Best Dad

Victor O. Bousquet.. better known as Rupert was a very wise man.... he always gave words of wisdom to others.. some may not understand, but in the near future they will acknowledge what he was trying to educate them on.. I as his daught Jolivia are one of those people. Victor sure can give you a long lecture, so if you ever needed time no one would be a better person than Rupert. And for those who know him very well, are aware that he read at least 3 papers or more a day and thats for sure. Victor loved classical music, walking long distances in prospect park, playing his lottery. Oh and he loved helping people in any way possible... he was what they call a handy man. Having a conversation with this man in reference to debate there is no winning. Victor O. Bousquet always has the upper hand in the convo always having to prove his point that he is right... but at times fail to realize even if he is wrong. He loved everyone .. he just had a weird akward way of expressing it, so to others they felt otherwise. Victor is now resting in peace watching over all his loved ones, he is gone but never forgotten <3 .