Posted by Alejandra Germann on April 23, 2021
Hi Yomi,
I don't really know where to start. I know that we were not super close, but I was close with your sister, Ale, you probably remember popping into to my class to check on her during art or advisory. I will never forget those moments of sisterly love that I was so blessed to witness. I know you loved your sister(s) so so much and that the relationship you all had, as Abarca women, was so strong. I admire that sisterhood. I saw the strength, love, and pride you all had for each other...I think about the sister I have, but never got to meet, as she passed away before I was born. I think my sister would have been like you, loving supportive, hard working and so fun to be around. Please say hello to her up there for me... miss your presence already. I promise to check in on Ale every now and then, I know she has your sisters and mama, but I will also check in on her as she grows up, as long as she keeps my number ;) She is so smart and so so strong I know she will be ok. Love and Peace to you Yomira.
Posted by Deb Simon on April 21, 2021
Hey Yomira, Although our interactions were infrequent, when we did interact, I always appreciated the care, support and love you had for our students. I will always remember our last text conversation when you offered support when I planned to work with one particular student. I was touched by your generous, caring and giving spirit which lives on. Thank you so much, Yomira, I miss you so much....
Posted by Maria Taleno on April 21, 2021
Mi Niña Yomira tu sonrisa siempre que nos encontrabamos. Tu serieda tambien captivadora. Haz Marcados nuestros corazones hasta nuestro ultimos dias cuando te volvamos a ver. Fue duro aceptar que te habias hido de un dia para otro, pero somos aves de paso. Te quedas en un lugar de mi corazon muy especial. Ay te cuidas y no comas dulces que los dientes se te van a picar!.

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