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Kindred spirits

Shared by Michele Jones on April 8, 2021
When my husband and I moved to Boston, we probably saw over 100 properties, one of which was Kristine and Tracy’s Fort Point condo (which we found out later on). We ended up settling on the Allele and Kristine and Tracy were our new neighbors. We were just meant to meet. Being pet parents to 2 dogs of our own, there is an instant connection to others of the same situation. But what connected our souls was the night where Tracy helped save the life of my beloved French Bulldog, Gus. Not only did she hold and cuddle / comfort  him during the frantic drive to the ER and was so strong for us, but she was also my voice when I was so overcome and couldn’t speak to my husband who was out of town for work. I am sure Tracy was terrified of my driving that night, speeding through rush hour traffic and through my tears. Tracy was Gus’s angel - so selfless, giving, and supportive.  I don’t know exactly what she had planned for that evening, but all I can tell you is that she was in her pajamas and immediately dropped everything because we needed her. Now that is a true friend. Tracy and I shared a love of pets and often when we would all go out to brunch or walk Castle Island, Kristine and Chris would be a quarter of a mile ahead of us as we chatted along. We were kindred spirits. I don’t know if any of these words I have written can truly capture what she meant to me, but Trac, you are so missed!

Our first (and nearly last) solo sailing journey....a cautionary tale

Shared by Kristine Schroeder on April 8, 2021
On our first solo trip out on Memorial Day that year after "successfully completing" our lessons, we set out from Rowe's wharf to anchor near one of Boston harbor's islands, a route we had done before with our instructor.  We probably should have paid more attention to the details of the forecast, including tide and increasing winds.  This harbor is a challenging place to sail as it's quite busy and because of bordering warehouses and airport, has some interesting wind patterns.  When we turned a corner going out of the harbor toward the islands, we realized just how windy it was and despite the 27 foot sturdy club boat, felt fairly vulnerable with a substantial list.  As we approached the target island for planned anchoring, we came about while Tracy wasn't quite ready, allowing the lines (ropes) to fly through her bare hands, causing immediate and excruciating rope burn.  She dropped to the floor screaming in pain as the jib lines were completely out flying around like Medusa's angry locks.  It was all I could do as we went in circles around a channel marker with boats coming at us, to steer with my foot and get the lines back in.  Needless to say, we abandoned the perhaps overoptimistic plans to anchor and picnic, and realized we were probably in over our heads.  As we continued to press on around the islands to then head back, there were some really challenging gusts on top of a very consistent gale, all while basically being a man down as Tracy tried to function with raw, painful hands.  Once we got past the islands and pointed back toward the city, but still at a good distance, we realized the pure headwind met with now choppy seas were going to make for a very long return, even after we finally relented by turning on the fairly pathetic motor and pulling in the sails.  There were several points where we were really close to calling the Coast Guard for a rescue and very nearly got hit by a high speed ferry.  I think we kissed the ground when we finally got back, exhausted, but thankful.

The night Kristine and Tracy met

Shared by Kristine Schroeder on April 7, 2021
Taking over from where we left off in the Boston section where Tracy randomly chose to gate crash a meet up group event in Lynn, MA one evening in late March, 2012....

This was an anniversary event for a regional meetup group, held at an art gallery from ~4pm until a blue haired close of ~9pm.  I was hanging out with a few friends I had gotten to know through this meetup group and generally keeping to myself when each time I looked across the room, I locked eyes with this interesting looking woman I had never seen before, several tables away.  Over the course of dinner, it kept happening and we recognized it with a friendly smile.  After a couple of speeches, the music amped up and people started to dance, including my friends and I, and I couldn't help but notice Tracy's impressive dance moves.  I went back to our table until Tracy marched over to introduce herself and ask me to dance.  Of course, I did.....a most unexpected evening already.  Fast songs and fun moves lead to slower ones and the rapid close for the event....far too early.  My head was spinning....I kept thinking, "who is this person?".  While a few of us stayed behind to help the organizers put away chairs and tables, I learned that one of my friends (a former state trooper) had pulled Tracy aside for an inquisition to get the scoop.  She came over to me afterwards to start reporting her findings.....single, British, an attorney, manages a team, etc.  I marveled at how much data she had gathered so quickly and felt badly for the inquisition, but didn't really care.  I just knew this was someone very interesting that I had to get to know....and we weren't done with the evening. 

My friends and I asked locals for recommendations on where in Lynn we could continue the festivities and they suggested "The Blue Ox", a gastric bistro a few blocks away.  It did not disappoint....what a lovely place.  Anyway, Dana and Patti joined Tracy and I for snacks, beverages and lively conversation.  After a while, Dana and Patti left to go home and uncharacteristically, I was still not at all ready to end the evening with this most captivating person. Tracy and I stayed until like 1am  (everyone who knows me knows I'm a home and in bed by 10 kind of person) at the Blue Ox getting to know one another and Tracy could not remember where she parked her car (trademark her), so I drove her around until we found it, still hanging out in the car mostly talking.  I had never met anyone like her and it was as if we had known one another all our lives.  I had never felt so instantaneously connected to someone and wasn't even looking for that at the time, but here we were.  As I said before, when I held her hand for the first time that evening, it felt as natural as breathing and after a while, I couldn't tell where mine ended and hers started.  It was like that every day for our remaining 9 years.  

Whether you believe in this stuff or not, I learned later that she had been told by spiritual counselors that she was going to meet me in the weeks leading up to it.

Codzilla - sounds like fun, right?

Shared by Kristine Schroeder on April 7, 2021
Not natural tour guides, when good friends Jeffrey, Maile and young son Sawyer came to visit for the weekend in 2013, we said, "let's do a fast boat ride in Boston harbor and then go to the Aquarium before dinner".  Sure.  For an early summer day, it ended up being a big overcast and cooler than one would expect when we all piled onto "Codzilla" with our visiting and local friends Deb, Jorge and young son, Dario.  We got there a little late and found most of the boat full except for this one awesome looking section we couldn't believe was free.  Codzilla is a gigantic speed boat that goes out into Boston Harbor doing fast maneuvers and spins trying to get away from an elusive mutant cod.  It turns out that our section was right where the waves of water would fold into the boat from those many rapid spins.....we missed that explanation in the beginning because we were late.  :^ ) So, while the storyline and maneuvers were super fun, with each spin we were engulfed in cold ocean water... a number of times before returning back to shore.  No one brought a change of clothing and pretty much all the kids in the group were crying.  Well done, childless tour guides!

I include this in the Tracy stories because she was SUCH a great sport about nearly everything, including this horrendous outing with friends.  And because she would "pull" (Britishism) the most priceless of faces....and this was a good one.  Soaked to the bone and cold, this summed up her comical review of the soggy adventure.

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