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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Walter Procyk, 40 years old, born on July 7, 1959, and passed away on July 24, 1999. We will remember him forever.

Tributes are short messages commemorating Walter, or an expression of support to his closest family and friends. Leave your first tribute here, and others will follow.

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When I met Walter

November 3, 2015

     When I first met Walter, I was a young woman.  I  had just got my first apartment, and was ready to deliver my first baby any day.  Since I was a twin, it only   made sense that we would live together, so as soon as I moved in, I was happy to invite my sister to live with me.
     One day after we had just moved in, there was a knock at the door.  I opened the door whimsically, not expecting anyone really.  Well I closed the door as fast as I had opened it.  I was a bit scared at who I just saw.  It was a  man, who  had a scraggly beard and long hair.  Living in Bridgeport, It was rare to see anyone with light skin, but even rarer still a man with all that hair.  Mona came running to the door; I guess she was expecting him.   "Let him in... Its only Walter, he's my boss!"  I was a bit perterbed and quickly said back "I don't care who he is!;   He is not coming in! "  "If you want to talk to him , You need to talk to him out in the hall."   Without even knowing it, I had pretty much slammed the door in the face of the man that would change not only my sister's life forever, but mine, and my family's lives, as well. 

     Throughout Walter's lifetime,  We have all laughed over that introduction; He was surely taken away too soon.    
     Walter was not perfect, as no man is, but he was a kind and gentle man.  He was loving and discerning.  He really enjoyed life, and I enjoyed being in his presence.  Of course, no man is perfect, but when Walter did wrong, he would change for the better.  He would always try to help others.  He forgave quickly, and always tried to learn from situations.      I have not met many men like him.  
He was so full of life. 
He repeatedly said that he was looking forwad  to being old and grey with my sister, He would picture himself on his porch rocking in his rocking chair with Mona by his side, rocking in her's.  That was his dream for when he got old.  It is a shame that his dream will never happen. When he died, something inside my sister died right along with him. 

     She has been in grief ever since.  She has never been the same.  I know Walter would want her to be happy  and healthy so I hope she decides one day soon that the  best thing she can do for his memory is to live a good life.  He would want her to take advantage of all the extra days that he didnt get to live on this earth.     
 Walter was just a joy to be around.  He was not one to quarrel or to find fault with people.  He was a gem. He was raising my sisters son from another relationship as well as his own three children.  He loved my sister deeply.  He had unconditional love for both her, her son,  and his children,   He was the type of man that didnt judge other people nor was he swayed by other peoples judgements.  He showed his love freely, He had fun in life.  He was well respected, He worked hard, He put his family first.  Others were jealous of him, they shouldnt have been, they should have just tried to live more like him.  He was a good role model.   

I truly can't wait to see him again.

I am saddened that his children did not get to grow up in his presence, and no longer remember him.  Unfortunately  they do not even have pictures of him so If anyone reading this has any pictures of Walter, Please post them, so his beloved children can see what a handsome man he really was, under that  beard of his.

He would truly  be proud of his children now that they are grown, as he was proud of them when they were little and he  was still alive on this earth. 

If he was killed for money, the person short changed themselves because Walter's life was worth much more.   He had children to raise, and a wife to care for.  You took away an important person in their lives.  They needed him.  Way more than your need to kill him.  For what have you gained??  I can tell you that you have caused damage almost beyond measure.   He did not deserve to be shot at.  He did not deserve to die.  What could he have said or done that would have warranted that?   

Im so thankful that Jehovah God has given us his son as a perfect ransom, who died for us so that our sins could be forgiven and washed away.  If it wasnt for the hope that Jesus' life gives us then this would be tragic beyond belief.  But faith in Jesus Christ has eased my pain.  I know that I will see Walter again.  Will you?

Some Basics

June 23, 2014

 Walter was my husband, and a father, who was taken away by violence when his children were still extremely young. He was the father of 4. His youngest Walter Peter carries his name today for the two of them.
The criminal/s who took him from us has yet to be found. Stratford Police have been diligently working on his case since 1999 to no avail. A $50,000 reward has been posted since shortly after his sudden death with no takers.  Walter was well known in his and neighboring communities. He was well liked as a friend and a boss. He owned Walters Honeyspot News and Variety in Stratford CT. His customers respected and adored him as well as his many family members. Walter had one older brother and three sisters. His parents came to America from their home country Ukraine before he was born. Walter was so many things to so many people. I hold out hope that justice exists and will come for him as well as all of us who want to see his murderer/s caught..

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