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Discussing Bill often

February 10, 2020
Syl and I often reminisce over the good times enjoyed with Bill. Cocktail, sailing, playing pool at CYC. Always laughing. Bill was a great character. He and Ed Fellows always hung together. We loved Bill’s music and Syl in particular enjoyed their collaboration. We all have leave this earth but it would have been great if he stayed around a little longer.


June 25, 2012

I had Mr. Nickerson in Toaz Jr. High and he was a great teacher.  When he was going to do the play "OKLAHOMA" I tried out for the part of Ado Annie.  I was a very shy girl and he tried so hard for me to overcome the shyness.  My then boyfriend Wayne Mauro was also trying out for a part and he told me to sing to him.  Of course it was hard for me but I did it.  I didn't get that part but I did get a part as one of the bridesmaids.  I will always remember Mr. Nickerson for what he was and what he did for all of us.  RIP MR NICKERSON


June 25, 2012

I was a student at Toaz Junior High School from 1966-69.  I was privileged to have Mr. Nickerson as a choir director.  The repertoire we learned was high-quality music...and the fact that our choir was quite large - even though we rehearsed at 7:30am - was a testament to Mr. Nickerson's expertise and dedication as a director.

Recently, the Huntington HS Class of 1972 has been putting together our 40th reunion.  Many former Toazites have posted on Facebook about the music program and especially about "Oklahoma."  Every single person in that production remembers it clearly and with great fondness.  It was a completely student-centered production...even the orchestra was made up of students.

The part of Laurey was played by Deborah (Miller) Burke.  She has managed to put a full recording of the production up on 15 parts!

In part 15, you can hear her thanking all the teachers...Mr. Nickerson last of all...and you can hear his gracious response.

As a music teacher myself (for 30+ years now) I am amazed and humbled to have been taught by Mr. Nickerson.  And so is every other student who was in the choir and in that production.  I regret so much that he passed on before we could tell him, in person, what he meant to long ago, when we were awkward, self-concious 13 year olds.  We put on a Broadway show!  Thank you, Mr. Nickerson.  "Oklahoma" remains one of my favorite shows.

Julie Chilton

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A surprise Visit

April 22, 2012

Uncle Bill and Carol Ann   in the kitchen of the farm We made our first surprise visit to Wevertown, New York and surprised he was , he smiled the whole time we were there and kept saying  you  dont know  how happy you have made me. It was a such a meaningful visit for him. He talked to  Carol Ann and I  about his wishes to come back to Old Town to be buried. We both told him his wishes would be granted and he said you both have taken such a load off my shoulders, and he smiled. Carol Ann is going to miss he weekly calls also . It was always  so nice to hear his voice Uncle Bill we have a wonderfully spot for you ,where the sun rises and shines  all day you will be in the cemetery with your Father ,Mother ,Sister and your brothers and Nieces whom all Loved So Much.


visit to maine

April 22, 2012

A visit to Maine we had a family get together a great barbecue

Visit to Maine Many years ago

April 22, 2012

From left to  ,Aunt Wanda,, Uncle Ora Uncle Bill ,Aunt Janet ,Bud and Bessie my mother and father. Ora and Bud Uncle Bills Brothers.

5OTH Class Reunion

April 22, 2012

Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet came to Old Town to attent Uncle Bills 50th Class reunion so I rented a horse a buggy to take them  to the class renunion he was total surprised Always tried to do some thing special for him when he came to visit.Love You Uncle Bill

Mountain Men

April 9, 2012

Our parents have given back to the Adirondacks over the years in more ways than one. When the snow is scarce and the ski season suffers, Mom tries to keep Gore Mountain in business by outfitting everyone in branded hats and sweatshirts!

The Music Man

April 9, 2012

Music was dad's life. If he wasn't tapping on the table he was singing. I am sure in this picture he was singing an old favorite from 'Oklahoma':

...the corn is as high as an elephant's eye,
An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way.


April 9, 2012

Uncle Bill was a very special Uncle. He enjoyed his visits to Maine in the summer.Then we knew he was not  able to make his visits any more .We made surprise visits and Aunt Janet kept the secret very well that we were coming. And surprised he was and he smiled the whole time we were there and keep saying how happy we made him.One morning he and I were having breakfast and he said Judy I want to come back to Old Town to be put to rest, I promised him that we would take care of that and he was so relieved to tell me then  he smiled.



April 8, 2012

When we were young, Dad used to love having Maine lobster. He would put them on the kitchen floor and let them crawl around for a while before he cooked them. Last year we carried that tradition on with Lucas on his first birthday. He loved every minute...and didn't eat a bit, which was just fine with the rest of us!

One thing Bill couldn't do

April 8, 2012
What a great man Bill was. So sad to hear of his passing. I spent many great times with Bill and the other fellows at Centerport Yacht Club. Playing billiards, having a beer and talk about sailing. The thing Bill couldn't do? Teach me how to sing. He tried and I, not Bill, failed. Haven't seen him for years and now regret not reaching out. Many great memories!!!

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