This tribute was added by Paul Efobi on June 5, 2016
TRIBUTE TO A DAD THAT LATER BECAME A FRIEND AND A MENTOR To the Glory of God for the life well spent. We all know that death is inevitable. No one knows his/her time  and it’s a debt all owes to the creator. To this, your death didn’t come as a surprise rather as a reminder of our purpose on earth. In as much as I had the feeling a few days before you departed but could not justify my taught even when mum tried to call me a day before you left us, I was gripped with fear not to hear any sad news . I later called her the following day to check up on her and to also know the status of your health , I went on to tell her my fears and anxiety lately. She gave me enough assurance and  faith that filled my hopes. Little did I know that God used her to prepare my shock absorber for the hour that has already come. The dark hour came to me when I just got back from church where I went for a marriage class. 9.15pm 20th April 2016,  I was about to enter my house, my phone rang, it was your little daughter Tochukwu I heard  her voice with crying tone. My mind skipped as she told me about your sudden slump in your room. I knew immediately that all those signs the previous few days has come. While I was filled with doubt, she told me your wife with the help of others have rushed you to the hospital. I had to stay strong to be able to console her with few words of hope. Deep down me I know you won’t make it out of this. It took me some time to summon courage to call mum . when I finally heard her voice I was left devastated with her cry and it reminded me of that day in 1993 when I was returning back from school and met her crying heavily , you and a few others were consoling her because of her sister’s death. I knew exactly what she was passing through again. I have to man up to console her the best I could because I know for sure only God can comfort her at that moment. To the dad I called a friend and a mentor, thank you so much because everything I am today and will still be I owe to you. You equipped us all with right attributes required to succeed in life. Am so sorry I misjudged you when I was quite small as others that never got opportunity to know you better. I started to appreciate you in 2007 when I had a real conversation with you. I came to realize how tender and loving man you were. Your dogged spirit kept you afloat even when you didn’t have the best. When we were small you made sure we never lacked anything vital in life. You provided us with various opportunities, wisdom, and discipline required to excel in  this world . I remember not getting all I requested for when I was in school, I never knew it was a training too till I began to struggle to stand on my feet as a man. I came to realize you may not always get what you wish and want in life. Thanks so much daddy because if not for your guidance, my life might have been ruined. You taught us all how important education was even though you weren’t opportune to finish standard 6 because of finances. You took a bold step to strive and succeed, so your children will have all you never had. Your passion for education got me interested to fulfill your dream, and today we all are on  that ladder  heading up. It hurts me so much that we never had much time with you to show you our appreciations……. Weeping. In God we seek solace, wherever you are now, be rest assured that the light you ignited in us all will never deem rather it will brighten as day passes by. We have this legacies kindness, integrity, modesty honesty, hardworking and  punctuality to uphold all our lifetime. You’re a legend to all because you fought gallantly even in the sick bed. As they say, we don’t  question God because only him knows your purpose in life and I believed you finished excellently. You’re a true icon of struggle  for all that crossed your path and people will testify this any day for you. If there will be another world after, please I will still like to be borne by your union. I appreciate so much daddy for everything  you have done for me and my siblings and am so sorry for the things I never did right when you were alive. Adieu Ifemelumma! Adieu Victor!!Adieu Chukwulota !!! Adieu Legend !!!!Adieu Daddy!!!!! Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more. Your 2nd Son Engr. Paul Uchenna Efobi FERMA ABUJA.

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