This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Todd M. Sand 55 years old , born on April 9, 1955 and passed away on June 4, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2014
Happy birthday. Wish you could celebrate all of the weddings, births and engagements. We all miss you so much. I read this the other day "sometimes memories come out of my eyes and run down my cheeks". So many memories!, Love you so much. Your momma.
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on April 9, 2014
Hallafappy birllafirthdayllafay brother dear!!!!! I miss you so much....lillafececes
Posted by Paul Behrends on December 25, 2013
Each day since learning about Todd's passing away less than two weeks ago, more things come to mind almost everyday. Yesterday, I remembered more of my trip to visit his home about 90 miles from where I grew up. He showed me his high school and then took me on to the campus of the university there to give me a tour. I saw the downtown area and his home and met his mom and I think his brother all back in the mid 1970's. I remembered well his encouragement and how much I valued his friendship. I miss you now over 25 years since last seeing you. (oops .... 35 years ago ....I am terrible at math!)
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on December 24, 2013
Christmas Eve December 24, 2013 and it has been 3 and one half years since you left us. I think of you often, the conversations we had together. Our friendship was precious and you helped me in many ways. I still miss you and I suspect I always will. Merry Christmas dear Todd.
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on December 24, 2013
Miss you so much--and especially at this season. Dreamed about you last night. It involved Ames and Bob Catus and how much you two looked alike. It was a fun dream. There so many visiting this site. Shows how much you were loved and missed.
Posted by Paul Behrends on December 23, 2013
I found this website about 10 days ago. It is with a sense of sadness that I learned of Todd's passing away. We were friends during the time I attended the same university 1974-76. I then went on to teach the next year but came back to visit friends at the university (including Todd) 2 or 3 times during that school year. One time I drove down and visited Todd at his home and met some of his family (including his mother). Another time I saw him at a family member's home north of Minneapolis sometime during those years. I last saw Todd when he visited me at my grad school in Chicago in April of 1978. He is a very special friend and I deeply miss him now that he is heaven. I never forgot him and thought of him often.
Posted by Marina JONES on December 23, 2013
Remember many Christmases flying with you. I miss you. I know you are taking good care of Cynthia. We miss her too. You both left our lives way too early
Posted by Jean Boak on December 23, 2013
My Door Todd.....It is almost Christmas Day, and you can see how many people STILL miss you so much.    No matter how many times I look at your pictures, I miss you more each time.    The pain does not get any easier at all with all the time that has gone by so far.   Will be thinking of you all during the holidays and forever.  lucy-jean
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on June 4, 2013
It's been three years since you left us. There is not a day that I don't think of you. I just had a wonderful opportunity to be with all of your siblings. You would be so delighted with the newest babies and they with you. I still hear your voice and your wonderful laugh. R.I.P., beloved son.
Posted by Cynthia Young on June 4, 2013
Thinking of you, my sweet Todd. I miss you today and always and forever and need you. .I wish you were here to help me. I need your love and support. I love you today and always.
Posted by Marina JONES on June 4, 2013
Miss you so much. Think of you each day. Love you....Grace
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on June 4, 2013
I miss you - a lot!!!! Rest in peace until we meet again.....lillafeces
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 4, 2013
Dearest Todd....I hold this date in my heart always. I think of you often and cherish the friendship that we had. Rest In Pace dear Angel!
Posted by Haley Kennedy on June 4, 2013
I love you so much uncle Todd. It seems like just yesterday that you were making us laugh in New York where you got your nickname "uncle stalker." I miss you.
Posted by Haley Kennedy on April 9, 2013
Happy Birthday up there Uncle Todd. We miss you everyday. I love you so much.
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2013
Happy Birthday, son of mine. How well I remember holding that little red headed bundle of joy. Little did we appreciate how much joy you would bring to so many people. You are not forgotten! God bless you every day
Posted by Marina JONES on April 9, 2013
Happy Birthday, Miss you. Think of you all time. You would not believe how the Sand family is growing. You can look down and see the new little nieces and nephews arriving. You loved being an Uncle. You are in my heart especially today. Love, Grace aka Marina
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on April 9, 2013
I love you my dear brother!
Posted by Marina JONES on December 26, 2012
Hi Todd, I know it is the day after Christmas, and sorry I did not write yesterday. But you know ,there is never a day that goes by that you re in my heart and thoughts. I sure miss you. In remember one Christmas day, we flew and in the upperdeck on the 747-400, we secretly exchanged gifts. Did not want to include anyone else in our special moment. I could use you here right now to vent.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas dear Todd. You are rejoicinig with the other Angels in Heaven today. My gift to you is my memory of you now and always. Hugs and Kisses, Thomas
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on December 25, 2012
Miss you my sweet brother!!!! Merry Christmas!
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on December 24, 2012
Another Christmas Eve without you. I am remembering so many when we were all together. Such tender memories. There have been almost five thousand visits to this site. I wonder who all of these people are. I wish they would contact me so that me might share memories of you..I am looking forward to the time when we will be together again. Your loving Mother
Posted by Marina JONES on June 30, 2012
Todd, Just spent 3 days with your Mom "DaisyMom" I call her. Had a great time. She always welcomes Harrison,and he loves her too. We always talk about "you". You would love how much we bring up some of the silly things we both remember. I miss you, and never a day goes by I do not miss you. Love Marina. aka Grace
Posted by Mary Sweitzer on June 29, 2012
Dear Todd: I haven't seen you since high school, but think about you often. I remember laughing as hard as I've ever laughed in my life with you. Study hall--when we were separated (jr. high) because we couldn't stop egging each other on. You wouldn't turn around--when you did, you had notebook reinforcers all over your face and glasses. I love you dear Todd.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on June 8, 2012
Seeing your picture still breaks my heart and puts tears in my eyes...I hope the you can f eel all the love we all hold in our hearts for you, our Angel, Todd...
Posted by Jean Boak on June 6, 2012
Oh man Door Todd, I guess you can tell how much everyone misses you and how much you are loved by now.   We all want you back with us, but God knows what he is doing.  He loves you more than all of us I guess.  I look at your pictures filtering through, and want to jump in every picture with you and hug you.   You are the best, and no one better to fly with and feel safe with.
Posted by Kevin Feagans on June 5, 2012
Todd, thinking of you and your smile brings a huge smile to my face...Kevin
Posted by Patricia Gattari on June 4, 2012
Still thinking of you, and the last time I saw you. You will always have a place in my heart, Todd.
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 4, 2012
Dearest Todd,

It is two years and seems like yesterday to me. I celebrated 2 years of sobriety today and I felt you celebrating with me this morning at my AA Meeting. You always understood me and cared. I miss you and look forward to seeing you again in Heaven.
Posted by Marina JONES on June 4, 2012
Hi Todd, It has been two years. I miss you everyday, and think of you. We just went by you area yesterday, to take Benjamin and Jen to see the Marilyn Monroe statue. You would love it. I am always at a loss of words(I know you can not fathom that of Grace), but there are so many times I wish we could do things we loved doing together. Love you..Will
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on June 4, 2012
"the first time his laughter unfurled its wings in the wind, we knew the world would never be the same"  It has been 731 days since you left us. I have thought about you on every one of them.  
 Goodbyes are the law of the earth
 Reunions are the law of heaven. I will love you forever.
Posted by Lisa Kennedy on June 3, 2012
I am reliving two years ago....if only I could change the pattern of events...I know that you are in peace now, but selfishly, I wish that you were still here with us to make US laugh! I love you, my dear brother! We all miss you so much!!!!
Posted by Donald Trisdale on April 10, 2012
My special friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I miss you and loved you so. I know you and Barry are having a great time together. Give him my love, and let him know it hasn't got easier no matter what they say about time.
Posted by Marina JONES on April 9, 2012
Hi, I still miss you. Guess that is N E V E R going to go away. I have dreamt about you the last two nights. Nothing crazy or something, but almost like you are still here. I am sure you know all the babies that have come into The Sands family. Your Mom is so proud to say there are like, so many Sand decendants. Love you "Will". Grace
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 9, 2012
Oh dear Todd, my favorite Mr. Magoo....I still miss you and think of you often. You and I share April Birthday's. I know you are an Angel now looking over all of us. I miss your smile, your humor, your friendship and your understanding of me as a human being. Happy Birthday dear friend!
Posted by Charlie Ciali on April 9, 2012
Think of you often dear friend. Tu dove uno dei più dolci maggior parte delle persone genours io abbia mai conosciuto. Il mondo manca la luce che hai condiviso con anche risvolti vostro caro amico sorriso tutti i giorni.
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2012
Another birthday for you. We all miss you unbearably. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I will love you forever. 
With all of the new additions to the family, there will always be your special place in my heart. Your mother.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on April 9, 2012
I hope you had a "Heavenly" Birthday, Todd. We wish you were still with us. Love and miss you always, Weenie
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on December 19, 2011
My very dear son--How I wish we were going to see you this Christmas. They were such fun when you were present. I am amazed at how many people visit this website.It figures to be about four a day. See how many loved you? You impacted so many lives--not just those of your family. We miss you unbearably!
Posted by Mark Roberts on December 18, 2011
The world is different since you left. Without your smile, your humor, your concern, we are all left with something less. Whereever you are, i hope you have lasting peace, and i know our lives are better having known you.Your light is still shining brightly my friend.
Posted by Cynthia Young on December 12, 2011
A tear for you my very dear Todd. Your Cynthany
Posted by Marina JONES on December 10, 2011
I miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I think of some of our always fun times together. I just visited Christi for lunch. Your family has warmed up to me so much. I wish I had known them more with you. Daisy Mom is the best!! She is doing great. I try to see her as much as possible. I will ,along with her family take great care of her.
Posted by Elizabeth Mckern on December 9, 2011
I remember Todd from high school....a kind soul with a quick smile. I am sorry to learn of his passing. My heart aches for his family and friends that love him. I only knew Todd for a short while but know by the tributes left that he remained the sweet, gentle, kind person I remember so many years ago.
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on September 11, 2011
So, so many people still miss you--especially me. Marina is coming for a visit. She makes me feel close to you. Wish you could join us for some good laughs. I dream about you often. Such good dreams they are. I love you so dearly. Your momma.
Posted by Kristin Neff on September 8, 2011
The world is a sadder place without our gentleman Todd.
Your kinddsness affected everyone you worked with and you are great loss to everyone.
Posted by Cynthia Young on September 4, 2011
Just thinking about you and how much I miss you, dear brother.
Your Cynthany
Posted by Marina JONES on September 4, 2011
Ijust wanted to tell you I miss you. I think about you everyday, and when I watch Modern Family,the actor with the red hair, reminds me of what a fun relationship we had being Will and Grace. I miss that relationship. I see your Mom often and she has adopted me ! I love you alway
Posted by Jeannie Holmes on June 4, 2011
Our world was shattered a year ago today, but a whole new one opened for you. I still feel your smile every time I put in my dang bids each month and am lucky to have had you as a friend. Hugs, Jeannie
Posted by Phyllis Moorey on June 4, 2011
You have been with the Lord for a year now. Your suffering is over and that consoles me. I will love you forever. Your mother.
Posted by Patricia Gattari on June 4, 2011
We think of you often and remember how you would light the room with your kind smile. We know you're in a safe, beautiful place smiling on us now. Love you.
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Posted by Thomas Van Etten on June 4, 2019
It's been 9 years my dearest Todd and I think of you being with my dear Robert in Heaven. I'm glad you are together watching over me and your dear Ralph.  I hold you in my Heart.
Posted by Irene Wingfield on April 9, 2019
Happy Heavenly birthday, dear Todd. You are still--- and always will be--in my heart, as you are in the hearts of so many others. Forever young.... forever missed. Aloha, dear, dear friend...
Posted by Thomas Van Etten on April 9, 2019
Dearest Todd! Happy Birthday dear friend. I think of you often and I am comforted knowing my dear Robert is with you. Continue to be our Angels in Heaven watching over us.
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Shared by Phyllis Moorey on April 9, 2011

My beloved son--How I wish I could tell you Happy Birthday.  I so clearly recall the day you were born.  It was Easter season and the weather was lovely.  You were this dear little bundle with definitely red hair.  You were an easy baby--no sleepless nights.  Little did we know then that your beautiful personality would touch so many lives all over the world.  You are surely not forgotten and your family and Ralph ache with missing you.  I remember so many excursions with you--your delightful smile and the way you said "Hey Mom"  There is an empty spot in many hearts--especially mine.  I was blessed to be your mother and I am looking forward to the time when I will join you, your dad and Joel in that Place where there is no pain and only love.   Mom

My Darling Son......

Shared by Phyllis Moorey on June 17, 2010

What WORDS can I say to you that even begin to tell you how much I and your siblings love you?  There is no 'ed' on that word.  We do and will always love you.  There are so many people expressing that love.  Did you EVER have any idea?  I believe God sent you here to show us what that word really means.  It is my great blessing to be your mother.

If there will be anything that I will need in Heaven, will you take me shopping?  No need for a wheelchair there!

NWA Retirement Get Together 10/2008

Shared by Donald Trisdale on June 17, 2010

Todd loved to party and have guest over at his and Ralph's beautiful home. Todd would never miss an opportunity to see his co-workers/friends.  He traveled from Palm Springs to Manhatten Beach to the  NWA LAX Retired Flight Attendant Party to wish us all the best even when he did not feel well. He loved to party and socialize. He always had such kind words for each of us. His stories and wit kept us laughing and smiling. Parties just won't be the same without you my dear friend.