Trevor's BIG Smile

Shared by Carl Blenman on September 12, 2020
My memories of my friend, Trevor.
I remember his big, warm, wonderful, bright smile and his amazing, intelligent mind.
There are so many stories that I could tell you about Trevor.  He sold me my first computer and he also created an inventory program for me to make my job easier.  As a matter of fact, we were the first to computerize the SDA athletic event. But the story that sticks out the most in my head is the year when we went camping. On the Friday night, we had to look for firewood in the dark forest. So let me set up the situation:
Many would recall the legend of Trevor Weir and his Celica. So we got Trevor to drive behind us in his Celica on a gravel road with the headlights pointing forward so that we could find the wood for the campfire but 5 minutes into the search for the wood, Trevor turns off his headlights and revs his engine. When he turned the headlights back on, most of us had run for our lives into the ditches. I swear, in the darkness of the night you could see Trevor's big smile and he rolled out of the car dying laughing his head off. We wanted to kill him but we couldn't because we were laughing too hard ourselves. Memories don't fade like people so we will never forget you, my friend.

An email sent one day to me...

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 12, 2020
You are loved Yvette and for many incredible reasons,
but it takes incredible people to sometimes appreciate
all that you are when you are so extraordinary.
Not to say that ordinary people aren't deserving of our
full love ( and maybe they aren't ). Maybe they are just
deserving of something under or at the level of what 
they are able to absorb.
We are not all created equal nor does our life
experiences necessarily tend to equal us out.

Continue being exceptional, Yvette. Appreciate who
you are and who you will be.
Appreciate also, that not all were meant to have or 
appreciate a pure 4 carat blue diamond.
Live life and enjoy each deep breath you breathe for
(despite what the young may think) 
--- tomorrow isn't promised.

Love you.

High School Graduation

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 12, 2020
Jasmin graduated from Bartram Trail High School in 2014, Jacksonville Florida with honors.
She was a member of the choir.

One of Trevor's best friend's and business associates

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 12, 2020

Video Testimonial - Jasmin

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 12, 2020
I love the way she 'paints' him with colors in a warm and affectionate way - a must listen

I did not know this

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 12, 2020
A pic not a video. His manager, wife and kids speak about this aspect of his life, but I didn't really know this.
But what a cool and creative way to relax or to foster a love for music in the home.
Sing. Sing. Sing.


Shared by Paulet Blenman on September 12, 2020
I remember going to church with Trevor when we were small but lost touch through the years.  There were many discussions at the Miller's house on a Sabbath afternoon.  We connected again through the Scarborough Youth Chat and it was as if we never lost touch so we would talk for hours. 

It so happens that my daughter is also named Jasmine so we were always talking about his Jasmine and my Jasmine.  

We also talked about him coaching the girls basketball team, being a swimming coach, his numerous businesses, especially businesses to help Africans to have reasonable healthcare and communication and of course, when he lived in Thailand. Trevor was a fountain of knowledge and you could count on him to always share it with you.

I remember when he got sick in Jamaica and returned to Canada so I made a point of checking up on him almost daily. Even if he wasn't feeling well, he always seemed to make time for others. I will definitely miss our long talks.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Saturday Night Journeys to Scooters

Shared by Jasmin Weir on September 12, 2020
Growing up as a teenager with my dad was a super unique experience. I imagine that most people probably didn't hang out with their dad as much as my friends and I did, but I imagine most people didn't have a dad like I had either.

He would take my friends and I most Saturday nights to the roller skating rink out in Mississauga - about an hour and a half drive, mind you, and on top of that we would often go a half hour or so out of the way just to pick everyone up because he knew how much it meant for us. 

And for most of us, it was the highlight of the week. We would pile in the car and look up songs on YouTube to sing along the way, and my dad would be right there with us laughing and belting it out to whatever was the chosen song. Then it was hours spent on the skating rink, dancing around to the music under the bright multicolored lights, just having the best time being in each other's company. Finally we'd drive back home, sweaty and hungry and happy, stopping at Timmie's for a midnight (or sometimes 2AM) snack to keep us awake for the ride.

Usually I would fall asleep, but sometimes I could stay awake long enough to feel the sense of peace with him after another wonderful time. I am so glad I have these memories to look back on now. I think I speak for everyone in our crew when I say I will never forget these Saturday nights.
Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 11, 2020
The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjust the sails and some politically motivated people keep telling us the wind is changing direction.

A post / quote he shared several years ago.

His Comments to a post on Okra ( an avid writer and searcher of natural remedies)

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 11, 2020
Very good comment, Dr Weir.( Have no idea why he had to say that, I just said " knowledge is power if indeed applied.")
 So if any one is reading the document above and thinking about using okra to lower one's blood pressure, you must make note of a key factor.
Okra can absorb the bile in the lower intestinal tract at a fairly rapid pace, but you probably need more than 3 Okra pods if you are really going to attempt to do this.
I mention 3 because most meals having Okra as a side dish have approximately 3 pods in the average serving. That may not be enough and even if you take it every day for 2-3 weeks, your body is intelligent enough to balance things around without having to dip into its cholesterol reserves.
If you are going to try this, overload your body. Hit an entire plate of lightly steamed Okra ( not boiled and not raw ) and do that twice a day for 3 days.
This is going to draw most of your bile reserves out of the lower intestines. Bile is good, we are not saying it's not. But by pulling the bile reserves very quickly, we are forcing the body to go get, beg, borrow steal cholesterol from somewhere, right?
Why? Because, one of bile's primary components is cholesterol and in replacing the bile, the body will have to actively get that cholesterol from somewhere.
Stealing cholesterol from calcified deposits in your cardiovascular system is probably a good idea.
As with anything, if you start this and feel very, very bad, stop immediately. If you have a pre-existing condition, speak to your health practitioner first and let them know what you are proposing.
Has anyone ever overdosed from Okra? That's hard to say, but If they have, Google doesn't know about it. Little chunks of calcium running around your blood stream unchecked isn't a great thing either, so remember -- stay active.
Medium to high activity for 10-15 minutes per day goes a very long way towards breaking down stuff that shouldn't be together. That's just 4 of your favorite songs strung together.
You can do this - get moving!

One of his long time managers

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 11, 2020
Trevor had many more contacts and businesses ( and ideas) running overseas than even here in the West and he managed many people and their families for decades, even to the end..

Old harbor secondary girls basketball team

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 10, 2020
Great tomes could be written about this (losing) team and their beloved 'second' coach. Losing was just on the scoreboard. In his eyes in stories he shared on the bus, practicing with them and in actual games - they were all winners:)

He supported them in sport, academically, financially and emotionally. They were a huge part of his day and purpose those four months in Jamaica.

I know because I was his confidante.
Cheers ladies, keep striving and keeping his legacy STRONG.

Weir men and a ball

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 10, 2020

The Black Phelps

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 10, 2020
I don't know where or when Trevor picked up a love for swimming, but he taught his children and then countless strangers in swimming pools and open bodies of water. He was as comfortable in water as in land.
He spent several years in Asia, where he always had several at a time even waiting for him in the water.
That's how he developed his HUGE upper torso in the last ten years.

One of his basketball students

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 10, 2020
I think they loved taking pics with their 'coach" he took inordinate amount of time in their lives , even off the court.
I know. He shared his 'girls' with me.

An Email Correspondence between Dad and my 9-year old self

Shared by Jasmin Weir on September 10, 2020
I forwarded some of the very first emails I'd ever sent to my Dad the other day. I've shared one of them below. It was a correspondence between him and I from sixteen years ago, or in other words a portal to the past. We laughed at the content, glad to share this memory that could have so easily been lost to time.

What may have been trivial conversation is now so precious to me, as it connects me back to him. I will miss reminiscing about the past and the memories we did not get to make together in the future. Dad mentions in the email that he will always treasure these messages - likewise, I will treasure them all my life.

Subject: Daddy,Daddy,Daddy,Daddy,and Daddy

[Me - ignore the spelling mistakes because hey, I was nine]:
I have soccer certain days.  So far red team or (team 6 my team) is
winning!  We   havent been playing indoor soccer.  I  havent  been
checking mail much lately. I'm still preparing your present.  But what
else do you want for CHRISTMAS????  Can I have a mood ring and a
pretend baby except it looks,sounds,and feels like a baby!  It even
talks like a baby!!  Justin wants a yellow toy digi-vice,and some
action figures,PLEASE!  Knowing Jordan,....he'd want money!

Miss you,


[My Dad, Trevor]:
Wow, this is a nice email Jasmin. I will always treasure it.

I don't understand how your team has been winning at soccer when u
have not been playing indoor soccer. ha ha

You dont need to prepare me a present, Jasmin, just seeing you will
surely be enough.

I am in Hong Kong, right now, until Monday... then will be back in
England soon afterwards.

I love you honey...

xoxoxo   XOXOXOX

Please let e1 else know that i really miss them too. Thank you

Love Dad

How he shared his faith

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
You might not think of Trevor as the evangelist in the traditional sense, but I will tell you that about a year ago he started sending songs that I want to feel touched him and they were all gospel.
 "Jehovah is your Name"  might have been a song he took comfort in while he was fighting his battle with health for over a year.
It is 7 mins of praise , enjoy whatever dose fills your soul, it was a mutual favorite.

Python Students are you ready?

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
What did Trevor like to do almost as learning?
This is his last recorded video of a simple ( or maybe not so? ) concept , probably for his high school students or college bound kids in Africa or Asia? 
Or maybe we call all sit in and listen to a mastermind breakdown a language in simple terms.
Leave a comment or two.

Your Favorite Niece

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
Gabrielle Gladstone

Your favorite niece ( psst, his only one actually), but how he loved this child that he rarely saw. He had such admiration for her. May she continue on your business acumen (she already started with SageScents candles) , generosity and kindness to the peoples of the world.

Ever the Business Mind

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
This is so sweet and special, please listen to the end, the captions and ideas are all his unique brand. 
Feel free to skip to 11sec to bypass my brother's foolishness : )
Stop. Go get some tissue - don't say I didn't tell you..

"I'm going to throw the camera to you"

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
Really Trevor, ha ha : )
I am also riding elephants vicariously through you bro'
Skip to 3:22 to see his favorite shoe attire ( in the East and West )

As if water sports weren't enough..

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
Trevor takes to the sky, it isn't a long clip, but it highlights his ever present sense of humor and bravado.

Behind the Famous Cover shot

Shared by YVETTE WEIR on September 9, 2020
Many of you might have seen Trevor's famous tiger shot taken in Thailand, well here's the footage to accompany the feline bragging rights.

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