This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Victor Oguamanam. We will remember him forever.
Farewell Papa.
Posted by Nina Oguamanam on July 27, 2022
Continue to smile down on me. Love you Dad
Posted by Chisom Ezike on June 15, 2022
Continue to rest in peace Grandpa. You are forever missed.
Posted by Nina Oguamanam on June 15, 2022
Daddy, it has been one year since you left but it feels like such a long time. I miss you so much Daddy.
Continue to rest in peace. We remember you always.
I love you so much Daddy.Rest at the bosom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Chioma U. on June 15, 2022
Continue to rest in peace Dee Victor Oguamanam.
Posted by Chisom Ezike on July 24, 2021
Dear Grandpa,

You have always been a part of my life since I was a kid. When I spent the first six years of my life in Lagos, you and grandma were warm and loving to my brother and I. You always took time to introduce me to friends and visitors as your granddaughter, which made me feel special. You only spoke kind words about others and had a comforting smile that could light up any room.

You were a great patriarch in this family. I respected you so much for your hard work and perseverance. You were a classic example of a self-made businessman. You overcame so many obstacles, like lack of education and financial backing to build many businesses without any help or guidance.

Grandpa, you impacted so many lives, but most importantly you encouraged me to become a better person. Your strong stance on the importance of schooling made me value education and the vitality of knowledge. Knowing you did not have many resources growing up but were still able to push forward made me persevere during difficult times. These are strong attributes in the person I am today.

Grandpa it seems like it was just yesterday when you and grandma visited. I remember how proud you were to see me graduate high school and begin my college education. I wish you could have seen me complete my college studies and all the positive things I plan to do with my career.
I promise you to continue to work hard in all that I do. I will strive to be a positive impact to others the same way you have helped others over the years. I love you grandpa and will miss you dearly.

Until we meet again.
Love, Chisom

Posted by uche festus on July 20, 2021
Dee Victor, as I usually call you, have always been a selfless man with a heart of gold. I think you were more exposed than your immediate elder brother, Azubueze, my dad, which made me open up to you; discuss grey and personal touching matters that I couldn’t get to yarn with my dad. 

Uncle, I’ll never forget how you always backed me up whenever I had any issues with popsie and you always made him see reasons to most of my decisions that were contrary to his views….hmmm….

I’ll really miss your accommodating heart as you always made your house a home away from home for me. Till we meet on that fateful day, continue to rest on my beloved uncle.

Posted by Anayo Uchegbu on July 19, 2021
Uncle Vic was a man who loved and was loved by people who knew him. Uncle Vic in his unique way touched lives. He was an astute and successful businessman and yet made out time to love his family and contribute to his community at large.

To my teacher and mentor; you taught me business. Integrity in business. Uncle you showed me love and taught me how to love and accommodate relatives no matter the inconvenience. You taught me how to make and keep friends. You got me married and made sure my marriage succeeded.

I will miss you my dearest Uncle but as a Christian I cannot question destiny. I am happy you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
I thank God for the successful life of Uncle Vic in all spheres.

With a good family, a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren, Uncle was nursed and taken care of even in his most challenging days.

May you rest in the paradise with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder (Akunne) Kenny Uchegbu
Posted by Chioma U. on July 13, 2021
Daddy, hearing about your demise is shocking. It seems so unreal especially as i'm now several miles away so it still feels like a dream. You and mumsy welcomed me into your home when i had no place to go in Lagos, you both acted as my parents and i wil always regard you as such. I will definitely remember our good times together with fondness and nostalgia.
You will be sorely missed Daddy. Rest in the bossom of the Lord. Adieu.
Posted by Amanda Oguamanam on July 11, 2021
'Daddie' in the short time I got to know you, you showed me so much care as if I were your own daughter, you were always willing to help in any little way you could. I remember those late nights you stayed up with me and mumsy singing and drumming for your granddaughter to fall asleep, I remember how you would always ask me if I had taken enough water for the day when the doctor said my fluid was low during pregnancy. To know you is to love you Sir, you touched the lives of everyone around you and I am grateful our paths crossed. Zina still asks of you and I hope one day, Udoka and I would be able to tell her how wonderful a man you were.
Rest in peace papa, till we meet again.
Posted by Obi Onyeaso on July 11, 2021
My wife and I join the Oguamanam family to mourn the loss of their patriarch, Chief Victor Oguamanam.

He made his strong mark in commerce and community. In the hospitality business, his legend will not be easily surpassed.

But above all, where it mattered most, he was an incomparable dad and loving husband.

May his good works live on, and his name be remembered for many ages to come.

The iroko has not fallen. It lives on in the other trees that blossomed under its mighty shade.

May his good soul find rest in the bosom of Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

- Mr. & Mrs. Obiora Tabansi Onyeaso
Posted by Usukuma Essien on July 10, 2021
My heartiest condolences to my friend and brother, Udoaka and the entire Oguamanam family in such a difficult time. May God usher you and your family with peace and comfort as he receives your father in the afterlife. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.
Posted by Udoka Oguamanam on July 10, 2021
Daddy , it's really so hard for me to write a tribute knowing in my heart you still live .
I have never met a man so reliable like you daddy, soft spoken , peaceful in everything, entertaining , approachable, wise and ready to share ideas and especially taking bold steps to achieving a goal.
Your entrepreneurial spirit is something I haven't seen in the world today but I can only liken it to the current greats . The moment I read in the papers that you were going to flood Nigeria with rice, I can only but imagine the greatness and vision in you.
You loved everyone in the world like they were your family and treated each one with love. You have a heart of gold in a manner I have never seen . You lived a great life and the legacy you left behind will still live on.
After your death I got to find out you were a member of the church and elder at that matter.

Ochiriozo the great. I am a blessed child and I could only have come from a greater being.

You truly are an Angel
Posted by Ifeanyi Oguamanam on July 3, 2021
               Nnam, Mr Victor Oguamanam.
A true father, that is who were.
Words cannot express my love and respect for you.
You trusted people a lot and some abused it. And Dad, if I were to say you had a fault – it would be that you were blind to the faults of men and could only see the good in them however masked. I sometimes frowned at the way you simply wanted to help. Little did I know, you were just being whom you were created to be.
I aspire to be just as good a father you were. All your children can attest you were always there for them. I would always honor your name and remain forever grateful to God to have given me a father such as you. You truly had a heart of gold.
You so loved peace that you were willing to take the back seat for it to reign. Men say you were soft spoken. There are truly no words that can fully describe you and the impact you made, not only in the lives of your immediate family but to many around.
Though you are gone, your memories would continue to live on. I am proud that you were my dad, “Nnam Mr. Victor”. Truly a legend has passed on. A great man, a great father. The thought of you brings tears to my eyes. It hurts to know you are gone but I am glad you are in a better place. I hope I make it to see you someday in heaven.
Again I say, if I could only be the father you were.
Posted by Charles Omoruan on July 2, 2021
Papa, I met you for the first time a few years ago and there is one thing I will never forget about you- your smile. You were always smiling and very gentle. You will be missed.

May the good Lord grant you eternal rest; rest on, papa. 
Posted by Uduak Oguamanam on July 2, 2021
It was such a privilege having you as a father in law, you've left a vacuum in all the lives of those who knew you but you've also left us great memories. We will always remember you Papee.
Posted by victoria williams on July 1, 2021
Dad you will always remain dear in my heart . I can never forget you You hold a special place in my heart. You were the best dad. You called me "Ada beke"  "Ada" that will visit America" Ada that opened doors of blessings. Little did you know that your words would come to pass. You had a kind heart and I believe you were sent to this world to be source of help to people and you have left a lasting legacy. You have fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith.
You have  always been there for us.
Rest in peace dad I love you. Dad you will always remain dear in my heart.
Posted by ALPINE HEALTH on July 1, 2021
Words cannot express how your passing on has affected me. 'Papeelaye'like I always called you. You were a fighter and a comforter. You were a father, friend,counselor and my guy. When I was younger there was a saying that "you never see a man cry till you see a man die", so I cried papa. I cried because you are a very good and kind man. You were too kind hearted. You are a man, a real man. I love you papa and you will always be my hero. "Aboshidudu" is happy because he knows that you have gone to see the lord. Rest in peace dad.
Posted by Nina Oguamanam on July 1, 2021
Rest well Daddy.
You called me "your mother"
You constantly encouraged me and believed in me, even more than I believed in myself. Thank you Daddy.
Even in your death, I still hear your words.
You told me in my former world, I vowed to be so educated. Your words follow me .
You were the kindest and you always put others even before you. You wouldn't eat , except the people around you had food to eat.
You lived a great life. Your work here on earth is done.
Daddy, I miss you.
Although Nathan didn't see you, he will most certainly hear about you. Rest well daddy. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. I asked Him to take care of you. I love you Dad. We will meet again some day.

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Posted by Nina Oguamanam on July 27, 2022
Continue to smile down on me. Love you Dad
Posted by Chisom Ezike on June 15, 2022
Continue to rest in peace Grandpa. You are forever missed.
Posted by Nina Oguamanam on June 15, 2022
Daddy, it has been one year since you left but it feels like such a long time. I miss you so much Daddy.
Continue to rest in peace. We remember you always.
I love you so much Daddy.Rest at the bosom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more.
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Ochiriozo Lives On!

Shared by Udoka Oguamanam on July 10, 2021
Growing up, I always struggled with cold environments because I easily caught a cold and my sneezing would go on for hours. One blessed day whilst preparing  for my exam  I left the campus to my late uncle's house in owerri because the sneezing was getting too much and I felt very uncomfortable. 

God bless my late Uncle's family as they wasted no time to trying to ensure my health was restored. The wife plucked vegetables from the back of the house, cut some yam and made pepper soup. The eldest brother dashed to the store to buy "Robb"- a menthol ointment an massaged my ribs and chest to ease the pain.

Later that night the fever started and I felt my body breaking world temperature records- I was boiing hot! I managed to get up to use the bathroom and that was the only thing could remember- I had passed out. 

The following day I woke up in the hospital having been diagnosed of bronchitis to see almost all the members of my uncle's  family. Strange! I thought, imagining how I got here in the first place and why everyone was here. I must have taken a bad fall and collapsed- I thought. 
The moment  I turned to my right my hero, my father, my guardian angel, my ever-sure person - Chief Victor Oguamanam,  "Ochiriozo" as he is fondly called was sitting on a chair by my side. He smiled and I smiled right back. That moment  I knew everything was going to be fine and indeed it was. I was discharged  same day and my father stayed with me all through the day.

Did he fly down here yesterday night? Did my uncle call him the moment I got to there house and he took a bus .... so many questions ran through my mind but for certain this man loved me so dearly. 

Fast forward to 2021, we recently had one of our village meetings and an elder started pouring out some of my dad's legacy; how he helped communities and showed love to everyone and it all became clear to me ; my dad is an Angel of God as he would sacrifice anything to put a smile on anyone's face.

He has gone back to meet his creator. OCHIRIOZO lives on! God bless your soul. RIP daddy. #ochiriozoliveson #victoroguamanam