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A Christmas Story.

May 31, 2020
So having gone to the same church for a good number of years my family often saw Warren and Judy each week.  A few Christmases ago Warren saw me in church and asked me if Judy had gotten around to jnviting my family over to their house on Christmas Eve.  After telling him that she had indeed asked; but we were just waiting to see if my husband had to work on that day.  Well.....he proceeded to tell me all the reasons why we should go.  Most of them involved the fact that their was going to be quite a bit of pie available at his house.  After chuckling and telling him that he had made some excellent points church started and I couldn't help but smile long after the service had ended. We did make it to enjoy some Christmas Eve pie that year, and as promised it was delicious.  But what makes that story stick out so much in my mind is how Warren had a way of making you feel like you were apart of the family.  Warren, 
thank you for being so kind! You will be missed and certainly never forgotten.

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