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Great Man

March 8, 2023
I've known Big Bill since I was 14 I worked at his Mobile gas station in Harrison Ohio he is the man that gave me my first chance and a wonderful career in life he teached me to diagnose vehicles and teached me how to run a tow truck I came in work hung over on a Saturday as soon as I got there he said get over to Krogers and do a jump start for AAA I jumped in the tow truck and backed up and tore the whole side out of a guy's brand new Chevy truck I thought I was fired he said the hell with that truck go do the jump that's what insurance is for any time I needed anything if he had it I would get it about a month ago he needed a transmission for his truck I went there and built his he ask me what I owe you I said your good Bill but he gave me a wood chipper I said thank you but I never took it I will never forget him he was like a dad to me he's in heaven with his wife son and grand son still watching over his homeĀ 

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