This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Abasiakara Asikpo, 29 years old, born on October 22, 1991, and passed away on March 12, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Emem Dunn on March 12, 2022
Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.
Posted by chigozie aniebonam on March 12, 2022
A year in heaven.
Continue to enjoy God's presence dear friend.
Posted by Isaiah Momoh on October 22, 2021
Abie Tom as you are fondly called, we know you are in a better place. You will forever be missed.
Happy Birthday!!!
Posted by Inyene Etukudo on October 22, 2021
Happy birthday ab baby aka eka ufok as you’re fondly called by me. May You keep resting in the Bosom of the lord and happy you impacted a lot in my life. I celebrate you my dear friend
Posted by Kubi Michael Udofia on March 31, 2021
This is indeed an extremely painful loss. Nevertheless, we should be consoled by the fact that Abasiakara is in a far better place. Heaven has gained a saint.

My thoughts and prayers are with Promise, Oto and all of Abasiakara's loved ones. I pray that God will continue to grant you all the fortitude to bear this very painful loss.

May God grant Abasiakara's gentle soul peaceful repose.
Posted by Kokoette Davies on March 31, 2021
Dear Abasiakara,
I know you resting in the blossom of the Lord and I pray your family to be strong. When I first knew you was back then in High School you were so reserved and very keen on your Future goals and I wished to have a conversation with you but I wasn't sure if you would want to hear what I wanted telling you because you were my far Senior then. Unfortunately, you called me by my name in the dining and gave me more time to eat when you knew I came late to the dining. Words can't express how emotional I am right now and I believe God knows best. Rest in Power a sister, a friend and a school mother.
Posted by Mercy Audu on March 27, 2021
Abie! I met you through my sister the first day I came to you guys campus, you were noting but pure love since then. It’s painful how you left this world but you will never be forgotten. You were among the few genuine friends my Sister talks about and that’s why your death came like a shock to us all. Hmm May you find eternal rest in the blossom of the Lord and may the Lord comfort your family . It’s just really so painful Mhen!. My heart genuinely aches
Posted by Idara Okopido on March 26, 2021
Dear Abasiakara,
The news of your death is very sad and untimely .I console myself knowing you are resting in the bosom of the lord.  Just left with the memories of the good times we shared together and will always cherish them. Rest In Peace dear friend.

Posted by Benny Vic on March 26, 2021
As painful as it sounds memories of you will last as long as I breath. I learnt so much from you as you coached me in choir back then in our university days as you sang alto in the simplest form we did couple of duets on stage with your contagious smile... Lost of words. Sleep on in God's hands Ab
Posted by Famakinde Taiwo on March 26, 2021
My dear friend,

It’s so sad writing this tribute.
I remembered how we became friends and how strong our friendship was. I could remember how you scold me for coming late during choir rehearsal back in university. It was the disagreement that we had that actually solidified and birth our friendship. Abie, you were an happy soul and I missed all our conversations together. It’s so sad that I won’t be able to call you again and gist with you. I’m so heart broken . I love you Abasiakara . You will forever live on in my heart. My condolences to your husband and your family.
Posted by Blessing Umoh on March 26, 2021
My Dearest Ufan:
I have accepted that you're no more with us.
No need for explanation because God knows best.
May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Posted by Laurel Okorie on March 25, 2021
Every day, since I learnt about this website, I come here to read about you, from people whose lives you touched.

And yes I realised God took another angel.
Now you're truly alive, your spirit soars beyond the moon, your legacy will survive.

To family and friends,

You can shed tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived.

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
Or you can be full of the love that you shared.

You can remember her and only that she is gone or open your eyes, love, Cherish her memory and let it live on.
Sleep well Abie. You did your best. Your family will never forget you.
Posted by Usen James on March 25, 2021
To a cousin I never met....

In such a widely connected universe, and one with so much differences too, I was opportuned by providence to have caught a glimpse of your living self. I was especially excited on finding out that we're cousins and I much eagerly looked forward to the day "time and chance" would make enough provision for us to meet.

It never occurred to me that the next news event would be this recklessly saddening news of your departure. I never want to know this reality. Abie, it's indeed very painful to hear that you're no more.

I see your calm-natured self and smiles from across the miles on my android phone's screen and it created just enough stories about your person. I was already well pumped about how I'd disclose the interesting observations I've made about you from interacting with your social media handle. So sad I'd have to carry on with these untold stories for the rest of my Earth's stay.

I wish I could have said goodbye to you, but nobody saw this coming...not even the strangest of coincidences could have lent enough insight about the sad event of your passing.

We'll cry, we'll mourn, we'll have rooms in our hearts that your pictures will never escape. Our consolation is one thing- that in living, you truly lived. You lived a hero, and you left a victor. Death never conquered you, cause the one whose daughter you are had already defeated it.

We know the Angels up there will be glad to have you join them, though it remains a painful loss to the earth and all your loved ones here.

Rest on, Cousin.
Posted by Chidiebele Nnadi on March 25, 2021
Abie my dear friend, it's so hard to believe you're gone. It's hard to accept this reality. You had a great personality, annoyingly too neat and organized. I always admired everything about you. I'm comforted with the fact that you are in a better place. A place without stress and strife. Till we meet again, Goodbye Abie. We will always remember you.
Posted by Solomon Eyo on March 25, 2021
May her soul through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Posted by Grace Omoarevbokhae on March 25, 2021
This is so shocking !!!
That I am so speechless...

Ab was such a lovely person and also intelligent.

I enjoyed working with her in HRMMC Pfm Akpugo my able Mama.

She was committed, talented and was passionate about her work.

May her soul rest in peace

And I pray that God will comfort her family and every loved one of hers in JESUS Name, Amen
Posted by Amaka Ilokwu on March 25, 2021
I’ve delayed writing this tribute for so long because I can’t find the words. I’m still in doubt, still in shock, I’m still hoping to wake up and find out it was just a horrible dream.
Abie, you were such a great friend.
I remember being able to confide in you, you always had a way of calming me down (esp with your afang soup). You were such a wonderful listener.
Abie, your level of sarcasm and humor was unmatched.
I remember all the funny stories you told us mimicking your accent, your sense of humor was on another level. I also remember all our Mr Brown jokes (from the Meet the Browns series)
Abie you were such a great cook,
My number 1 recipe provider...
Thank you for all the wonderful memories baby girl.
My Prayer Warrior friend, Baby Girl FOREVER, IKIRI of life.
You will be greatly missed my dear friend.
Heaven DEFINITELY gained an Angel.
Rest In Peace Abie.
I love you Forever
Posted by Anita Ihesie TV on March 25, 2021
We may not have been the closest, but I admired so much about you, you were very Intelligent and always willing to learn. Visiting your room in school to Disturb you and scatter your things was fun sometimes Haha. I remember one time when I, Somto and Amaka visited your room after lectures and went straight to scatter your very well arranged bed (You looked very frustrated lol ). I could tell that you struggled so hard to keep your cool and still entertain us. It's still very difficult to accept that you are no longer with us, but a part of me is at peace because I strongly believe that you have gone to a better place, a place that is way more peaceful and beautiful.
Rest in peace my dear Abie
Posted by Chinedu Maduba on March 24, 2021
I didn't have the privilege of meeting you personally but being married to my friend and classmate Promise Asikpo certainly tells you were a great lady.

I pray your soul finds rest and God comforts those you left mother earth for.

May the life you lived here on earth continue to radiate on all those who met or knew you.

Posted by Amb.Carole Johnson on March 24, 2021
Abie....So So Sad to hear of your Demise...what is Life
This one really hurts..May your soul rest in Peace.
I pray that the Good Lord will give your family the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable Loss

Sleep on Dear
You will be Forever Missed but not forgotten
Amb.Carole Johnson
Posted by Utibe Ibanga on March 24, 2021
It's been about thirteen long years since we last met. The memories of you remain very fresh. It is sad to know you are no more with us, and truly, I'll miss the opportunity to ever get back in touch with you.
Gentle, graceful, easy going. That's who I knew you to be. Your demise touches my heart.
Live on over there, Abasiakara.
Posted by Magdalene ikott on March 23, 2021
My prayers are with your family, and her soul continue to be a blessing.
Posted by Osaose Onaghinon on March 24, 2021
The week of your demise, you asked how I was enjoying motherhood and u made me laugh that day with all the jokes. Its so painful I can't ask you same question in return. You were a very reserved and intelligent lady who didn't deserve to go this way. I pray the Holy Spirit comfort those you left behind and may God take care of your baby.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen.
Posted by Edet Ekpenyong on March 23, 2021
It’s really painful you’re no more here with us. Few days ago, I saw pics of your safe delivery, everyone was happy. Little did we know it will end this way. Only to find out you’re gone. I was broken and still sad. I pray the good Lord comforts your loved ones and gives them the courage to bear your passing. Rest in the blossom of God. Adieu 
Posted by Esohe Edobor on March 23, 2021

They say there are 7 stages of grief, I went through stage 1-3 immediately but I have been stuck on denial. I do not ever think I would get to acceptance because you were a special gift to me and everyone you encountered.

You taught me poise and grace even when I argued I did not need it, the girl that would always be honest when others pretend.

Thank you for never giving up and also for loving us.

We were and are not ready to let go but we hold on to memories shared.

Rest In Peace........My dear Ikiri
Posted by Glorytime Usoro on March 23, 2021
It’s been hard to accept that you are gone, but penning this down is coming to an agreement that there will be no more long calls and jokes with you.
Cousin in-law as I fondly called you, you were smart, intelligent, jovial, discipline and loving, there was never a dull moment with you.
I could remember our last conversation about childbirth and you told me you were going to deliver without complications. I wish we knew that it wasn’t going to be as planned. It really hurt.

May your soul Rest in the bosom of the Lord!
You will forever be loved and missed.
Posted by Ruth Tumara on March 23, 2021
We never had a personal relationship but I've always loved you from afar, I remember seeing the pictures your brother posted and I didn't even bother to read the caption...I just admired the photos and was telling the people with me how beautiful you were back in school and still beautiful, only to be drawn by the heart broken emoji on the caption . Rest well darling, heaven gained an Angel.
Posted by Treasure Ekpenyong on March 23, 2021
Abibie I'm here to celebrate your life and the measure of its worth and every single life you touched while you were on this earth.
Thank you for being a sister and a friend and all the memories we hold dear although very brief.
It’s been a privilege to have known you. We were family, not just friends, and I will carry you in spirit until we meet up once again.
Posted by Sommie Adabanya on March 23, 2021
Abie my dearest Friend,

I have gone through the five stages of grief, Its hard to believe you are gone forever, just like that? You were so young to die. Nothing on earth has hurt me like this. Absolutely Nothing. I have accepted this even though I know no one deserves such a painful death. You were too gentle to undergo such huge pain. I went through the last decade with you, every step of the way. You made serious decisions with me. We prayed together through that pregnancy and you took every caution adviced and extended it to me. You were a very careful person so it hurts that they were careless with your life. Abie, this is very hard to take but I can never question God. I know for sure you're in Heaven. The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes. I miss you so much. Who will call me "Sontomonto" again? I go through our chats everyday and I'm happy we were good to each other. Thank God for the pictures and voicenotes I get to keep. Thank you for letting me experience this friendship and sisterhood with you. May God console your husband and the entire family. I will always love you my Ikiri ❤.
Posted by Chinaza Ikedi on March 23, 2021
Ikiri baby as I fondly called you. It’s seems like it’s still a nightmare. Hmmmm, my heart has been heavy since I heard about your death knowing that you’re never going to respond to my chat, we won’t be on those long calls again and I’ll never get to see you on this side again. Thank you for the times we spent together, for making me your maid of honour. The night before your wedding, a moment to always cherish.

You were indeed a blessing and a beautiful soul to us. Our consolation is that you’re home now and resting in the bosom of your maker. This is very hard to deal with but we trust God to comfort your husband and entire family. I loved you in life and I still do. Rest well my dear friend.
Posted by chigozie aniebonam on March 22, 2021
Dear AB,
I went to Ogba again today and just like the day I heard the sad news, your desk is still vacant and the air within the office silent and cold.

Your departure from this world hit me so deeply that it hurts to the marrow. I am sad. Maybe you realized you weren’t going to stay long that you made such a huge positive impact on people around.

You were smart lady, diligent, always had a positive outlook (that smile that can heal the sick), you were gentle yet strong. I’m just wondering what went wrong…………. God knows everything and everything happens for a reason but this particular one “shaaaaa”.

Thanks for being a colleague and for making work easier and fun, thanks for being a good friend, thanks for those counsels and insisting I create time for other things. Thanks for everything AB.

May perpetual light of God beam on you.
Posted by Ruth Eshiet on March 22, 2021
Church(Mount Zion Light House)brought us together, choir(Faith Motivators) gave us a platform to bond. You were such a gentle soul, always smiling, my cousin Julia Amah, fell inlove with you when she came visiting us in Uyo, she met you in the church, and since then you became her friend.
The news of your death left a great vacuum in my heart. When I saw your sister's (Oto Tom) post on facebook, I was about typing H.B.D, then I saw comments ...RIP, i was confused I had to go back and read her post. You were such an Angel with a beautiful heart. We will forever miss you.
Posted by Inyene Etukudo on March 22, 2021
Abasiakara aka MAMA aka eka ufok engineer with d difference. Abasi odiongo ke me Am still in shock. We go way bck in d days of utme lessons in Uyo high school. Sad and still dumbfounded. May your soul R. I. P *Abi of Life* like I always call you
Posted by Ugwoke Patrick on March 22, 2021
I had always admired her composure from a distance, even though my junior back in uni days, I had admired her love for God and her diligence in carrying out her duties as a church worker. Keep resting in the vineyard of God Abie. May God grant her husband and family d Grace and strength to bear this loss
Posted by Emem Dunn on March 21, 2021
Engineer Iban. Eyen Eti Ufok. Anwan Promise. Eka Keystone. Beauty & Brains. Strength & Grace. Speed & Resilience. Lover. Achiever. Explorer. Conqueror. Talk-Talk sister in law. Life of the party. Intelligent Wise Woman (IWW). Chic Usung Ekpang. Fashionista. Perfectionist. Hair always in Place. Shoes to Die for. Wakes up Flawless. All round success.
Etang Ekak you are the best. None can come close. None can compare.
Do what you do best ... stand out; Let heaven know her best daughter has arrived.
You are forever loved. Forever Appreciated. Forever Celebrated.
- Sister Emem Adiaha Eka Koko Mfo
Posted by Amaka Okoro on March 21, 2021
Toooo painful smh. Rest in Peace Abasiekara, and God please, comfort us all 
Posted by Emem Udofot on March 21, 2021
Dear Abie,
You are one of my many cousins I was yet to meet. Photos of you smiling conveys a lot. It's painful for you to have left so early. We may be really sad but we trust God to keep your princess, husband and entire family in his comforting arms.
Rest in peace sis. May the light of God guide you home.
Posted by Itorobong Anyanwu on March 21, 2021
Dear Abasiakara.
Never knew twice we flew to Uyo together was God's way of making me see you as He knew better. This is a nightmare.
Your memories from prefects room back in AFCS uyo still lingers.
I can't imagine what you went through but I'm hopeful, you're at peace with your maker now where there's no pain.
Good night Abasiakara
Posted by martins somadina on March 21, 2021
I always know we all will leave,
l, For real can't still believe,
Your smiles always give relief,
Death for real is a thief.

This is my view;
Ab as I fundly call you, ur death made me review,
We all are passers-by... Wish you stayed more.
Rest on pretty abasiakara till we see to part no more
Posted by Edobor Osaretin on March 21, 2021
I am still in shock cos it seems like a mirage. rest in peace abasiakara till we meet and part no more.
Posted by Chidi Ohaka on March 21, 2021
This news is sad and very unbelievable.
Your cheerfulness and wonderful charisma was very contagious. I never knew meeting you in Ogba that day was the last time I would ever see you.
Sleep on dear Abie as you are now at peace.
Posted by Caleb Ishaya on March 20, 2021

A dear friend
You never said goodbye
You never said you were leaving
You left us before we knew it
And only God knows why

In life we loved you dearly
In death we still do love you
My heart cries because of you but as I heal
Memories of you will bring smiles to me
Your cheerful soul
Your bright eyes and
The creativity of your hair style

Forever in my heart you shall be
Goodbye my dear friend.

Posted by Ndy-Mary Inyang on March 20, 2021
This is a very sad news.
As neighbours, I’ve known Abasiakara as a very young child, with that innocence and very cute smile. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve seen her as the beautiful woman she’d become.
I remember happily learning about your wedding last year to the brother of my former classmate. Now, I’m learning you’re gone.
I cannot imaging the pain your family feels at this moment, not the void left in your family.
I pray God would comfort your hubby, your siblings and your parents. And may you find peace and rest in the bossing of Jesus.

Adieu sis
Posted by Iboroakam Akai on March 20, 2021
I didn't know Abasiakara personally asides the fact that she was that ever smiling, bubbly and gorgeous Senior back then in secondary school whose dimples I loved so much.
Sometimes I wonder why amazing people die but can we really question these things?
The news of her death came with shock, as have those of others in recent times.
Rest on....
Posted by Mmenyene-Abasi Etette on March 20, 2021
I'm short of words,may your soul rest in peace.May God comfort your family that you left behind.
Posted by EduAbasi Chukwunweike on March 20, 2021
O AbasiAkara, May the angel lead you home. You were the first childhood friend I had in Monef, my childhood memories features you because of your amazing personality which started reflecting right from your childhood.

May the guardian angel of God lead you home. You will forever be missed
Posted by Salvation Udoinyang on March 20, 2021
I am still in shock and sometimes it's hard to believe that you are gone.

I remember commenting on your WhatsApp status few weeks ago, congratulating you on the picture of a baby you posted and you said not yet but thanks. I never thought or knew that that will be our last conversation.

You were a meticulous person who loves enjoying life without stress and tried avoiding things that will give you unnecessary stress. So it was very painful when I heard that account leading to your dismiss, you wouldn't have wanted such stress, but one can only imagine the love you had for your unborn child to agree to go through all that inorder to bring that precious one to life.

AB, this part of the universe will deeply miss you, but with faith we believe that someday we will meet in that wonderful place where there is no sorry to part no more.

Rest in the Bossom of the Lord my dear.
Posted by Michael Aniagor on March 20, 2021
Am still in shock, am yet to believe you're gone my friend...
On the 4th of December 2020, I sent you a video we made 2 years ago on our way to the site, we laughed and joked over it....
On the 12th of February I came to your office, and was so happy seeing you in a more blessed form, not knowing that's the last time I will get to talk, chat, play and ask you "if you wan chop slap"...
Farewell my good friend, my colleague, and a super woman, the earth and everything on it will miss you and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again!!!

“Eternal rest grant unto Abasiakara , O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon her.
May the soul of Abasiakara and souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.“
Posted by Setutsi Eyo on March 19, 2021
I can’t ask God why.
My heart is filled with so many “I wish “ and “IF ONLYs”
But I can’t question God... you are in a safe place.
I will always remember your smile that can lighten a dark room; Ekemini made loving you without knowing you in person, possible.
Rest on Sister Abbie
Posted by Enwongo Gabriel on March 19, 2021
Dear AbasiAkara,

It absolutely breaks my heart to type this because I still can’t believe you’re gone.

You are a light that will continually shine for the rest of us as we go through life, you are greatly missed.

I honestly wish I got to share more moments with you and for that I’m incredibly sorry.
Sleep Safe and May the light guide your way.

You’re loved in this life time and forever.
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Posted by Emem Dunn on March 12, 2022
Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.
Posted by chigozie aniebonam on March 12, 2022
A year in heaven.
Continue to enjoy God's presence dear friend.
Posted by Isaiah Momoh on October 22, 2021
Abie Tom as you are fondly called, we know you are in a better place. You will forever be missed.
Happy Birthday!!!
her Life

Remembering Abasiakara

Born October 22, 1991, Abasiakara Asikpo née Tom was a beautiful soul who was addicted to excellence.

A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Madonna University Nigeria, a female in a male-dominated domain, a star, an amazon.

She scaled through many facets of life with ease. Until her death, she was an Operations and Maintenance Engineer with Ikeja Electric.

Abasiakara died on Friday, March 12, 2021, at Lagoon Hospital Ikoyi, Lagos, after birthing her daughter at Lagoon Hospital Ikeja, Lagos. She died a painful death. No one deserves to go through what Abasiakara experienced before her death.

She is survived by her daughter, husband, father, mother, sisters, brothers, friends, and loved ones. This loss is to one and all of us, and it is painful.

May the lights guide her journey home to eternity, and may her soul find rest.


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The Girl I Once Knew

Shared by Andino Attah on March 19, 2021
I knew you for 19 years and you were definitely one of the coolest, chillest, laid back, unproblematic girls I had ever met.
Over the years, whenever I look at my dentition in the mirror, I laugh inside at how you made such a unique observation on something I myself never noticed. I remember how you joked about it, the exact words you used, the laughter that ensued, and how it became an inside joke.
I loved your wit!

I remember how much I admired your eyes and legs and would always tell you.

I remember YOU, and will always do.