Posted by Candace Bennett on July 16, 2021
I always smile when I thilnk about Tod! Then I think about Crystal and how much she loved him.
Posted by Candace Bennett on April 17, 2020
Dear Tod, you were your own person. You were direct, straight foreword and kind. You made our girl Crystal sooo happy! Crystal has the same qualities--nice, sweet and straight-forward, but also very smart and beautiful. The two of you clearly belonged together. Michael liked you very much too. We had a fantastic night on Crystal's birthday. I so wish there could have been more fantastic evenings the 4 of us could share. God bless you always Tod McCrae.
Posted by Candace Bennett on July 16, 2019
Dear Tod, I wish more than anything you could be here with Crystal celebrating your 65th. You made her so happy and I know your straight-forward attitude toward life was just what Crystal needed. Tod, you are a great guy and I'm glad we got know you. It was a brief time but we'll always remember your friendliness and warmth. God bless you.
Posted by Candace Bennett on April 20, 2019
God bless Tod McCrae, a wonderful caring thoughtful man devoted to his beautiful wife. May you rest in peace Tod.You will be missed by so many friends and your sons.
Posted by Debbie Carroll-Ruthowski on April 20, 2019
What a beautiful tribute to Tod. It says it all. Tod was a good friend in high school and I remember his hippie days. Tod and his beloved bike went everywhere. He threatened to take me to his Sr. Prom on that bike. He surprised me that night showing up with 2 good friends and a car so we could all go together. Best part was he came with a black rose that I teased him I wanted. Always thoughtful, sweet and funny. I found out years later he had his mom on a hunt for that rose.
We reconnected years later on Facebook. As much as he missed R.I. he loved his life in Indiana. He spoke about his boat, his concern for Crystal's health and the excitement of celebrating her birthday with dinner in Chicago. Truth be told, he hated the weather especially this year, but was excited spring was just around the corner. Mentioned he may even get a new bike.
I wish you peace my dear friend.
Posted by Victor Alosi on April 19, 2019
Dear friend . If I close my eyes I can still rember the good times we had . Memory's it's what we make and share . I thank you for being a part of my life . Forever your friend ..
Posted by Crystal St.Arnaud-McCrae on April 19, 2019
Are those your eyes?
Is that your smile?
I been looking at you for ever,
Yet I never saw you before.
Are these your hands? Holding mine?
Now I wonder how I could have been so blind.
And for the first time, I am looking in your eyes.
For the first time, I'm seeing who you are.
I can't believe how much I see,
When you're looking back at me.
Now I understand what love is,
Love is
For the first time

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