Shared by Margaret Beaddles on July 23, 2016

Corey Beaddles always looked up to twoway they were always close after twoway son was killed because they both lost someone who meant the world to them,they had a really tight bond after that twoway Corey loves and misses you so much,I am so glad you held on just long enough for him to get there to see you and say his good byes it hurt him seeing you like that,but he needed to see you and I believe deep down in my heart you wanted to see him too,you got so excited when he said something to you letting you know he was there,and then you left us that day,we will love and miss you until we see you again,and we will make sure you get your Justice!!!

You should be here!!

Shared by Margaret Beaddles on July 23, 2016

This song is from Cole swindell,you should be here,that's my song to you I will love and miss you till the day I die

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