Posted by Juan Carlos Ameijeiras Ne... on October 15, 2021
Just good memories of you, your family, and the KO gym and all the time I spent there, learned to box and my son learned about sports and discipline since he was 5, almost 10 years now since I knew you.

Made loads of acquaintances and lots of friends that I still keep today, got sucked into the world of boxing and kickboxing with you, and still remember chatting as if it were yesterday; rest in peace, my dearest Zack.
Posted by Samad Awudu on October 13, 2021
I never thought our next conversation will be a tribute Zack or “Mafia” as we call ourselves .
I received the news today with a broken heart. Zack and I friendship hit off right in Ghana around 2007 Zack will not go anywhere without me.
Every morning at 8 am Zack will be at my door we will hang out until midnight, his dream his ambition and his kids he will not stop talking about it, above all the jokes and the laugh we shared .

In Dubai, he will sometimes drive down to Deira to visit and we will talk about our history in Ghana and laughed.
Today I'm in the UK all because of Zack.
I still remember my first phone Nokia 1100 which you gave me, Zack.

Rest well “Mafia”
I will miss you a lot
Posted by Anthony Alvarez on October 12, 2021
Thank you Zack and family for your patience and guidance and introducing me into the world of boxing and Thai boxing.
It was great finally getting into the ring a few times and your guidance was superb.
Still think fondly about running around doing 1-2 down.
RIP coach
Posted by Christian Klingner on October 13, 2021
A true legend! A man who touched so many people in positive ways. Always cared and above all else mentored.
Sakio Taumafai will be in my thoughts always… I believe I am the person I am today because of you!

Your next journey has begun and I’m sure you’ll smash life there as you have here!

Peace brother, forever in my thoughts!
Posted by Ujwel Ramachandran on October 12, 2021
Thank you for everything, Zack. You will surely be missed, for the Champion person that you were ! Bringing out the fighter in us, “COACH” at KO and with that always on smile and joke outside of it. Many a memory shared, which started with CHI, White Collar and so many many more.
Gone too soon, my friend. RIP ! Om Shanti
Posted by Onesmo Ngowi on October 12, 2021

I have worked with the late Zack Tamaufai, the head coach and part owner of the Ringside Gym Global for more than two years, starting when we were introduced by our mutual friend Claude Koume from Cameroon in 2019 and I then appointed Zack to be the WABA Commissioner to Dubai and Samoa.

Throughout that time, I have never stopped being inspired by his determination to help, train and improve people's physical and mental lives. So, October 05th, Zack passed away in the wee hours of the morning, and while so much has changed in a short while since his passing-on, his spirit of inspiration has not.

As a head coach of the Ringside Gym Global, I watched and admired the way he inspired people to physically train, especially those who have no experience. He delivered training successfully by inspiring them to train hard — all people.

From Samoa, Zack traversed the world, gaining experience, building networks and bridges, he has dedicated his life to doing just that.

When talking to Zack one day, he vividly remembers with fanfare his first experience outside Samoa when he landed in New Zealand to live with his beloved mother and siblings having been left behind in Samoa when his mother relocated. Since then, he never looked back as he continued working his way around the globe helping thousands of people in need of physical educational skills.

Zack's massive charms in making friends and attracting support made him a household name in the combat sport. He first moved to Australia as a trainer and promoter which helped to propel him to greener pastures to Dubai, Thailand and Ghana where he continued building his international experience and professional life.

Throughout his life, Zack has always been on the side of the downtrodden despite the fact that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and grew up in a stable middle class family in Samoa.

His exuberance in turning foes into friends made his worldwide travel easy as he created lots of friendships and supporters who have constantly been supporting his ideas and aspirations.

From providing training skills and sports talents to thousands of youths and adults around the world, to continuing his childhood and adult's mission of bringing people together and building careers of thousands of youths and so much more.

Now more than ever, it is an honor to celebrate Zack's LIFE & TIMES and make his SPIRIT and LEGACY live forever!

I hope you will join me in writing pleasant messages to celebrate his LIFE & TIMES.


Hon. Ky. Col.
Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi
President & Chair of the Board
World Alliance Boxing Association (WABA)
Posted by John Alosina Mamea-Wilson on October 12, 2021
I'm still in shock uso. You were a stubborn fella but you were very determined and did everything for your 2 great loves, your kids and your sport.

I could always count on you and I'll always be grateful to you for sharing your experience, wisdom and kindness to me. The good times were good and the tough times were tough and we went through these together. I loved how you always had big plans and dreams and like I mentioned before, these dreams always revolved around your kids and your sport.

Zack, I always hoped we would catch up again down under for some Indomie with crushed chips and happy cow cheese washed down with Mirinda. That won't happen now and I'm sad about it. What makes me okay is knowing you're having a well deserved rest with your aiga upstairs.

To the kids, faamolemole talia aʻu faamafanafanaga. O lou tama o se tagata sili, O se taimi faanoanoa tele lea. O lo tatou alofa uma ia te oe.

John, Deanne, Zinny & Zavier - Auckland, NZ
Posted by Tapaau Tesese on October 11, 2021
I Will Find You

I have a picture of you
placed on the wall of my heart
I still hear the echoes of you
in the hallway of my mind

You are gone, gone
you have left
the places, the spaces
where you sat
where you stood
where you slept

In the darkness of my grief
I am searching, searching
but I will not find you
for you are no longer
with the living

But in the light
of the blessed hope
I remember that you
are only resting, resting

Oh how I long to see
the dawn of the blessed morning
how I long to hear
the blessed trumpet sound
for there at last, finally,
in the light of His glorious return
I will find you
once again.

By Tapa'au Tesese (7th October, 2021)

With all our love from your family in Aotearoa, New Zealand:
Iosefa, Tapa'au, Emmanuel, Benjemosef, Alofa, Shekyna and Jotham TESESE

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