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Shared by shirley stirling on May 20, 2021
Once upon a time we were invited for Thanksgiving in Colville with my vegan cousins. We didn't know what to expect but when we got there the entree was proudly served. It was a  pressed gluten cutlet entitled, "chickey" which came out of a can. I, my mother, and Val all looked at each other in quiet desperation when we saw it cut into slices, as the texture and aroma were... peculiar. Politely eating it was even worse. But we enjoyed the company and hospitality - and had many good laughs about afterward. Val said that it was his most memorable Thanksgiving ever - ha!

Who hates pandas?

Shared by Debbie Willis on May 20, 2021
Val, Cindy, Jeff and I are great travel buddies! How we love to go places together! One trip was to Disneyland! The happiest place on earth, right? Well...the story goes that the four of us were walking through Frontierland and passed by a store where a woman working there was trying to sell backpacks in the shape of Pandas. As we walked by, she asked us if we wanted to buy one. Cindy, Jeff and I all politely declined at the same time I heard Val also decline by saying "I HATE Pandas!" I burst out laughing and the look on the woman's face was one of shock and disbelief....and she said "who hates Pandas???" I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life and I chimed in "yea Val, who hates Pandas????" This was a running joke from then on! 

Sunday drives were the best

Shared by Val Hamry on May 20, 2021
Dad, Dad, Daddio. I will forever miss you. You always, always made lemonade. We didn't have a lot of money, but boy I remember those may have been the best of times. All 5 of us in the car for a Sunday drive. You and Mom oohing and ahhing as we passed by beautiful homes, beautiful scenery, and possible hopes for the future, while Kris, Vince, and I were squished in the back seat of your pinto...the love in that car was real! The humor - gut rolling...especially when you pulled into a Church parking lot - and asked if we wanted to go to Church instead of going on a car ride. I wish we had more time and that we hadn't wasted the time we had. I love you My Dad, Dad, Daddio forever and always! Love Your Vally!

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