His Life


He started his professional journey with CEC / IDES, nearly 16 years back as a trainee engineer and kept on moving up the ladder in the organization to AGM (Technical) by his sheer hard work and dedication to being a keen learner of the technology.   
Not only, has he shown his ability and out of box thinking with tremendous creativity, imagination to move from one domain of technology to another domain but also was a key player in the field of the Software Development Group. During his Journey at IDES, he picked up aptitude for management skills and became a key person at the helm of affairs, guiding the different teams in IDES successfully to achieve their targets and move forward.  
As a team member with full of enthusiasm he saw no borders while working on different projects in different parts of world.
Yogesh was a thorough gentleman, friend, and philosopher to many great mentor often providing solutions / suggestions to problems on personals front also. 
The organization lost a star talent and leader but also an extraordinary human being.