just had our 50th St. Mary's College reunion. Tim was reminisced, toasted, and is forever loved by his classmates.
Posted by Matthew Coleman on August 3, 2017
Happy Birthday Dadbob.
Posted by Matthew Coleman on December 25, 2016
We miss you more than ever today Dadbob. Hope you are having a great time today up there!
Posted by Jim Morphy on August 3, 2016
Happy Birthday to one of the smartest guys to ever attend St. Mary's ....... that goes for both the high school AND the college.
Posted by Alison Francis-Smith on August 3, 2016
Thinking of you on your Birthday. x
Posted by Alison Francis-Smith on March 5, 2016
Thinking of you today. Can't believe you have been gone 1 year. You were not just a colleague you were also my mentor and friend. Miss you and thinking of your family who I never had the privilege to meet but I felt I knew them from all our conversations.
Posted by Matthew Coleman on August 4, 2015
***********Burial Update***********

We have postponed the burial until next spring. We have had a rough summer health wise and wanted to make sure we all had plenty of time to make arrangements. I will be sending out an email blast with an update when we decide on a date. Thank you so much for your kind words and patience regarding the burial. We truly miss our dad more and more everyday and know he is telling a good story on his Birthday up there.

Posted by Jim Morphy on August 3, 2015
Miss you, Tim. Happy Birthday. Love you, Man!

Posted by Martha O'Brien on March 29, 2015
The photo display brought back memories. Mine were of the older pictures taken during the 50's. Remember the Coleman family and Tim when we were all younger. Sorry to hear of his passing. Martha Lydon O'Brien. HNHS '63. (St. Leo's '59)
Posted by Ethan Altaratz on March 28, 2015
As a teammate of Tim Jr through college I was lucky enough to know Tim Sr for the last 15 years and see him quite frequently, as he was always traveling to see and support his children in their endeavors. His laughter and the ease he put others were genuine and constant. The family he created with Mrs. Coleman is a testament to true love and friendship and commitment. As man and a father I can appreciate immensely how rare a thing it is. My condolences to all the Colemans.
Posted by Graham DeRousse on March 23, 2015
Tim Coleman will always be a man with a big heart. In the time I was able to spend with him, he made me feel as though I was part of of his family. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing and wish the Coleman family all my love and support.
Posted by John Porcelli on March 23, 2015
We had many a (late night meeting& medicine) at Indian guides campouts. The last time I talked to Tim was at Patrick's school,last year, Pat got him on the phone, and we briefly chatted, the last thing he said to me was Pals Forever.
Posted by Linda Braun on March 22, 2015
Tim was a wonderful family man who will be missed by all who knew him.  He left a great legacy.
Posted by marlene conti on March 17, 2015
Tim was a valued part of my childhood. A wonderful friend for the younger sister with many good memories. With prayers.
Posted by Sayi Puligandla on March 16, 2015
Tim was an amazingly wise and well-respected man; I am privileged to have been able to work with him and absorb some of his encyclopaedic knowledge. More than that, though, I miss his genuine kindness, sincerity, sense of humor, and stories. He had so many life experiences and accomplished so much, but when he spoke of his family you could tell by the twinkle in his eye and ear-to-ear grin what was most important to him. I send my prayers to his family, and everyone else whose life he enriched. I'll miss you, Tim.
Posted by Connie Griffin on March 12, 2015
Very saddened to hear of Tim's death. We have many great memories from your years in Arlington Heights and Our Lady of the Wayside where
all of our children went to school, and at Notre Dame when Pete and Amy graduated. We also loved seeing all of you when our family traveled to Washington. Tim was a wondrous story teller and had a great sense of humor. His passion for life was evident in everything
he did. Although we lost contact in recent years, the Coleman,s will always remain special friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with
all of you. John & Connie Griffin
Posted by Dick Moore on March 11, 2015
Tim's smile was memorable; it was genuine and consistent (check the pics on this site), and it made one feel Tim was really glad to see you. You may not have visited with Tim for years, and yet when you did, it was like the last time was yesterday. Tim's sense of humor was classic, and we would always enjoy his presence, be it the Bay or Las Vegas. All of our lives have been enriched by this good man. May the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand. Dick Moore, SMC '67
Posted by Tom Bruce on March 11, 2015
Tim was a special member of our Proud Class of 1967 at SMC. He had the ability to have a crowd of guys gather around him, laughing hilariously as he would provide his rendition of a memory of our antics together...always seeming to get even better the more he told the stories. I recall Tim "holding court' at our 50th SMC Reunion Friday Night Party on Ken Dothee's deck, again with many of our buddies sitting around loving his story telling. He just had his way of helping everyone enjoy themselves, holding our ribs while we laughed so hard it hurt! I recall the last time we shared time together at an impromptu '67 Reunion in the front parking lot prior to the SMC vs Pepperdine Game 2 years ago. He was in town consulting to some Hoteliers in san Jose. We sat in some court side seats and enjoyed Tim's ongoing evaluation of the game. We all had dinner together in Rheem and once again, we all laughed and laughed. Lastly, some of us Olde gaels spent several years with Tim and his son Matt, together at the Mardi Gras Bar in the Orleans Hotel following SMC games in the WCC Tourney. We all forgave Matt for going to Santa Clara. God Bless Tim in his journey with the Lord. You leave us so many memories of a good man who loved his family and friends. Tom Bruce, proud Class Mate of Tim Coleman, SMC Class of 1967
Posted by Petra Gojun on March 11, 2015
I will always be grateful our paths crossed in this lifetime. Your joy for life and your work left a lasting impression on many, and I am no exception. Thank you for believing in me at a crucial time in my life. Sending love and prayers to Coleman family and everyone that was touched by your spirit.
Posted by Mike Krieger on March 10, 2015
I knew Tim all the way through grammar school, high school, and college. It seemed like forever at the time, but seems like a minute now. Tim was liked by everyone he knew. He even put up with me! I remember when we played football he nearly always had the ball hiked on"two", whatever that means.

I was able to visit with him a little at our 50th year high school reunion, and will treasure those moments. God bless all who were part of his life.
Posted by Diego Arambula on March 10, 2015
My fondest memories of Tim Coleman are the times I spent with him and his boys. I met "little" Tim Coleman in college and thought he was the funniest guy with the best stories anyone could imagine. Then I met "big" Tim and realized that Tim's life and energy and passion for people all stemmed from the amazing energy of his dad. Mr. Coleman, you were always so kind to me, so welcoming and so darn funny. You've created a legacy behind you of four amazing boys who continue with your energy and humor. Thinking of you and the whole family.
Posted by Joe Johnson on March 9, 2015
I will always remember my brother Gael from 1967. In 1966 Tim enabled me to get my first job in transportation with Sierra Pacific Airlines in Oakland. Joe Johnson '67
Posted by rick Kaplan on March 9, 2015
I only knew Tim for a short time while we worked at TSI in Florida. I came to know him as one of the kindest, most caring people I had ever met. I will forever miss him, but his light and spirit will forever shine in my heart.
rick kaplan
Posted by Lio Chen on March 9, 2015
I am blessed to have worked with Tim in later part of his career. He was a mentor to me in all aspects of life. He was a honorable man of wisdom, great sense of humor and richest life experience. And he was generous to share all of above and more with others. He will always be remembered as a very special friend.
Posted by Don Smith on March 9, 2015
I will miss Tim' warm heart, industry knowledge and the the great life experience stories he would tell.
Posted by Jerry FitzPatrick on March 9, 2015
Hey, Tim ..... its been a while since our last get-together. Four years at St. Marys High and four at the College; great times and good memories! Will remember you at Mass this Sunday, buddy. God Bless!
Posted by Jim Morphy on March 9, 2015
The world was a better place with Tim Coleman in it. Now I guess heaven's a better place. Jim Morphy, SMCHS '63, SMC '67
Posted by John Guillory on March 9, 2015
Whenever I think of Tim, I think of Tim the quarterback and a specific play. In our senior year, he became the starting QB. The game was against Bellermine. The play was a particular pass play where he threw a bullet pass to me. What I still remember to this day is our eye contact. He looked right into my eyes, pointed and threw the ball all in one motion. The pass was completed. Good man and great team mate
Posted by Patricia Beyer on March 9, 2015
Mr. Tim Coleman was a gentleman, husband and father, with a big heart, personality plus, and superior business sense. He was a man who could make you smile by just looking at you. Once he started talking, the smile turned to laughter which was so, so hard to turn off. I remember on occasions, his wife, Ellen, standing close by with a big smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. That is what Tim gave to those in his life and those who were so fortunate to be passing through. Thank you Tim, your gift was great!
Posted by Jay Cradeur on March 8, 2015
In the early 1980s I moved to Chicago. As this was my first time away from home, it was wonderful to have the Coleman family close by in Arlington Heights. I spent a few holidays there, and watched the 4 boys from time to time. This is where my memories of Uncle Tim were forged. 

Uncle Tim was a mountain of a man. I remember marveling at how smart he was, and how capable he was. I did not know exactly what he did at United Airlines, but I knew he was damned good at it. He drank a lot of coffee. He was the king of his castle. He could tell a captivating story. He could hold court like few others. I felt he did everything for his family, for Aunt Ellen and for his boys. It seemed to me, as an observer, that whatever Pat, Pete, Matt and Tim needed in life, Uncle Tim was going to move heaven and earth to make it happen. At least that is how it felt to me. I am sure that is how it felt to them. Actions always tell the truth.

69 seems so young. There will be so many grandkids missed, so many family gathering unattended, only a memory looming ever so large. I had not talked to Uncle Tim in many years. I had heard he and Aunt Ellen were in Florida, or Las Vegas, or wherever he could continue to work and provide. I regret that I never reached out to say Hello, just to hear what this remarkable man would say to another man this many years down the road. And, now I never can. If Uncle Tim could hear me, I would say “Thank you for being a powerful example of what a strong and true man can be. Your impact was felt. You influenced my life.” That is what I remember of my Uncle Tim.
Posted by Mary Ghidella on March 7, 2015
Thanks you for all those wonderful family moments. I loved seeing his mom and dad and sibs, and dancing with Ellen at wedding. Two very lovely families! He was a very bright light who will be much missed at the '59 gatherings.
Posted by Paul Beyer on March 7, 2015
Where do I start...The Coleman's have always been like a second family to me. Whether it was the spaghetti dinners Mrs. Ellen Coleman magically prepared (stil the best I've ever had to this day), or just hanging with the 4-Coleman Brothers, throughout it all, Mr. Tim Coleman was the man behind the magic

So many stories to tell, but I'll simply say for now, you're all on my mind, and always will be. The best man, husband, and father anyone could ask for in life. Goodbye Mr. C....I'll miss you dearly!
Posted by Bob Donohue on March 7, 2015
Tim was one of my best friends growing up in Berkeley. We started at The Madeleine together in the first grade and then went on to St. Mary's High School together...a long time of Catholic education! It's always easy to say that we loved someone, but in Tim's case, his many friends truly did love him, because he was always available and very easy to talk to. He was everybody's friend, I honestly can't think of anyone who ever had a negative thing to say about him.

Tim, along with a few others from our Madeleine class, became the historians of our class of '59. Our recent reunions attested to that, with his stories and recollections of the many things that went on during our eight years together in grammar school. He could recall so many of the things that we did as a class, from the teachers that we had to what went on with individuals. Tim was an amazing guy and I'll always cherish our times together. I'm going to miss him terribly!
Posted by Susan Tolon on March 7, 2015
I met Tim & Ellen and their wonderful boys over 30 years ago - and from the beginning, loved Tim's nature and kindness. I was always so struck by his intelligence and unassuming ways. His humor always delighted me.....He knew people - and was such an inspiration as a father, husband & friend. I, along with many others, will miss him. And so thankful that he was part of my life if only for a while. Rest in peace, Tim Coleman, with our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Posted by David Cradeur on March 7, 2015
Memories of Uncle Tim
My Uncle Tim passed away at a young age…a huge loss to our family. So, I wanted to reflect on his life and all the gifts of memory he gave me.

I first remember Uncle Tim as Tim, Aunt Ellen’s boyfriend/fiancé. He was hanging around my grandparents’ house on Ranleigh Way. In those days, I’d go to Oakland Raider games with my Dad and sometimes I’d see Uncle Tim sitting with my Grandfather and Great Uncle Ted having a great time, laughing and rooting on the Raiders. 

Then there was the wedding day at St Leo’s and the reception at Piedmont Park. It was a beautiful day and I can remember the two newlyweds walking along the paths of this beautiful park taking pictures. It was my first wedding and the grandeur of the day has stayed with me ever since.

Grandpa Tolon would talk about Uncle Tim in a proud way. I remember Grandpa telling me how impressed he was that Uncle Tim not only received his Masters but he traveled back and forth from California to Denver to do so. Impressive!

I would see the Colemans on trips to Oakland during my youth. Uncle Tim always got along well with my Mom and Dad which I appreciated seeing. 

He was so proud of all his boys academically and athletically. He sure watched a lot of games and from my perspective loved every minute of it.

Now, I see Uncle Tim’s temperament and intellect in his boys. Cerebral, sensitive and passionate. His legacy will live on through them and his grandchildren.

These were the gifts of memory that Uncle Tim gave to me. Happy memories. Thanks Uncle Tim.

Your Loving Nephew - David Cradeur
Posted by Sue Ewald on March 7, 2015
I only knew Tim as a young man, but some 40 years later, I can still hear his laugh and see his smile, both so delightful. His entire family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Daniel Malaguilla-Morales on March 7, 2015
There was no quit in Tim. I remember him throwing passes during recess and lunch in the Madeleine yard-- with a cast on his left arm!
Later, he was a QB on the St. Mary's football roster.

Tim's probably throwing passes to the angels.
Posted by Agnes Russell on March 7, 2015
Tim was an extraordinary man and I will miss him as will all who knew him. He left a wonderful family to help us remember him.

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