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The cries of war are sounding once again over The Old World. 
The undead warriors who have pledged their allegiance to British general Sovietwomble are mounted on the walls of castle Womblehoff and are ready to follow their lord into battle. 

Even though they know not everyone will return, they will not slow their march towards the enemy. 

Here we remember those who have fought bravely for the cause and finally found their peace, definitively this time. 

Battle for Northern Sylvannia-15 July 2017

Died commanding his platoon of Crypt Ghouls in an attack against Imperial musketeers  

Died commanding his platoon of Skeletal Warriors in an attack against armored warriors

Died commanding their platoons of Skeletal Spearmen as their company was attacked by Imperial shock cavalry. 

The Siege of Wastewood-15 July 2017

Bradley Maustinaz94
Died commanding their platoons of Skeletal Warriors in a company action to take the walls of Wastewood Castle

The veteran of The Battle for Northern Sylvannia got resurrected by his almighty lord but fell with his platoon of Skeletal Spearmen whilst providing support for the company of skeletal warriors taking the walls of castle Wastewood

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