Posted by Tatiyahna Buckingham on April 22, 2021
Thank you for teaching me something I never knew I would grow to love and keeping me on track with everything I wanted to do in life. You will always be missed and in my heart forever. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, I even started playing the piano again which made me realize you will always be with me in this lifetime. I love you and praying for your family.
Posted by Joyce Campbell on April 19, 2021
Mrs. Veda Coleman was most inspirational in the lives of both my grandchildren and me. What an awesome piano teacher--so enriching to the music arena! Initially she taught my grandson, Carson, with whom she would say she was highly impressed with his musical talent. Then, knowing that music helps to preserve one"s mental faculties, I became a student of hers for a number of years. Finally, she added on my granddaughter, Malia, and the three of us took classes back to back. We all benefited from her music instructions and were very impressed with the piano recital in which the children participated.  Sometimes we would converse before or after class, over the telephone and when I visited her in the hospital. We shall always reflect on pleasant memories of a beautiful musician and carry out her legacy by continuing to develop what she taught us.                                                           Lovingly,                                                                            Joyce Whitaker Campbell & Family
Posted by Kimberly Martin on April 19, 2021
Mrs. Veda was one of the warmest and loving people I know and her commitment and love for City Church was evident always.

I do and will always miss her hugs.

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