her Life

Mrs Valerie taft

Born in Tipton on April with 1953 to Brenda and Royston power,was one of 14 brothers and sisters,marriedMr Malcom John Taft on 12th of January 1973,they had a daughter keriene in 1976,another daughter Sarah in 1979 and one more in 1981 Shelley,sadly Val lost her husband Mac in 1991 to phneumonia and had to take up work full time to look after her girls and did a damned good job at it too she worked hard,took care of her family,her girls wanted for nothing xx  she took care of everyone,would help anyone and never ever complained about anything,she was the best mom that anyone could of ever wish for and ignored her own illnesses to take care of others, neighbours friends family her boss and a very dear friend rex who she shared many happy years with but sadly he got ill and he lost his battle with cancer  in 2011,Val was a diamond,a true star and was the greatest thing that ever happend to me she was strong, (you could never get anything past  her lol) unbelievably beautiful inside and out and an inspiration to all she passed away on the 25/05/2014 and after such an impact she made on the people around her here on earth,in the day she sleeps on clouds,at night she's the brightest star burning in the sky and the beautiful wings god gave her are well,well earned x xxx ❤