Me becoming a member of a church.

Shared by Estella Lowery on December 1, 2016

My Dad would visit me every or every other Sunday after he attended church which was Brown Hill Baptist Church in Cary Ga. He would sit for hours talking about church and I need to be a member of a church. I would listen to everything he had to say and knew what he was saying was the truth. I got married in June of 2013 and my Dad had a severe stroke in September 2013 and did not recover. He was very proud of me, his only daughter getting married and he having the pleasure to walk me down the aisle. After he became ill it was still in my mind the talks we had about church. I watched my Dad for many days as he lie there not being to help himself but I know one thing he was comfortable because he had the Lord on his side. I did exactly what he asked me to do before he passed away and that was finding me a church home. When I went to visit him I would talk to him even tho he couldn't respond back, I let him knew I had became a member of a church in Dudley (The Church At Dudley) and was waiting on the date to be baptized. He would just smile. It made me so happy to see him smile because I knew I had made him proud of me once again. Pop i'm doing great things at church and I feel like it's all because of you. I want to thank you. Love & kisses until we meet again. 

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