This tribute was added by Rebecca Johnson on June 13, 2017
A littl girl asked me a couple days ago where "my momma" was. She moved here from china and I was not sure what her beliefs were about heaven. I stumbled around a little. " my momma is..... she is..... my momma is....". Her mom jumped in and said, "Heaven?" I said yes but found I could hardly say it. "Elaine ms. Rebecca's momma is in heaven." 
Yes. Elaine. That is where my momma is. And I miss her. Really that is all that I can say. I miss her. My fierce, protective, loyal, loving, fiessty, genuine mumzie. I really miss her.
This tribute was added by Jana Stockdale on June 13, 2017
I was thinking of calling you today and then stopped, as I have done many times the past two years. You left us this day two years ago today. I miss our talks, mostly I talked and you listened to me jabber on and on. I loved talking to you and the words of encouragement and advice that you always gave me. If I was feeling down on myself or life simply was rotten, you always made me feel very special. Because of our talks on the phone I feel that I was able to know you. You were not only my mother you were my friend, a friend that would never turn her back on me and a friend that would never say anything bad about me. A friend that greeted me with "Hello Jany" and end the call with "Love You". I have saved a few phone messages that say, "Hello, this is your Mother, Love you!" I listen to these when I wish that I could talk to you. I can't go and place flowers beside you today because I live too far away. I am leaving this flower here on this site for you as a reminder of how much I love and respect you.
This tribute was added by Jana Stockdale on November 1, 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! A day does not go by that I don't think of you. Love and miss you!
This tribute was added by Jana Stockdale on October 13, 2016
I keep thinking that I would love to have just five more minutes of talking with Mom. Just five....but, even five wouldn't be enough to say all of things that I would love to tell her. Thank you Mom for just listening so often when I just needed to know that you were there for me and feel the love that I always felt from you. I miss our talks very much.
This tribute was added by Bob Stockale on October 13, 2016
I sure miss mom. She was a perfect mother in law for me. When I hear negative comments about in laws I have to step back and realize how lucky I was. She was certainly not perfect but I never had one interaction with her that I came away with a negative feeling. She and I had a good vibe. I will look forward to seeing her on the other side. Love you mom. Bob stockdale

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