Posted by bonnie ermis on December 2, 2019
Oh Walter, I miss you so much! We had a real connection, since you were very young. I am proud of your life and how you were as a man. Wonderful husband, father! Son, and friend. People respected you, because you earned it! You will not be forgotten, and I know how important that is! I gave some of Gary's personal possessions to family. My Teresa says that that helps him to never be forgotten!, because they will always say to others, "This was Gary's!" 
We have your boys, I have the wrench, that was Walter's , that I gave Walter!! It's not possible that you will ever be forgotten!!
Always loving you, dear sweet cousin,
Love, BonBon
Posted by bonnie ermis on September 21, 2019
Oh my,! Walter, We all miss you and your brother so, so much! That will just never change. You can (and I'm sure you are!) very proud of your sons. And of Cathy who has made sure they are still your boys, reflecting your values and your strengths!! Such a great father! Just like yours! 
Love you and brother Paul forever!!  BonBon
Posted by Leona Narr on December 29, 2018
Walter not a day goes by that we do not think of you and miss you more than words can say, knowing you are at peace and with Paulie helps and we will be together all in God's time and His home.
Your loving mom, dad, sister and family.
Posted by bonnie ermis on December 25, 2018
Dear Walter! and Paul! It's Christmas Day. I do miss you both so much, but knowing you are together really helps, a lot! I know what love you must feel now cause God is there! I want to see you again . Please God let us all be together again. Love to all
Posted by bonnie ermis on December 25, 2018
Dear Walter! and Paul! It's Christmas Day. I do miss you both so much, but knowing you are together really helps, a lot! I know what love you must feel now cause God is there! I want to see you again . Please God let us all be together again. Love to all
Posted by Leona Narr on December 1, 2018
Dearest first son Walter born 9-20-65 just minutes before your identical twin brother twin Paul. What a surprise and joy and for 45 years you were a gift to us from God. Each day we marveled as the days fell into years and in a heart beat you were a man. One we loved, admired, was proud of then and still are to this day. You loved your family. Cathy, Eddie and tiny Jake when he was born early. What strong individuals they have all become and i know you are their angel watching over them all and so proud of them, your sister Anita, dad and myself. RIP dear son and we miss and love you every moment of each day, always have and always will.  Mom and dad and family
Posted by Jan fair on November 30, 2018
Oh Dear Little Walt,
You are so very loved and missed. Many aching hearts. We are blessed for having had you in our lives. We are comforted that you are with your brother. Nothing can erase you in our memories. The light and laughter is a bit dimmer but just as warm. Until.......
Posted by Leona Narr on September 21, 2018
Walter, you are so missed and so loved and needed by your sons. sister and your father! Reach out and touch them and help them and let them know you are there by their sides! Loving you forever!
Your mom
Posted by bonnie ermis on September 20, 2018
Dear Walter,
Happy Birthday to you and brother Paul!! It's just not right not having "the boys" here when it's time to celebrate your birthday. 
It always makes us sad, but we all know where you are now! In God's arms, with the incredible love from our Lord Jesus. 
Very very special human beings, the both of you! Miss you so very much!
Until we are all together again. Love you sooo much.
Love BonBon
Posted by bonnie ermis on August 2, 2018
Hey, Walter, I sure miss being able to talk to you. We could always say anything to each other! It was such a comfort. We didn't always have answers, but we always listened to each other. 
I can't get the last time I saw you out of my mind. You had just checked out at CVS. You turned back from outside and mouthed the words, "Come over!" I nodded and smiled! But I didn't, at least not in time. We had something special since you were little, You and Paul! You guys were so incredibly special to me! Watching you both practice the guitar, and yelling to you as I drove away from the house at Rd. 96. "Practice, practice, practice!!" And Walter remember when I got you your first gig in Sac, at that teenage bar? (No drinking , just dancing) I think Willy was in that band.
Now comes Paul's , August 10th, Paul was the sweetest, and such a giggler, and who couldn't Love his RCA Victor dog look?!!
I will always love you both soooo much!!
The world was better with you, but we are stronger and happier to have been so close to you both!! Love, BonBon
Posted by Jacob Narr on June 23, 2018
A few days ago I celebrated my 19th birthday, it’s been almost 9 years since you left. I wish you were here to see what I’ve been doing. I’m living in the United Kingdom. I’m in the Air Force working in the F-15. Who would’ve thought that I would’ve graduated high school and a year later I’d be living in a different country. I miss you a lot dad. The family is doing great. I wouldn’t be were I am without you. I miss you everyday and I love you dad.
Posted by bonnie ermis on June 9, 2018
Oh Walter I just found this! And I feel like I can send a msg to you! Life is not what we think it's going to be. Damn! But it is life, and we have to go on. Again Damn! I so miss you. I wish I could talk to you! I think you could help me. Believe it or not you were so wise from the get go. We had so many wonderful talks, it meant so much to me. Your brother was pretty damn special too! I know you know that, too. You boys were such an incredible part of this family and of course it's so hard, because we miss you so much, but I understand, sort of, I LOVE YOU BOTH ! I am just happy that you are together. Always in my heart, Love You, BonBon.
Posted by Leona Narr on December 1, 2017
It is 7 years since we lost you but I can remember you..Walter kicking your brother in my tummy as you and Paul were turning summersaults!! My doctor said I was having a 10 pound baby...I fooled him! Walter & Paul both between 5 and a half & 6 and a half pounds!!!You both will live on forever in our hearts!  Until we are together again in heaven!
We love you!
Posted by Jan Fair on November 30, 2016
Little Walt,
The ache of your passing is still felt strongly. You were a good man on this left a lot of wonderful. Know that you are not forgotten.
Posted by Leona Narr on September 20, 2016
Happy Birthday Walter, 51 years old. Loved you from that first kick in my had to be you! Loved you more each day we were Blessed with you in our lives...what joy, laughter worry & some tears. After In a heartbeat you were gone and all of our lives were changed forever. No words to describe how we felt, or not enough words....but we are better, day by day. Love you even more now today and treasure the precious memories we have of our family memories. It says in the bible, Absence of breath and present with God! Hour Heavenly Father took you home and we know we will all be together again. Love you so much son, you have two mighty fine sons and have so many reasons to be proud of them.
Missing you and not a day goes by that we do not think about you and your brother Paul.. Happy Birthday son. Love, mom and dad
Posted by Leona Narr on December 1, 2015
Jesus carried our boy,Walt home November 30, 2010. Our love for Walt lives on in our hearts and it will forever more, until Jesus takes us home to be reunited with him and Paul forever more. We are forever changed but through the grace of God, we are so Blessed. 
mom and dad
Posted by Vicki Reid on December 1, 2015
Fond memories of you, god bless.
Posted by Leona Narr on September 20, 2014
Walter, Today 49 years ago I remember clearly when you were born, you were in a hurry to get out of there and we barely made it to the hospital. I bet your brother was kicking you!! When I held you in my arms and you looked at me it was like you could read my mind. There was a bond there that never left us. I still can feel what it was like to hold you in my arms. You would be so proud of me for finding a great tattoo artist to draw your picture on my left arm! It's awesome. When I was getting the one of Paul, I remember seeing you watching me. Our eyes would connect and we understood.
Love Mom

Well, son, as mom said, you would have been 49 today. From the day you were born, we have loved you and respected you. We will, forever, love and respect you. And we know you have always done the same with us. How do we know? Well you have told and showed us constantly. Your boys, God bless them, are the same way. We are getting better, as it relates to grieving. Our memories are happy ones now. We remember how you lived rather that the way you died. Our job now is to make sure others don't forget you and your brother. With mom's tats of you and Paul, the memoriam decals on the car and truck, and the annual memorial in the Mountain Democrat and Davis Enterprise on your birthdays, folks memories should be jogged frequently. That means a lot to us. By the way, has Jesus ever seen your favorite movie, Jeremiah Johnson? I loved watching it with you.
Love, DAD
Posted by Jan fair on February 22, 2014
Walter, I am so sorry that you felt compelled to leave. We miss you terribly but honor you every day. You made a difference and this planet is better for you having been here. See you soon. Jan
Posted by Leona Narr on December 1, 2013
Tonight 3 years ago you left us. This anniversary seems to be so much harder. You promised to call me so I could say goodbye, if you had made the decision to leave us. I believe you never chose to leave us, at that instant you were not thinking of us, you were just so lost you had to make the pain end. Our hearts will be forever broken. But your boys, Eddie and Jake bring such joy and happiness into our lives, we know you are so proud of them, as we are. Hug your brother tightly for dad and I, knowing you are together and with the Lord, that brings us comfort. Watch over your boys and give them the strength they need. Love you forever. Mom, dad and your family.
Posted by Leona Narr on December 9, 2012
Dearest Walter,
What a joy we had on the second anniversary of losing you. Being able to spend time with Eddie and Jake made our day! We are so proud of them, as we know you are too. We all miss you every day and will love you forever. Continue to be with us each day and watch over us. Until we meet again, love, mom, dad & family.
Posted by Grant Douglass on September 25, 2012
Walt , is a twin who touched my life & other twins lives, even now he is strong in my heart & the tribe of our twins, his strength & spirit walk daily among my twin tribe mates, he helps us quietly , personally in his own way. he told me how much he loves Cathy , Eddie & Jake , how they made his short life so special .. his love for his twin Paul knows no boundaries..
Posted by Leona Narr on September 20, 2012
September 20, 1965 we were blessed by God with the birth of our first born son Walter Narr III. A few minutes later God blessed us with his identical twin brother Paul. We are so thankful for the years that we shared your love and laughter. Happy 47th Birthday to our boys, we miss and love you so much each day, Dad & Mom & your loving family..
Posted by Leona Narr on December 24, 2011
Walter, we miss and love you so much. Reading the story Jeff told at your memorial reminds us what a fantastic man you were here on earth and now you are at peace with Paul in Heaven. We know you are watching over us and loving us each day. Please give our love to all our family that has already passed, until we are all together again. Love, mom & dad
Posted by Bridget Pooley on November 30, 2011
Such a sweet and kind man. Always willing to help others. I really miss you Walt.
Posted by Sandy McKay on November 30, 2011
Twelve months have passed since we received the message of your passing but you are in our hearts and mind everyday 
Our love also goes out to Cathy,Eddie,Jake, Walt and Leona
Max and Sandy
Posted by Laurel Neeland on November 30, 2011
A year ago today, so hard to believe...still. You will forever be missed.
Posted by Leona Narr on September 20, 2011
With great joy we remember the day that you were born. Our hearts will be broken forever without you. You are a Great Man who loved his family & will watch over us for Eternity., In Heaven you will be known as Walter Narr III, a star in Ursa Major. We'll all love you forever.
Posted by Sandy McKay on September 20, 2011
Its 2 years since we celebrated your birthday with you in Pollock Pines and what a great visit we had We only wish we could do it again but that's not to be.You are always in our thoughts but we can't help asking" WHY"
Posted by willy seltzer on December 7, 2010
Walter was the first friend I made when I moved to California, in 1982. He and his family welcomed me into their own, and at one point I lived with them in Davis. We fell out of touch with each other, for a really stupid reason on my part. But I will always remember how he never put himself above anyone else, and he was always the first one to assist you when you needed help. He will be missed.
Posted by digger douglass on December 6, 2010
Walt was & is a man who's love is great, when we first spoke he told me he loves his Cathy & the boys.
 His love for his twin Paul knows no boundaries.
Posted by Robin Land-Karnitz on December 5, 2010
Walter had a kind soul! I am sorry he could not find a voice for his pain. His wife was so proud of him ALWAYS and his children are the most presious in this world. They could not of LOVED him anymore! I am sorry he could not see that! Robin
Posted by Cathy Fritzler on December 5, 2010
Walt was a blessing to his family. His wonderful wife Cathy couldn't of loved him more and his boys Eddie and Jake were raised to be wonderful, honest, kind young men. These boys will be a living testimony of Walts kind, loving spirit. He will be missed... Cathy
Posted by Sandy McKay on December 5, 2010
Walt we knew you were hurting when we visited you Cathy, Eddie and Jake in 2009 but during that time you still managed to make the occaision one we will treasure
You will sadly be missed in our hearts
Your Aussie friends Max and Sandy

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