Dear Uncle Victor,

Shared by Zutty Khrushchev on March 25, 2019

It is still unbelievable that you left your lovely kids and wife to be with God. Who are we to question God? You were so kind to us. God will continue to rest your soul in Jesus' name, amen.

One of the kindest men ever!

Shared by Amarachi Ezenwoko on May 29, 2016
<p>Dee Ogboo you were far too kind. Your humility knew no bounds.You knew and called everyone by name,both great and small. You brought everyone close to you. You were very proud of each & everyone of us and happily introduced us to your friends and colleagues as your siblings;I remember sometime in 2001 when I was in SS3, Nneoma & I came to your office from school to contact our parents with your phone to come over and sign an undertaking. You opted to come to school with us instead. You abandoned everything you were doing on a Monday morning even as a Regional Manager,went with us,saw the principal and assured us everything was okay. You played the role of a father and saved our parents the stress of coming all the way.After then, we'd always appear in your house in Jesus close, Works layout, Owerri. You always received us happily and wished we'd stay longer. You took good care of us and called us " Victor's Angels"It's so sad that we will not be seeing you again or hear you say " Sweethearrrrrrt" .it's so sad everything has come to an end. Dee Ogbo your life was a shining example. You were a great leader. You were the livewire of the compound. Your charming smile, your charisma, everything about you .Indeed an iroko has fallen. The compound will not be the same again.We take solace in God's word in Isaiah 57:1. He will comfort us!!!</p><p>Laa nkeoma Dede m!!! We love you so much but obviously God loves you more!You are simply irreplaceable!!!!!!</p>

Push on!

Shared by Nwankpa Uzoma on May 8, 2016

Somedays before i left for my masters degree program in Cranfield University. I paid a visit to my Uncle, who was tired but still came down stairs to see me, he joked with me and gave me this last advice ''that life is not a hundred meters race, that what ever is delayed isn't denial''. 
He said i should always continue to be good, having  family, relations at heart and offer help to does in need. Your death has brought me so much pain which cannot be healed with time but i am so happy to share in your philosophy of life and i would be a better person as you had advice.
I love you DeOgbons and you will be forever missed. 

A very kind man

Shared by Maria Onyia on May 8, 2016

I was the Regional Secretary At Diamond Bank and Victor was the Regional Manager, my boss. I had to attend an embassy appointment in Lagos on a Friday. I could not leave Owerri the day before because we had scheduled interviews and Victor and in fact Diamond staff don't play around with work. I had to be at work on Thursday to handle the interview process. I planned to hop on the very popular night bus heading to Lagos that evening. I was 8 months pregnant. At close of work, I said goodbye to my boss and took off to pack and catch the night bus. Racing out of the office, Victor called me back and asked how I was getting to Lagos. I announced that I will catch the night bus and be in Lagos early enough to take care of my appointment. Oga Victor opened his briefcase, counted some money and asked me to get a flight ticket to and from Lagos. He told me it was unsafe to travel by bus at night with my condition. I was speechless but totally thankful to God. Of course I made the appointment and got my visa and eventually left for the USA. Victor became my husband's close friend and brother.  When I returned to Nigeria many years later, I visited Oga Victor at the Head Office. After telling him my grand plans, he told me to drop that plan and start a school in Nigeria. He spent time advising me on how to go about that and today, there is Berkley Academy and there is  Juilliard Academy and there is Orglearning consult. I learned from Victor that a boss can be kind and friendly. I learned that a boss should care. I treat my staff with same level of care and kindness. I wish I had said thank you to you in person. Thank you Sir Victor. Thank you my boss! Rest in Peace. Maria Rapheal Onyia PhD

A great man has gone to sleep...

Shared by Chinelo Nwuke on May 6, 2016

I remember 26th December 2014. The day of your housewarming Uncle Vic. We got to the Village that morning, Mom, Ify and I. Accompanied by our cousins and friend, on our way to Calabar. U made us feel so special as always, my cousins and friend felt and remember that special attention so much that they are still reeling from the shock of your death, after meeting you just once, and spending a few hours with you. You were that special. You had that effect on people. As guests thronged and arrived from far and wide, the attention you showered on us never wavered. From the moment we got there, till we left. Haa, Uncle Vic, I still can't believe this. You were not Blood, but you were family. I remember taking this picture with you that day, I'm so glad I did Uncle Vic. I miss you

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