This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Wagaye Gayem who was born on February 8, 1951 and passed away on January 31, 2011. We will remember her forever.


FUNERAL SERVICE:  Saturday February 12, 2011       1:00 PM 

Holy Cross Mortuary Chapel 
5835 W. Slauson Ave. 
Culver City, CA 90230
Interment will be held immediately following chapel service

RECEPTION Following ceremony

St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Los Angeles
5505 West Slauson Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90056  


For those of you who have inquired, condolence cards may be mailed to
Wagaye Gayem
C/O  Abiy, Rediat ,or Tsion Fikreselassie

Mail PO Box 14226
Torrance, CA 90503 




Posted by Messi Kasu on February 1, 2020
May God forgive and accept her soul into the Garden of Eden, near the throne of whom she seeks and loved.R.I.P.
Posted by Mariam-Guedam Syoum Negas... on February 1, 2020
still remembering you walking in the ECA corridors....
Posted by Tsion Fikreselassie on January 31, 2020
Always in our hearts <3
Posted by Mariam-Guedam Syoum Negas... on February 8, 2017
Wagaye, you will always be remembered; may you rest in peace and thanks to your family who made it alive.
Posted by Mariam-Guedam Syoum Negas... on February 2, 2016
always in my mind; and always your kind words embrace me whenever I join a new office. You are in a better place. May God bless your soul.
Posted by Tsegamlak Teleale on January 31, 2016
Wagicho is still in our hearts. Oh how I miss her!!! Thinking if her brings smile to my day.
Posted by lily abebe on February 1, 2014
Beautiful Wagaye, you left a memory beyond to the immediate family. I only have a handful but they are precious to me, the love you show is felt deeply. Until we see again...Love Lily
Posted by Messi Kasu on January 31, 2014
Words can not express the heartache we feel for your family  Pleas accept our condolence. Losing a loved one is never easy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Be Peace and blessings upon you and your family. 31.01.2014
Posted by Gabriel Teclemariam on May 5, 2013
May God bless her soul!
Posted by eg woldemariam on February 8, 2013
It was a long, empty and difficult year without you, Wagi. Paradoxically, it still feels as if you are right next to us: what´a strange irony! I suppose it is because you were the most valuable, warmhearted and uplifting, precious friend and family member one could ever get. It is simply not possible not to miss you every day.
Eyassu G
Posted by Berhane Habte on February 8, 2013
May God bless her soul.
Posted by Aida Yohannes on February 7, 2013
Wagiye, you were the big sister I never had. Miss you and love you. Be comforted by the amazing children and family you have, and one day we will all see you again.
Posted by Ezra Gebremedhin on February 2, 2013
There are people who are soft, inside and outside. Such was Wagaye. To remember them is to be touched by softness. And to be reminded of God who is Soft towards us in the deepest way, through Jesus Christ.
Posted by Abraham Tesfay on February 1, 2013
Wagaye, On your 2nd anniversary, I lit a candle in your memory. Your beautiful smile will always be in our memory and in our heart. I am glad I had the chance to have known you. I know you are looking after us from Heaven.
Posted by Tsion Fikreselassie on January 31, 2013
Mom, you're always in my heart. I feel your presence wherever I go, I hear your voice when I need the encouragement, i see you in my dreams looking beautiful as ever. Its like you never left us. There hasnt been a day that passes withought me thinking about you. I miss you and love you very much!
Posted by Billy Hall on January 31, 2013
Wagi left a permanent mark on my life. Her smile and presence still warms my heart. The legacy of a righteous woman like Wagi, lives on forever in our lives that she touched - and in our children's lives for all eternity. She is a great testimony of how the Love of God becomes fresh in our life as we remember walking and talking with this amazing lady.
Posted by Tsegamlak Teleale on January 31, 2013
As I remember my dear Wagicho on her second anniversary, I am still filled with a smile, grateful heart & warm memories. I miss her so much and can't wait to see her in heaven.
Posted by Ezra Gebremedhin on February 10, 2012
To remember some people is to feed quietly on some inner food.You, Wagaye, my mother and a few others belong to that category. I thank God for the days given to you here on earth.
Posted by Ethiopis GhebreMicael on January 31, 2012
My friend Wagaye (Tomiye),
I remember you today on your anniversary. I still see your beautiful smile, hear your pleasant voice. Your candle will continue to burn...
I am grateful to God to see the continuity of life on earth through your grand children. I will cherish our friendship forever.
Posted by Tsegamlak Teleale on January 31, 2012
I miss you Wagicho! It's been a year ... God has been good to us.
Posted by Ezra Gebremedhin on August 18, 2011
One is made sober by life's challenges and trials. But fed with inner joy and courage when one thinks of loving and dependable people like Wagaye. We miss you. God bless the rich memory you have left.
Posted by Sharon Peay on August 17, 2011
God he said, "Never will i leave you never will i forsake you." To the family of Wagage one of my best neighbors ever and a friend i will always remember her she was very special i will miss her forever and mama i will always think of you also. I love you Sharon
Posted by Aida Yohannes on February 28, 2011
Wagiye, my friend, my big sister I miss you so much. We will always miss you. Thank you for all your love and advice always. Be happy about all the love you spread and the wonderful children you raised and your wonderful family. God bless always!
Posted by Tsion Fikreselassie on February 15, 2011
My Momma. As I walk through the journey of life, I will always cherish how you helped me to grow with love, strength, truth, and honesty. I pray to be a mother like you, to shape my daughter in the way you shaped me. You made me who I am today, and I will always remember you in life's passings. I love you and miss you dearly!
Posted by Ruth Abraham on February 14, 2011
My Precious Wagi, Losing you is more painful than I could ever have imagined! I will always have beautiful memories of you. I love you and will always miss you...
Posted by Selam Seyoum Woldemariam on February 12, 2011
"Wagicho ! I still wonder how you were able to make me laugh when I called to comfort you, a couple of months ago.....You comforted me instead. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for being a true friend...."
Posted by goudaye demesse on February 11, 2011
Some people come into our lives and merley pass and some leave a permanent foot print in our heart, Wagi Wagaye you were such a person and you did leave a permanent foot print in my heart I will never forget you, never forget your warm smile, your hospitality and your friendship, may you rest in peace my friend.
Posted by lily abebe on February 10, 2011
Lily T I will miss you very much. I will always remember how strong and loving you are. I will try to be a mother to my kids like you are to your children.
Posted by Ethiopis GhebreMicael on February 10, 2011
Tomiye, You were one of a kind. Even on the phone, I always sensed your beautiful smile, your easy going and courageous attitude. It is comforting to me that you were surrounded by those who loved you the most, especially your loving family, because you had so much love to give. And now, you are in the house of the Lord. May you rest in peace my good friend. I will always miss you
Posted by Solomon Gayim on February 10, 2011
No one can experience this sadness as I do, for my feelings are unique, genuine, and very personal to my beloved sister Wagaye. No one can begin to know exactly how I feel, except to know that sorrow such as mine is deep, personal, and real. Wagaye was my best friend, my companion, the only person I ever trusted the most, my only critic, and my only true confident. Ever. Wagaye, Thank you.
Posted by Debre Haile on February 9, 2011
Wagesh and me known each other for more than 30 years while we were young and energetic she was one of my best friends. I have no words to express my sorrow when I heard her passing away! So kind, generous welcoming, God fearing! May the Almighty God rest her soul in eternal peace!
Posted by Baherwork Telahun on February 9, 2011
Wagaye is the first person I met when I joined ECA. I still remember the good old days at Finfine. I will always cherish the memory. May God rest your Soul in Eternal Peace.
Posted by Tewodros Yohannes on February 9, 2011
I am deeply saddened by the untimely death of my former colleague and a friend Wagaye Gayim. I used to work with Wagaye from 1981-1988 in Ethiopia. I always remember her for her kind humbleness and smile. I will miss her very much. May God rest her soul in Peace! With my deepest sympathy to her family.
Posted by Ezra Gebremedhin on February 9, 2011
Reading the various greetings to Wagaye has moved me. She bore the name of a common grandmother whom the great majority of us never saw. I feel that Wagaye has more than merely carried the name of Adey Waga. She has made her alive among us. Wagaye was a noble cousin, noble in bearing and persevering. Thank you. We are comforted by the fact that you had committed your life to Jesus.
Posted by Mulu Hall on February 9, 2011
Since I have known Wagaye I love her and respect her for her strength and being a great mother to her children and how she loved our Lord. I am very sad and sorry that I cannot be at her memorial service to say good bye. I know Jesus is happy to have her now with Him where she has no more pain and sickness and we are sad because she is not here with us. May God help us and heal our hearts now.
Posted by Mariam-Guedam Syoum Negas... on February 9, 2011
The wonderful treasured memory I always cherish of Wagaye was in my early work years in ECA. Whenever Wagaye passes by our office, she voices with beautiful smile “Ayizoch! Berchi!”. These words chime in my ears whenever I am in a new work environment. Receiving such encouragement and support being new in a new office/work surroundings, means a lot, I always remember her. May God bless her soul
Posted by Eyassu Gayim on February 8, 2011
Wagi was my best friend. She was very honest, lovely, energetic, supportive, disciplined and honorable sister: the best example of what a sibling should be. We were all blessed by her life, and we will always miss her. Eyassu Gayim
Posted by Berhane Habte on February 8, 2011
"May God bless her soul. We also pray that God give strength to her family during this time.
Posted by Tegene, Senait & Kirubel ... on February 8, 2011
Wagaye, we will all miss you. You were a true sister. Rest in peace and let the Almighty place you in heaven and give strength & comfort to all of us.
Posted by Abraham Tesfay on February 8, 2011
I knew Wagaye since 1966. We went to the same High School - Commercial School in Addis Abba Ehiopia. Even though we went our separate ways after graduation, I remember Wagaye as being kind, articulate, engaging and very friendly. She will be greatly missed but she will be in our hearts forever. May she rest in peace and God bless her soul.
Posted by Abraham Gayem on February 8, 2011
My precious sister Wagaye, was the sunshine on a rainy day,I struggle to understand a world without you my dear sister,We dearly miss your presence in our lives, may you rest in peace in the arms of the savior and that you will never be forgotten!
Posted by Mesmak Giorgis on February 7, 2011
" How wonderful it must be to speak the language of the angels, with no words for hate and a million words for love!" EEF
We all love you for being our angel.
Posted by Teferra Hailu on February 7, 2011
Our dear sister will be remembered for her smile, kindness, humility and warmth as a mother, sister and true friend to who ever she comes to know. She was a selfless person who dedicate her whole life to the well being and upbringing of her beloved children. She will be missed very much. God bless her soul.
"Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.Psalm 116 7
Posted by Bill Hall on February 7, 2011
Since I first met Wagaye I was so impressed with her quiet sense of confidence and security in her relationship with Jesus Christ. She inspired me and made me more complete with her model and example of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. Wagaye lives on in each life she has touched during her 59 years - we are indeed a better person for having known her.
Posted by metti kanno on February 7, 2011
Wagicho, your candle will continue to burn forever, I will miss your calls, and your caring spirit, you will be in our hearts forever......
Posted by Tsegamlak Teleale on February 7, 2011
I will always remember you Wagicho, my auntie, my friend, my sister, and my confidant. Thank you for being the pillar to our family!  I will never forget your courage and faith in both good and difficult times. I LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by alem brehane on February 6, 2011
I have known wagaye for a long time. She was kind, respectful and generous. She cares so much about people. she was one of a kind. I am going to miss her so much, may god rest her soul.     with all my love 
Posted by Tsion W on February 5, 2011
The love of a mother cannot be replaced. I hope you find comfort in friends and family. May God bless her soul!

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Posted by Messi Kasu on February 1, 2020
May God forgive and accept her soul into the Garden of Eden, near the throne of whom she seeks and loved.R.I.P.
Posted by Mariam-Guedam Syoum Negas... on February 1, 2020
still remembering you walking in the ECA corridors....
Posted by Tsion Fikreselassie on January 31, 2020
Always in our hearts <3
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First Born Son

Shared by Ethiopis GhebreMicael on January 17, 2012

Hi Wagi/Tomiye,

Your spirit is still with me.  To comfort myself, I started to look through the pile of my old letters and pictures and I found this picture with your son Abiy that you sent me.  You were thrilled and happy.  I am adding the picture to your album.

So many memories, I cannot take you off my mind.

Your Friend, Ethiopis