Shared by Alex Graham on October 17, 2020
From Leila - I wanted to write a few things today about my Grandpa Wayne.I miss him so much,I was his Princess.He was here to celebrate every special occasion with me. We did Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas,and of course all 10 of my Birthdays. My 11th Birthday is not going to be the same without Grandpa. My special Memories are our trips to the mall, where Grandpa spoiled me,with anything I wanted. Daddy and Mummy would just shake their heads, when we returned home with my shopping bag. Thank you Grandpa for loving ,spoiling me and making all my 10 years extra special.❤️

True Friendship

Shared by Lorraine Massiah on October 6, 2020
Dearest Wayne, you have been a friend to our family for as long as I can remember.  You are an example of true friendship.  You came to see my dad after hearing his voice "your dad didn't sound good" while he was in the hospital.  You stayed with us, shopped for us and cooked for us until you knew he was on the road to recovery.  When you left my dad said "dat' is true friendship". Gabrielle and I will miss the casino stories, the donuts that will make us fat and most of all your laughter.  Your presence is a void that can never be filled.  Thank you for being part of our family and all the great memories.  

This is Wayne's Life - Friends

Shared by Ramon Graham on October 3, 2020
From Dennis Drakes ~
Wayne and myself always laughed about this. I guess it showed how fearless we were. The scene - late 60's, holiday weekend in Trini. Wayne and myself liming one night in Diego, nothing to do. My lil Honda motorbike outside. We talk about some partners gone on a lime to Mayaro, staying in a house about 4 miles from the Mayaro junction - Steve Cross, Brian Lassalle, Wayne Newallo to name a few. A vaps hit us - let's go Mayaro. Time, about midnight, money, as I recall about $5 in coins between us, but the bike full of gas. We agree - Mayaro it is , now, we going and look for Brian and company. Just after midnight. The clothes on our backs, no money except for d coins, and we have no idea where we going, but we going still. We on the way, rain for so, real hard rain, but nowhere to shelter. We must be reach Mayaro junction about 4 am, so we decide to shelter / kind of sleep in the bus stop shelter. Daylight we found the lime. We get some small sardine from d fishermen and we make a one pot something with some rice. Wayne was the cook who fed the multitudes. We borrow some money to head back into town in the afternoon, boss lime it was. Yeah, Wayne, good, mad times.

This is Wayne's Life - Family

Shared by Ramon Graham on October 3, 2020
From Ingrid Graham ~

Thank you everyone for all the condolences and kind words and most important your prayers. Wayne and I were no longer married to each other, but we shared a special friendship. He made regular visits to USA for all the kids birthdays and every special event in the children and grandchildren’s lives. Sometime People would ask me if he had shares in the Airlines. He never missed Leila’s Birthday. He was here for all 10 of them. She was his Princess. Wayne and I shared a passion for cooking. We would often be found in the kitchen cooking together. The children would be on the outside smiling and laughing. His favorite saying "Ingrid it needs black pepper." After he would say to the kids - "You know I am a better cook than your mother." His first call when he arrived in the USA would be - “Ingrid what you cooking today ?” Wayne was a great Family man, he loved his children, grandchildren and all his family and friends.He will greatly be missed.Gone too soon Wayne {RIP}.

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