Shared by Raewyne Allatt on April 7, 2021
Missing my aunty vie like crazy
These couple of years me and you grew a close bond..
Miss seeing your name on my phone as you rang me everydayto see what I was upto lol or I would ring you to come drink, eat or run away with me
My heart dropped when you left us
Thank you for always having such a big heart you was always there for each and every1 of us not once did you ever close the door on us or treated us bad well maybe a slap if we were been lil shits thankyou for the mean sounds you always jammed for us at the partys untill we got bord an would have to argue with you to connect that I will miss OL AUNTY DEVICE you always loved and looked after your devices lol
You always made those yummy kais good for them thighsthat I'm really gunna miss every time I walked down the drive i could smell that yummy food weather it was a stew boilup fish heads curry's fried sausages eggs toast spaghetti or tomatoes n onions ok beta stop I'm getting hungry
You were always there when ever we needed a ride even tho you was aunty 2lately
Those sneaky little lunch break run aways we use to do were so funny...
If ever your kids or mokos were on the hunt for you they ended up knowing your hiding spotthat was with me at mines 

To all my kuzzies nieces neffs n moko babys LOVE UZ ALL SO MUJ WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR UZ NO MATTER WHAT

Hope your raging up there with uncle joe with your smirnoff kristov and cordialsay hi to dad and all our loved ones
Till we meet agen forever loved and cherished by us all❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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