Vicki"s story

Shared by June Left Hand on December 17, 2010

Vicki was 32 years old when she went missing,after a 19 days search,she was found beaten to death,she left behind 5 children,who misss her very much and wait for her return.

Vicki loved life,she was a patient,kind,generous woman,at the time of her disappearance,she had plans,to make changes for herself and her children,she was never given that opportunity.

Vicki remains in our hearts through her children,and through her childrens memories.

Her children and family wait,praying for justice,some type of closure,but her death will forever remind us that she is not here,and will not come back for a time.

Vicki,we love you very,very much and continue to wait and pray that someday we will all be together,it is said that God takes those whom he loves the most,and that he has others whom he loves,but it is his will that we stay here and continue,at times I don't understand this,yet my belief in Gods will is never ending,in time we will understand Gods plan.

For now my dearest Vicki,our memories remain here within our hearts and soul,and thank you for the love of your children.

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