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Posted by Parul Lahoti on June 10, 2021
Happy Birthday bhai,
Hope you are well wherever you are.
Always remembered.
Posted by Samriti Vohra on June 10, 2021
Wishing you many happy returns of the day Vaibhav. Please keep showering your love and blessings to your family everyday…
Posted by Ahmad Abdullah on June 10, 2021
Always in our memory Dear Vaibhav...from your next door neighbour NE8-7 Saudia City. Love foerver.
Posted by Syed Ehtesham on March 10, 2021
Gone Yet Not Forgotten
Vaibhav Danny was always a respecting and admiring person.
He used to call me Uncle for sure I was elder to him. He was a very very polite person. I was his neighbor in Saudia City. He was in flying and was in maintenance. We,always talked about our Flight Operations.
I have shared two aircraft models which Danny used to fly.
State of the art aircraft flown by state of the calibre pilot.
I, pray for Rashi and his two sons.
I, am in U.S now when time permits will sure visit them.
Posted by Parul Lahoti on March 10, 2021
2 years Danny!!
Hope you are well.
Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure, You are loved beyond words and missed beyond treasure.
Laksh, Utkarsh, Arti & Parul
Posted by Samriti Vohra on March 9, 2021
Hi Vaibhav,

It’s going to be 2 years tomorrow and we still remember you and miss you. You are always in our prayers and thoughts everyday. Please take care of your family from up there. They miss you and love you a lot!!!

Posted by Sejul Shah on June 10, 2020
Happy birthday Vaibhav. You will always be remembered
Posted by Sandeep Gupta on June 10, 2020
Remembering Danny on his Birthday.......wish his family all the best.

Sandeep Gupta
Posted by Sandeep Gupta on March 11, 2020
Still cannot believe it.....
Wishing your family and Parul all the best

Posted by Ahmad Abdullah on March 11, 2020
Forever missed you my friend and neighbour. You and your family have been super great neighbours to us in Saudia City compound. Lots of love my friend.
Posted by Laksh Junior on March 10, 2020
Hi Danny, came back to Addis again yesterday with a hopefull thought however leaving empty handed again. This time, I came with an extra pair if eyes....guess who.......your buddy......Utkarsh.
Missing you so much Danny, the gap will remain open all life.
Warm regards, with lots of love bhai.
Posted by Nirupama Raghavan on March 10, 2020
Today is exactly one year since you passed on.

We remember you fondly with a smile on our faces and a tear in the eye. We hope you are happy and at peace in heaven.

May God bless Rashi, the kids and Parul's family so they have the strength to continue without your loving, supportive presence.
Posted by Jim Sherwood on December 21, 2019
Vaibhav was my friend and neighbor for several years. He was kind, very positive, and helpful. I wish all the best to his family, and share my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Aman Deep on March 26, 2019
I remember Vaibhav as a gentle , caring and intelligent soul. One of the first classmates I met during Mechanical Engineering days at BIT. He leaves a void in all the lives he touched. Although I lost contact with him after graduation, I have been reminded of his genuine and sincere approach to life and friendship many times over the years. I had wanted to reach out but guess I lost that chance now. He will always live in our memories, I wish all the strength to his family in these difficult times.
Posted by Anurup Singhal on March 26, 2019
I learnt about Vaibhav from another alum. He & I were in the same batch at BIT Mesra. I wish his family strength to face this loss. Sad to hear this news.
Posted by Sneha Kumar on March 21, 2019
Vaibhav was my senior at BIT and I first met him at BITOTSAV 2002. We had a very short conversation that day. Since then whenever we crossed paths, I always saw him with his very comforting friendly smile. Though we never really became friends he did help me a couple of times. He graduated that year-end. I wish I could know him more. I am so sorry to hear this news. Praying for his family.
Posted by Vijay Maheshwari on March 21, 2019
Dear Bhai
Though 20 years younger to me but you were a great friend. Always smiling n laughing ,very witty .
We didnot know that on 3rd March you came to bid us all adieu. Did not realize that you were in great hurry to meet your Parents.
You have left us all in deep shock and shattered. May God give immense strength to Rashi n family to bear this
Adios my friendly brother. You will always be fondly remembered .
Om Shanti Om
Posted by Pardeep B on March 20, 2019
Vaibhav mere yaar, I cannot process you parting away from us. You were one of the nicest people i knew. You always took things in stride and never gave up. I will miss you dearly Vaibhav. May your loved ones find peace and strength.
Posted by Avijit Barua on March 19, 2019
We were hostel mates during our study in BIT Mesra. He was a great guy. Always helpful. Can't think he is no more. I pray for the eternal peace of his soul
Posted by George Kuruvilla on March 18, 2019
I know Vaibhav from our undergrad days at BIT. We were in the same hostel and spoke almost on a daily basis. He was a wonderful soul who brought joy to all around him with his positive and easy going attitude. So many great memories. Praying for his family. RIP Vaibhav! You will be missed!
Posted by Joel Thomas on March 19, 2019
Vaibhav and I were neighbors for 4 years during our college days in BIT Mesra. Have many fun memories and infact had a group conversation along with few other college mates on March 6th. 
Condolences to the family...
Posted by Sonal Raval on March 18, 2019
I met you when your mum passed away . We became friends and I loved your quirky sense of humour . I wish you had listened to me my friend and applied for your passport in Dubai . I will miss you. God bless you .
Posted by Madhu Sharma on March 17, 2019
Dearest Danny,
My very first memory of you when you were a little boy watching your father pass away in hospital at a young age. My heart went out to you then and from then you were always my little brother. Now I feel for your boys whom you left at the same time. Life can be so harsh sometimes. Even in your short time you left a legacy of kindness and happiness. I take comfort in knowing you are with uncle and Aunty.
. Rest in peace little Shanti.
Posted by Rupal Pankhania on March 17, 2019
Vaibhav, I don't even know where to start!! What an amazing person you were. I cannot believe you are gone so soon! You have left so many beautiful memories. What a lovely soul you were.
You made such a mark on everyone you met and now after you are gone, you have reconnected so many people.
You brought joy, happiness and laughter. You will be deeply missed.
May God give strength to your family and friends in this very testing time.
Rest in peace, Vaibhav!! Miss you....
Posted by Arihant Aggarwal on March 17, 2019
Speechless about you and your PERSONALITY. In such a short time you have scattered your fragrance, which will be remembered by us till our life.
Posted by Laksh Junior on March 16, 2019
Chacha, such an amazing person. Used to always take care of me but now you have left us. You came to Niagara Falls with my family and it would have never been so good without you. You have made us upset now and extremely sad and now our family is broken. You used to be the number 1 funny person in our family that laughed, smiled and everything that a human would like. You were my favourite relative out of all but now I can't believe that you have left us. Rest in Peace Vaibhav Chacha. From Laksh Lahoti.
Posted by Parul Lahoti on March 16, 2019
Danny I came to pick you up from Ethiopia, but returned back empty handed. On the bright side, I came back full of memories that I will cherish throughout my life. Unfortunately you beat me in the race to heaven, and left me here questioning the act of god. Rest in Peace...
Posted by Kajal Haria on March 14, 2019
One of the most humble and kind souls I have met.....Vaibhav was ever smiling and ready to help anyone instantly.
It was very shocking to hear about your untimely passing away.....All we can do is pray to God to give immense strength and courage to your family to overcome this difficult period and also may god rest your soul in eternal peace.
Posted by Bharat Shah on March 13, 2019
Didn't meet you nor knew you, but feeling sorry for your life to end this way, you were a great friend, brother, husband and a father to your family and friends. You are in their thoughts and in their memories, God bless your soul with eternal Peace
Posted by Sandeep Gupta on March 13, 2019
Really shocked to hear of this untimely event.....I knew danny from childhood. We were great family friends. He was very cheerful and would make us laugh. GOD give his family strength to bear this loss. RIP bro.....
Posted by Assum Qayyum on March 13, 2019
Vabhav You beautie Of a soul. I still Cannot believe you not around us anymore. You were such a lovely and helpful person. One of a kind in an expatriate life!
I still remember our last lengthy conversation on the phone last week.
I am in state of shock and totally speechless.
Nobody deserved this,especially a person who has always been there for someone.
I am sure everyone has a story to relate to your humbleness and kindness....
May your family gain a lot of strength and love moving forward this difficult time.
From bottom of my heart I send my love and condolences to Rashi and her 2 boys!
And the merciful please give Vabhav the highest order of in peace!!!
Posted by Nirupama Raghavan on March 13, 2019
Danny......where did you disappear off to? There were so many years to live yet.
We knew you as a fun-loving, kind-hearted and loving person, always ready with a smile, always ready to help. You were a very close, cherished family friend, more like a brother.
The news of your death is heart-shattering and paralyzing.
May God rest your soul in eternal peace and give your young family the strength to bear this very tragic loss. Life will never be the same without you.
Posted by Swati Patel on March 13, 2019
Danny...May your soul Rest in Peace. Praying for your family to have strength and manage this tough time.
Swati and Amish
Posted by Hina Jain on March 13, 2019
Jiju we all will miss u alot...cudnt believe it after hearing abt dis tragedy...thought its a bad dream...u had a grt personality..loved d way u were...may ur soul rest in peace..heart felt condolences to all d family members...
Posted by Harmiinder Dave on March 12, 2019
Dear Vaibhav,
We are all going to miss you, you left too soon. Our condolences to family, we pray your soul Rest In Peace. You were a beautiful soul. Praying for the family at this difficult time
Nitin & Harminder
Posted by Shilpesh Mehta on March 12, 2019
Vaibhav.Never seen u but tears come out seeing ur picture and its tragedy of what has happened.May god give ur family strenght and peace.Feel sad for the perished pple on the airlines.So sad.Om shanti om.
Posted by Mohamed Jiljeli on March 12, 2019
Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember our dearly departed.
May your soul rest in peace brother.
Posted by Keval Shah on March 12, 2019
Remember from school days...great person...gone too soon. RIP
Posted by Hemal Shah on March 12, 2019
Dear Vaibhav - May your soul rest in peace , and you are in a better place . It was a real pleasure knowing you for the time that I did. May lord almighty provide your family the strength to withstand this untimely tragedy
Posted by Keval Shah on March 12, 2019
Knew Vaibhav from High school. Always smiling and a wonderful personality. May you be at peace wherever you are.
Posted by Utkarsh Lahoti on March 11, 2019
Vaibhav Chacha is someone I always will look up to in life, and someone who has a major contribution in what I am today. Truly an amazing person with a kind heart and a pure soul. I will always cherish the memories I've made with you, and I hope you're always proud of me when you look from above. Life will never be the same without you, RIP Chacha.
Posted by Vimal Chadha on March 12, 2019
dear vaibhav known you when.little kid missed by all your friends we as sangh swayasewak in nairobi kenya aum.shanti
Posted by Michael Basileo on March 11, 2019
Vaibhav is a wonderful soul. A family first guy with a big heart who held himself to the highest standard in his personal and professional life. He was an excellent pilot and the type of guy that everybody liked being around. Godspeed, my friend. You will be missed.
Posted by Michael B on March 11, 2019
We were honoured to meet ‘Danny’ at my sister’s wedding in Mandawa, India. He was such a kind, friendly, funny, intelligent and welcoming person. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family on this senseless and tragic loss of such a wonderful man, husband and father. The Brunsden Family, Manchester, UK.
Posted by Giovanni Pizzuto on March 11, 2019
Our hearts are filled with sadness and tears but our memories are filled with smiles and laughter of the good times we shared over the years. Has been a pleasure knowing you... I’ll never forget you , buddy !!!
Posted by Hamza Ghouth on March 11, 2019
You will be for ever remembered buddy. We have shared a lot of happy moments at Saudia Private Aviation. I’m deeply saddened by your early departure RIP bro
Posted by Ahmad Abdllah - on March 12, 2019 are a great friend and neighbour. NE-8-7 and your house NE 8-9 Saudia city Jeddah. Will forever remember your generosity and kindness...You and your family are my family
Posted by Vivek Aggarwal on March 11, 2019
VAIBHAV LAHOTI, A great person with a great personality and vision . His memories will always be in our hearts....
Posted by Deepa Bhatt on March 11, 2019
Gone too soon. A beautiful soul forever smiling and joking around. Will always remember our tennis matches together and the jokes you played on us. You’ll make the angels above smile with your humor. Keep shining buddy. RIP
Posted by Humaa Mirza on March 11, 2019
Vaibhav, I see you dancing with the angels my friend. Always such a happy and calm person. I remember our talks and what a wonderful person you were. I was blessed to have met you post high school and seen you as first officer Lahoti. A beautiful human being inside and out. You will be missed.
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Posted by Parul Lahoti on June 10, 2021
Happy Birthday bhai,
Hope you are well wherever you are.
Always remembered.
Posted by Samriti Vohra on June 10, 2021
Wishing you many happy returns of the day Vaibhav. Please keep showering your love and blessings to your family everyday…
Posted by Ahmad Abdullah on June 10, 2021
Always in our memory Dear Vaibhav...from your next door neighbour NE8-7 Saudia City. Love foerver.
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Happy Birthday

Shared by Laksh Junior on June 10, 2019

Dear Bhai,

Happy 40th Birthday to you. 

Dont have a lot to say but have a blast wherever you are. You deserve it bro.


Birthday Greetings

Shared by Kajal Haria on June 10, 2019

Dear Vaibhav 

Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday sure you are having a blast wherever you are......

Miss your sweet smile.....

Have fun...



Καλο ταξίδι!⚘

Shared by Michel Pante on March 26, 2019

I just learned about you  Lahoti and I feel so shocked. You was such a good person and a very good pilot. I will always remember you as 123 pilot as this is how you liked your coffee ( 1 coffee 2 sugar and 3 creams) on board.I had the honor to introduce me your beautiful wife Rashi and your beautiful kids. You and your family had made for me a nice farewell last year in Jeddah and I'm in the sad position to give now my farewell to you and my condolences to your lovely wife and your kids.

God bless your soul and help your family ⚘

Your flight attendant in SPA falcon 7x and Hawker 400xp from 2012-2018 

Sofi Pantechi.