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when we first meet

November 15, 2011

It was my first year at PS 1, I was 10 years old, Wandi was 9. Our teacher Mr. Padilla. We became inseparable , we did school dance, after school center and even started dressing the same.. Lol.. Once we got to JH Dewey we got closer, we meet each others family and we were best friends. We loved to dance, hang out at Sunset Park with Leslie,, Yessi,and all the cute boys. We played basketball, handball and then drove Aida crazy when we would all go back to Wandi's house. Glory and the girls doing their makeup. Wandis bed full of carebears. Then HS we went our own way, but still hang out, go to Widdis and any other parties, drinking Tango and Blackberry Brandy. That's when Amy became part of the group. Good old 80' and 90's. We got older, boyfriends, college, marriage, distance, but we were still in contact. She would go to PR and visit me or I would visit her. My love for Wandi was enormous, she was my best friend and my sister. She knew things of me that no one did, and I knew things about her. We all even did a sisterhood pact, remember ladies? Yessi, Amy, Leslie, Liz, Wandi and me, we even pinched our fingers lol... And united our blood... Lol.. Wow so many stories I can stay here all night. Wandi will always be missed. I miss all of us, been girls and having fun...

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