Posted by Roxanne De Guzman on April 7, 2021
Dear Myrna,    
Our sincere condolences and prayers to you and the family. We are heartbroken to hear of another loss. We know William is in heaven with his dad Willy, watching and smiling down upon you all. From the photos I viewed, he was well loved, had a genuine smile just like his dad, and many special memories with family and friends. We wish you and the family, love, comfort, strength, peace, and prayers always. May he Rest In peace.♥️
Your cousin David, Roxanne, & David Jr.
Posted by Brian Fadriquela on April 4, 2021
Hey Kuya. I just had a dream of you. We were outside of a church talking and laughing. We even re-positioned ourselves. As I started to realize you were alive, you started walking away, and I was going to say "Kuya, you're alive, can't you just tell them you're alive..." I didn't get to say it. Instead, as you were walking away, Grace says to me, "Kuya Brian, no one is there." And I go, "He's right there." You were wearing a black/Grey checkered button down and walking in front of mom... I even reached out my hand and said Grace, hold my hand, did you drive here?

Kuya, thank you for visiting me in my dream. For the whole world to know you are alive and well with God. I saw you. I miss you Kuya, we all do. I know I don't have to explain. You're alive Kuya. ALIVE IN GOD and in alive in the afterlife. You visited me on this day, Easter, when Jesus Christ is risen, you're alive. I love you Kuya. I wanted you to tell them that you're alive and to come back. Well, Kuya, as you would say, waterworks awaits. Lol. All the jokes we had. All the understandings we had, and all the many inside jokes we had. You're legacy and memories will live on. Rest assured, we will take good care of mom. We will see each other again. From Crew to Elias to Zayn and Diane, We miss you and love you. Forever in our hearts, until we meet again Kuya. Goodbye for now...
Posted by Ramon Portugal on March 25, 2021
I’m very saddened to hear this news. Will and I knew each other in THS and was one of few who befriended me when I was the new kid entering my junior year. He was a good friend and from the looks of all the photos, I take solace in that he loved well and was well loved. My condolences to the family. God bless! Rest In Peace old friend!

Posted by Ditas Feleo Dela Fuente on March 24, 2021
You are one of the few people that I knew who have so much to offer. I'm so lucky to be one of you co-worker. Till we meet again.

Posted by Diane Fadriquela on March 22, 2021
Kuya Will,

Last night, Brian and I couldn’t sleep again knowing you are gone now. Our hearts break with your passing. It was already broken with dad’s passing. We didn’t think it can break further than it already is. Then this happened. Just when we think we couldn’t cry anymore with everything that has happened as a family, you’re gone - out of nowhere. The consolation we have and try to hold onto is knowing you’re with Papa Jesus now and knowing that you, too, were a faithful servant to Him while you were down here on earth. You not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, and served your family and your community. A souljah of Christ - a warrior - like father, like son. Thank you for showing us what Ephesians 6:10-20, Armour of God, scripture is about. Having Honor. Faith. Being Meek - “Strength, contained” - as someone in the BNP once explained in a biblical sense.

Thank you for being the beloved Kuya that I never had. For being so easy to talk to. I’ll miss having our talks and you being my buddy where we’re cracking up about current events and how crazy this world can be. We always had that where we could go on and on - even when Brian and Ate Glen may have had enough of the topic LOL. I’ll never forget the time all four of us and Zayn and Elias hung out last year for Elias’ birthday. It was especially awesome when all the family were gathered together in one place. I always looked forward to our conversations which always left us all laughing, smiling. Hanging out around town, or even when we are all just sitting at El Dorado doing nothing. I’ll miss your presence.

These light hearted and hilarious conversations we shared always eventually ended in sharing about MNI. It always touched upon being spiritually prepared as individuals, as well as, as parents, in order to carry faith onto the next generation - to Zayn, Elias, & also Crew. This past weekend, Brian and I planned to be in town and hoped to introduce Crew to mom and you. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Brian and I will do our best to carry on your legacy as well, and show our three boys what is it to carry the Armor of God, just has you have shown us. In word and in action. It is very GOT. Our boys will know who you are even though you have gone before us. My prayer and wish is to have our three boys Zayn, Elias & Crew know, love, and serve God in the ways you, dad, my mom, & Ate Salve has shown us.

Until we see each other again, Kuya, look over and pray for us from heaven with my mom, dad, & Ate Salve. We love you so much! And we’ll miss you always.

Love your Ading, Diane <3
Posted by Ace Carreon on March 22, 2021
Dear Kuya Will,

I can't believe that you're gone. You were just here at the house helping Grace and I move. This is the hardest thing our family ever experienced. We lost Dad and now you. I wish this was just a dream and I'm going to wake up soon. I don't think we'll ever be the same without you.

Kuya Will you were one the pillars of our family. It's hard to stay strong when you were the strength we looked to. Now where will we find that strength? You were the person who we always turned to when we had a problem. You were wise and kind. We will miss you always making us laugh and all your jokes. You always made the room bright when you walked in. Thank you for being that Kuya I've always wanted in my life. I will miss our talks about life and God. Every conversation we had ended up us talking about God. We would just be talking about boxing, sports, and then the conversation would turn to a spiritual direction. You were a good example to me of how to live my life with God and how to love, serve and protect my family. I don't know what we're going to do without you. Every night and every morning Grace falls asleep and wakes up crying. Her heart aches for you. You were the closest thing to her next to Dad. I don't know what our Lord has in plan for us, but your death is a reminder that God is in control of our lives. Our plans are not His plans.

Our last conversation we had when you were helping us move was about God and life. You said that you're not afraid of the afterlife anymore because you get to see our Dad and our Lord. I admire your faith and the man you were. Now I can't wait to be in the afterlife so I can see You, Dad, and my Grandma who all recently passed away in a span of 3 months. I hope I can see you again Kuya Will. Kuya Will I just finished GOT! Grace and I just finished it the night before you passed away. Dude we're suppose to talk about it! You kept telling me it was epic. You were the first person I thought about when I saw the end credits rolling. I wanted to talk about the ending to you so badly. Now I'll never get the chance. Maybe in heaven we can talk about Season 8. We have lots to talk about... Please don't forget about me in heaven.

Kuya Will, I hope you know that we miss you so much. Mom, Ate Glen, Kuya Mark, Ate Michelle, Brian, Diane, Grace and the Nephews are all hurting that you're gone. We are still trying to understand God's perfect plan, but we're putting all our trust in Him. We know that you are with Him now. I want you to know that you were the best Kuya. Thank you for making our lives beautiful. We can't wait to see you again. Rest in eternal peace Brother.

With love,

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