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Shared by Somo Raissa on February 23, 2021
I remember when we moved to Nkambe, I knew no one there except u and Nelly. I remember the night A levels results were released, we were so happy that we shared our dreams with each other with all the determination in the world. 

Remember when we met in Buea Wendy? Out of joy u guys carried me up n we walked around u showed me around town and welcomed me to spend the night at your place. We didn't sleep we gisted and gisted n gisted. Not forgetting our Saint Andrew days where we'll warm sun n tell stories n films while waiting for ref time. Wen I write this amidst laughter n tears. Rest in peace my dear, I'll treasure all our memories

Shared by Banyuy Ella on February 23, 2021
One thing I'm grateful for is the great time we spent in Limbe last November. I remember when she hastened her library clearance just to be able to attend the SAESA 2006 AGM.  Hearing she was going to be there made me soooo happy because I knew she was going to light up the mood for us all and also that there was someone I was going to have a lot of fun with. I ll hold unto the memories Wen.. they are beautiful ones
U see all the pictures u took of me I ll cherish them as a gift from you.
Thanks for your support to my business. Through you I was able to have a quick turnover due to your several recommendations.. I can never thank you enough. I know wherever u are, you are happy.
Thanks for all Wen I miss you 
Shared by Veronic Mann on February 23, 2021
Wen...I remember the day u came to my room in buea with Nelly...u guys wanted to eat ...there was rice n beans but u wanted to drink garri...Wen u never took what u could finish...u took harry with was small but u couldn't finish it....the next thing u did was throw it away...I was so upset that day for what u did....we argued...but after that it felt like nothing happen....where did u go to Wen....u left everyone in shock dear feels like a dream...Rest on dear friend...God loves u more...
Shared by Tanda Elqueen on February 23, 2021
From the first day I knew Wendy, all I have received from her is love. Though we quarrel sometimes but we still come along like my elder sister which I don't have, she will pull my ear to bring me in track whenever I try to be stubborn. She has always helped me out throughout my stay in Bambili for 4years. I always called her my Mom because just her love and care for me made me feel like I'm with my mom. I have always loved Wendy and she was the elder sister , I have always wished for. But dead won't allow me express my appreciation to her for her good deeds in my life. I wish she stayed longer for me to shower her with more love as she deserves. It's so sad and heartbreaking she had to leave so soon without a word. Wen, i will always love you and I pray you rest peacefully in God's vineyard.

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