Posted by Carla Mascioli on July 24, 2021
You’re a beautiful woman that I’ve just met a couple times and have a heart of gold and you made me feel special every time I met you. Fun loving person. Carol and Rick from Barbers Bay
Posted by Melissa Hager on June 28, 2021
Vicky was a big part of my childhood growing up with one of my besties, her daughter Lisa. I spent many a days at their house and we created a lot of wonderful memories together.

There's so many but a few that stand out are in the summer time, Vicky would be out gardening as usual and would have us stand against the wall, hose us down and create our "shadows"; or how she would try to teach me to whistle like a bird, still can't do it like her. I can't even count the endless meals that she made(always delicious) and I was able to eat and enjoy with her.

I can still picture her getting ready for work and curling her hair, doing her make-up and talking to me about whatever. Vicky always made me feel so welcome and told me how it was, never sugar coating anything. I admired that quality about her, good and bad. I will always cherish the memories I have of her, she was a part of me for a lot of years and I'm ever so grateful to have known her.

R.I.P Vicky ♡♡♡
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
She was the kindest and most generous smart woman that I was fortunate to have in my life… a dear friend that passed through my lifetime Debbie and Mike
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
May you be at peace knowing you touched many people along your path called life. Charlene
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
Chicken says she will be missed but Dalton you need to keep on and the best way to do that is Tune the Guitar.
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
Victoria was such a vivacious woman who would appear at my cottage during our party weekends and just brighten up the room with her smiles and laughs and compliments! She will never be forgotten. Carla
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
When Dalton and Victoria came up during the summer months it was like Christmas in July. Jack
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
My condolences and best wishes for her next journey to a beautiful lady. She will be missed. Glen
Posted by Carla Mascioli on June 19, 2021
So nice to have met you through association. I saw and felt your uniqueness and enjoyed my times talking with you. You are forever in our hearts. Sam and Roger
Posted by Janice Labine on June 16, 2021
Victoria was a part of my life from the time I was 10 years old and she started dating my brother Dalton, and while we didn’t always see eye to eye, I knew that I could always reach out to her when the need arose. Living with her and Dalton for a short period of time in the early 80’s, I got to witness firsthand their extraordinary relationship.
Victoria was full of life, love and energy and always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Once someone met Victoria it was safe to say that they likely never forgot her.
It was highly unlikely that you would ever catch Victoria looking anything but completely put together as she took pride in always looking her best.
Family was very important to Victoria and she always took the time to wish you a Merry Christmas or a Happy Birthday or just leave a voicemail message from the “Dalt and Vixy Show”.
Her death is going to leave a giant hole in a lot of people’s lives, but I know that she is somewhere looking down on those she loved and that she will watch over them.
I also know that she is most likely talking someone’s ear off about all her adventures during her time here on this earth and that she will be biding her time until she is reunited with the love of her life.
Rest In Peace Victoria.....
Posted by Andrea Best on June 15, 2021
Dalton and sorry for the huge ur family. Thoughts and prayers to each of u. Always cherish the memories and she will always be close.
Posted by Carol DiFlorio on June 15, 2021
Unfortunately we knew Victoria and Dalton for only a short time. Victoria was a beautiful lady inside and out. We enjoyed having Victoria as our neighbour. Victoria and Dalton were a very unique happy couple. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace Victoria.
Carol, Tony and Josie

Posted by Melody Grenville on June 15, 2021
Vicky was the 3rd child in our family of 6 kids. We did have good times together and like every family not so good times too.
We may have had our differences but we where a family. We supported each other during hard times in our youth. Some crazy things when I reflect on our past experiences.
Vicky was a adventurous person who lived by the beat of her own drum.
She loved her husband Dalton very much and had 2 beautiful children Lisa and Matthew . In addition her wonderful granchildren who brought joy into her family.
She brought sunshine to her family and friends and lived a good life.
She was very brave and fought a good fight. She will be with Mark, her youngest brother, who we lost in May.
You are still my sister no matter what.
Love you and think about you in my own special way.

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