Shared by Carrie WRead on October 11, 2020
I feel like I didn't know Walt well, yet he left a profound hole in our lives.  He was, it seemed, ever present on the High Meadows campus, cheering for and otherwise supporting his grandsons, caring for the animals, teaching all of the students, and generally being a welcoming, smiling face for anyone who crossed his path.  My sincerest condolences to everyone who knew him. 

Uncle Skip

Shared by Caleb Butler on October 8, 2020
I remember watching Skip catching for Brian in our backyard during one of their visits. I was maybe 11 or 12 a few years younger than Brian so obviously I wanted to do whatever he was doing. After watching for a while I asked if I could try and even though Skip's hand was probably pretty painful he was more than happy. That day he taught me how to throw a curveball and even though the ball never really curved its something I will always remember.

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