This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on February 21, 2020
So saddened writing this tribute to our dearest Abi. I just received the news this past weekend. You sent me an Instagram message barely two months ago and I was super excited to hear from you. I asked you to send me your number so that we can chat but never heard back. I didn’t know. The geographical distance didn’t help.
Abi, you were such a joyful spirit, a go-getter, determined and ever so ambitious. Always smiling, always cheerful. Always seeking the next lucrative contract. Never giving up. So intelligent too. Not only did we all roll together in earlier years in London but Jide’s dad was my uncle in-law’s best friend. Daddy Adenuga and Lawyer Agbesanwa were inseparable.
We also became family through marriage. I am so sorry Jide and kids, Shade, Nike, Yinka, Olumide, Tope and all the nieces and nephews. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May your kind soul rest in the bosom of our Lord. May God strengthen the family and may your legacy live on. God bless your beautiful soul.
Kunle & Ronke Odusami, NY US.
This tribute was added by Irene Obazuaye on February 7, 2020
Dearest sister
It’s taken me this long to have the courage to write this few words
I miss you so very much
Rest in peace my dearest sis
Jide and the boys will be alright knowing you are with your Lord and still watching over them
Love you loads
This tribute was added by Solomon Alao on February 3, 2020
I first met Abi in September of 1993, my best mate Jide had asked me to look in on a love interest he had in the UK whilst on holiday. He’d gushed about her all summer and wouldn’t let up, so we were all interested in finding out who this special someone was.

Abi visited with my family and I, was well behaved, well-spoken and good mannered and so impressive, my hard to please dad was enthralled by her, a report I passed on to Jide, much to his satisfaction

So, there I was aiming to impress and look good for team Jide, shirt all tucked in, hair well combed, jeans neatly pressed. All the Sunday best antics firmly in place, in today’s words ‘feeling myself’, noone heard when she said to me, ‘ehn brother, I know this is queens country, but we don’t do tucking in here like that oo, relax, because next thing now you’ll be asking for suspenders and bow tie’, at which point we both burst into laughter, and with that the ice was broken and I was at ease.

Abi had such wit and the gift of the gab, with which she controlled situations expertly

Fast forward 6yrs later to 1999, it’s the night before Abi and Jide’s wedding and she says to me ‘Mr best-man, make sure you get him to church on time’. You can then only imagine my trepidation and fear when she herself was late to the wedding ceremony by over an hour, ‘again no-one heard when she leaned over sometime during the service, smirked and said ‘worried for all the wrong reasons, are we’?

When Abi fell ill and Jide told me, I travelled down to reassure the family and lend support, but Jide and I didn’t know how Abi would react because it was early days, so I pretended as if I only came to visit, she must have had quite a laugh at our dilemma, only to say just before my departure, ‘you don’t need to tiptoe around me, I know you know, just pray with us’.

All through the Journey, she looked only on the brighter side, and never stopped believing, never stopped praying and never stopped praising…. Even now I can see her looking down, smiling and checking us all out, I suspect she’d have quite a bit to say.

Abi was a doting mother and loving wife, caring friend, she would readily sacrifice for others, giving freely, truly committed to seeing people excel and be the best they could be.

I know beyond Jide and the children, beyond the immediate family, or close friends, everyone who was touched by Abi, who knew her or encountered her mourns this loss.

Rest well Abimbola

This tribute was added by Chidera Ofoezie on January 31, 2020
Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I wouldn’t have dreamt of losing such a beautiful soul like yours. I miss you. I wish I spent more time with you. You always encouraged me, took time out to really get to know me and I appreciated that. I miss your laughter and the memories of you and my mother gisting and play fighting over brownies ( before you turned into a health freak). Your sons are in safe hands, they are my brothers and your absence wouldn’t change that. You will always be loved by all of us auntie.
This tribute was added by Folake Omisore on January 30, 2020
Friendship Mi,

It is extremely hard to describe the anguish one feels at this moment. Never did I think that I would write you a farewell message. I remember your sparkly and vibrant personality. Your tireless sense of humour was endearing. You always received me with love, a big smile, a hug and genuine warmth. You never allowed your own debilitating battle to take away your joyful personality. Your strength, endurance, stoic composure and unflinching faith humbled me anytime I visited you. I had to have faith in your faith, when I was shaken by what you were going through.  Your strength gave me courage to believe in a favourable outcome. Though you are no longer here, you have won the battle ultimately. You are now residing in a glorious abode with the Heavenly Father. You are in a place where no adversity can touch you. You are now adorned as a beacon of light. Your fellowship is with the angels of heaven. You have entered into your place of eternal rest. Definitely, you are smiling down in that wholehearted manner that is unique to you alone.  

I will miss you very much. 
This tribute was added by Yetunde Kuti-Alabi on January 29, 2020
Abi you fought a good fight, you have finished your race. You were strong and determined. You fought with dignity and grace. You had an unshakeable faith in God. You have joined the saints. Our God is unquestionable. I am so glad I had the opportunity to talk to you when I visited your home. May the Lord comfort Jide, your boys and your family.
Rest in Peace Abi
This tribute was added by Bolanle Bakare Ibrahim on January 29, 2020
God knows I was so so happy and grateful when I read your new year greeting on our Hemel Hempstead WhatsApp group. I desperately wanted to come and wish you merry Christmas in person but didn’t get round to it before travelling on Dec 26th and thought to check up on you again when we got back. But Alas! It was never to be...You will be soo greatly missed dear Abi.

Each time I visited you during your trial phase, though I could empathise you’d be in alot of pain, but all I ever saw was gallantry in your disposition. So much so it encouraged me to share that my mum was going through the same diagnosis, and still you were always generous to share pertinent information with me on how to help mumy cope with her own pain and care too. I just couldn’t bear to tell you myself after we lost her, but you somehow heard and your comforting messages come across during my grieving and bereavement counselling phase (despite being so ill yourself). You certainly would have made a great counsellor. You may never know it now, but I drew strength from those times I visited you. Your tenacity, determination and unflinching defiance of that ‘C’ diagnosis to keep fighting on, brought back memories of our ‘pavement pounding’ days. Be it a freezing or a hot morning, out early we would begin. You were super determined to jog off your baby fat after Jonathan so you could fit back into your sassy clothes ( i blamed you not o jere☺️) and I, was just determined to stabilise my blood pressure. Thankfully we had super fit and super charged Simi to drive us hard. We sure kept up with her, didn’t we?

Funny we were not as selfie crazy then as we later came to be, else we’d have had loads of photos to share of those mornings. We got honked at, laughed at and whistled at too( thanks to your generous rear endowments I guess), but it didn’t faze us from pressing on with our goals each Saturday we went out. A lovely safe town indeed we live in. The best parts of it were the ‘walking breaks’ in between our jogging when we got very connective natter going amongst us.

Or should I remember the Wilen Lake picnic outing we had at Milton Keynes where we the ladies nostalgically enjoyed the game of ten/ten from our childhood days. Your Mr enjoyed so much and even took the Dads Vs Sons football match very seriously and competitively. You were both such a playful couple oh! What joy it felt like to have our own community of Nigerians in the same town.

And oh! The numerous Hemel ladies outings? Aroma, Galleria, Likya, Mama Calabar( girl you could dance oh!) and the bowling one at Lava lanes..... I humbly had to admit you could bowl well as well as me and you were such fun to hang out with.
You will always be missed and forever remembered at any future outings we continue with.
You were a productive town friend, a valuable fellow mum in our sons’ school, a worthy fitness partner and brain stormer with me. I loved debating you when we met or chatted and I enjoyed your perspective on different issues. You called me a journalist, but I just genuinely like a constructive debate, that’s all.

May the Good Lord rest your dear soul, may HE always watch over your beautiful boys, strengthen your loving husband to cope and carry on . And above all, grant your siblings, parents and entire family and friends the fortitude to bear this heart wrenching loss.
Sun re o...Abimbola Areago Agbesanwa. I sincerely cherish the moments we shared together.
Thanks alot for impacting and sharing part of your journey with me and so many others. It was truly an act of charity, may God reward you and your loved ones for it.
This tribute was added by Lola Jimilehin on January 28, 2020
I have known your family for over 3 decades. Once you have one Areago as a close friend you will surely get to know them all in their family. You were such an intelligent woman. With your great sense of humour, you always made me laugh whenever I saw you and also entertained us at your family gatherings . You would always give me great compliments each time I saw you, even when I saw you in so much pain.
It was such a huge shock to me and very devastating when I had seen you in all that pain, it was just so heartbreaking . You have now been released from all that pain to go and be with the Lord.
I will surely miss you,

RIP Dear Bimbo
This tribute was added by Dupe Awosika on January 26, 2020
When the memory hits you...
I am totally shell shocked when I heard of the demise of Bimbo. Suddenly in a jiffy I remember your intelligent, respectful and kind act.
You were the brains with so much intuition and diverse knowledge you impacted so many...
What a huge loss... You will be missed dearly.
Rest in Peace Bimbo

This tribute was added by Tessy Adebiyi on January 25, 2020
Bimbo, how sad to have lost a strongwilled, determined, tenacious and caring friend like you. It is so painful to write this tribute. You went too soon and will be truly missed. May the Lord uphold your family and loved ones. You are with your father in heaven. Thank God for making you a blessing in many lives. Adio Ore. Sleep on in the Lord.
This tribute was added by Charles Chiwetalu on January 25, 2020
Dear Ma,
The news of your passing was a rude shock, accompanied by a deep hurt.
You were a beacon of hope and a spring of comfort when I lost a very close one to the struggle. I drew strength from your resilient and good spirit.
I could only understand your demise as God's calling of that which is purely His, because if love, treatment, prayers could do it, Mr Jide and your loved ones gave them all unsparingly!
It hurts and I pray your family finds the strength to bear this huge loss.
We are comforted because you are in a peaceful and happy place where there is no pain.
Rest in God's perfect peace Ma'am.
This tribute was added by Mope Adekugbe on January 23, 2020
My dear Bimbo,
Writing this is so unbelievably painful. I have moments when I am engulfed with grief at your untimely passing but at the same time I am happy that you are no longer in pain. God knows you fought hard and believed with every fibre of your being. We can't question God however it still hurts to know you are not starting the next decade with everyone else. You were a true friend, ever ready with wise words and a supportive shoulder. Everyone who knew you would attest to your quick wit and ready smile. No one could be unhappy for long in your presence. You were beautiful and your sartorial elegance was always on point even when ill. You still loved to put your face on and get your nails done lol.
You've run your race my dear friend and I'm sure you booked your place in heaven as you were a true believer. Till we meet again darling, I will hold your memories close to my heart and I pray the Lord will give Jide, your lovely boys, parents, sisters and the rest of the family the fortitude to bear this massive loss and take comfort in remembering the good times they spent with you. You have left a void and the mark of an amazing person is the impact they have on the lives of the people they come across. You definitely did that. Love you hun and I'll miss you forever ❤️.
This tribute was added by Opee on January 22, 2020
Aunty Bimbo,                                                           I am lost for words, gone too soon, it was very hard seeing you going through so much pain, but now you are with the powerful man above. You were always so joyful and caring. You had a heart of gold and will never forget how strong you were during this tough and painful battle.
It is heartbreaking writing this as i never thought that the beginning of the new year would be the last time I saw you, even going through a tough time you were still so energetic and bubbly.
I will continue to remember the dance competitions and every time you saw me, you would give me a high five.
Lots of love,

You will be missed,
Rest Easy Aunty
This tribute was added by Ponmile Lajumoke on January 22, 2020
Dear Aunty Bimbo,

I am forever grateful for the impact you had on my life, being the exceptionally strong person you were. I could never ever forget your lovely smile or laugh which would always brighten my day. Thank you for always being so caring & compassionate; I am pleased the moments I spent with you recently, I got to see you happy.
Its with sorrow that I am writing this but I was blessed to have you in my life and you are resting peacefully with God now.
Lots of love and miss you,

This tribute was added by Bunmi Olabode on January 22, 2020
Abi, remember that night we were listening to a call-in radio show and we laughed our hearts out until early hours of the morning? We laughed so much we had tears rolling down our cheeks. Yeah! That is one of the many memories I will hold on to forever. I will also hold on to how much you adored, cherished and loved your boys and Jide. How Highly you spoke of Jide, ‘ your best friend and husband. Indeed, he is a true GEM. Thank you so much for all these beautiful memories and more. I love you and I will miss you soooooo much. The hardest part is writing, ‘Rest In Peace’... May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace, my darling Abi.

It’s me, your girl - Bunmi Olabode
This tribute was added by Akin Adagun on January 22, 2020
Bimbo 'Gone too Soon'. My family and I are terribly sad about your early departure. We have no doubt you are peacefully resting in a better place. Although we didn't meet you, but we wish you had stayed much longer. We want you to spend more time with us but God wants you more. May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest. You shall be forever remembered by us all. Adieu Bimbo.
This tribute was added by Yinka Adekugbe on January 22, 2020
Dear Bimbo, I trust you're resting peacefully in the Lord. You ran a good race resiliently with faith and trust in God even at your frailest moment. You were truly an inspiring person.

You were a loyal and committed friend. When I met my wife you were both studying at the library, you were so protective of her that I quickly realized I had to win you over if I was to make a headway. This is vintage Bimbo!

I tried to do the same when I met Jide but it was too late. Bimbo had chosen well and true to her character, she was very well "beyond reasonable doubt " about it, thank God she's not a lawyer too. They had a happy home and were blessed with three lovely boys. You will be missed Bimbo. You made a mark and impression in the short time you spent on earth. Rest in perfect peace.

This tribute was added by Omoruyi Edoigiawerie on January 22, 2020
Dear Mrs Agbesanwa,
Your death came as a rude shock. Although I have never met you, I got to know you through your Husband Femi and how he glowingly spoke about you, the love, the care and the desire to see you get better and stronger each day.
No doubt your death has left an irreplaceable void but there is consolation in the fact that you are in a better place where there's no sickness nor pain.
To your loved ones, I pray you all find encouragment in 1 Thess. 4:13-17. Indeed I have no doubt that on the resurrection morning all will be reunited to part no more.

Goodnight Madam, rest in God's peace.

This tribute was added by Vincent Adegbile on January 21, 2020
Aunty Bimbo,
The strongest and toughest person in the family. It is mad that I'm writing this and still can't believe that you are gone but I know that you are in a better place and free of all pain. I know one day that I will see you and I hope that I will hear your voice again. Till this very day, I remember everything you did for me that being picking me up from primary school every Friday, taking me on my first trip to Nigeria and various memories that I hold with you. I will never forget you and fly high aunty.

Loads of love,


This tribute was added by Bukunmi Lajumoke on January 21, 2020
Aunty Bimbo,
It is so surreal to believe I’m writing this. I was with you a week before. It didn’t even cross my mind that would be the last time that I saw you. I knew you as a strong willed, determined person who helped to shape me as a person. Even to the last minute you were that bubbly person whose positivity and effervescence was so infectious. I remember that look you used to give me when I was in trouble when I was younger! (Must be an Areago thing!) I remember how you would also play games with us and how every time with you was a fun time. It is with sadness that I write this, but with gladness that I had the blessing to have a person like you in my life. A real role model.
Rest easy Aunty.
This tribute was added by Vanessa Adegbile on January 20, 2020
Dear aunty Bimbo,

It’s weird and hard having to write this tribute. But I just want to thank you for your words and encouragement over the years.

At the time I may as taken another way but you always did mean well.

You’ve done so much for both Brianna and I - and Tunde and I are extremely grateful.

I will always miss and remember the times you would joke with Wendy and I, make us have dance competitions as children and taking us out.

I’m glad we got to spend last Christmas with you.

You’ll be missed dearly.

Love you always.
This tribute was added by Olamilekan Akiode on January 20, 2020
Sister Bimbo, it saddens my heart each time ibrealise that you are no more. I didnt get chance to meet u in person but you spent time with my family on the phone as long as u could .we will really miss ur kind words ,laughter . you were always there and ready to listen and willingly to help and what u can do to better people, u always make us smile. May Almighty God grant you eternal rest....Olamilekan Akiode (Ibironke's husband)
This tribute was added by Chyna Ajayi-Khiran on January 20, 2020

My darling friend, l cannot believe that you are no longer here to share some of your quirky jokes, they made me laugh so much. When you put on a strong Nigerian accent impersonating someone you met or saw on television, you had us in stitches.
Girl, you had such a way about you that even though you were going through your own struggles, you made time for me and others in your life.
You were such an encourager, a fighter, always had a positive outlook on things regardless of how bleak the circumstance looked.
Am going to miss our discussions on parenting 'teen boys', African politics.
Discussions on psychology and its impact on the conscious and the unconscious mind.
I will miss our talks about food and our healthy appreciation of food. Breakfast at Harpenden will not be the same.
I remember how you resisted experimenting with colour in regards to fashion and beauty. However you eventually conceded and loved trying out 'funky and wild' colours lol.
We both loved talking, never a dull moment or boring conversation.
You loved God and grew to love praying. You prayed for the sick, inspite of you not being very well at times. I loved that you cared about people's pain... You always wanted to be of help. You were a natural giver. You wanted to make an impact hence you went back to school in the hope of becoming a counselor/therapist.
The irony in this is that you were already fully operating in your gift and calling and am hoping you knew this.
There's so much more to say, however l'll end by saying thanks for caring, thanks for being a fighter...You never gave up in my eyes. Thanks for being a great connector of people. Thanks for being bold, thanks for unapologetically being yourself and lastly thanks for living life.
Girlfriend, you are now resting peacefully in heaven.
This tribute was added by Audu Jafaru on January 20, 2020
Though I never met you, but through your husband. I got to know alot of good things you stood for in your life time. I know that that you have gone to be with our Creator and you left at His appointed time. My wish and prayers that God almighty grant your husband, children and the entirety of your family the strength and fortitude to bear your demise. Rest well and rest with the Lord Mrs B.A.O.
This tribute was added by Emeka Akpa on January 20, 2020
Dear Ma,

As painful as your exit is. We're grateful to God for your legacy imprinted on us all.

This is only a temporary separation till we all heed His call home.

Rest in God's bosom Ma
This tribute was added by Sunny Ayodele Agbesanwa on January 20, 2020
Rest in peace our incredible sister-in-law, Abi..Everything said so far in this golden tribute book about our sister is absolutely true. My family and I are terribly sad about your departure but God knows best. Our prayer always is, God will strengthen the family. Henceforth, The God’s favour and goodness will follow the family. I remembered vividly your exceptional commitment when Sister Abi used to travel miles, week in, week out to bring the boys for Saturday schools..More so, through your references and recommendations we received great contacts from parents and families. Also, I remembered a visit to local barbing saloon with the boys for a good hair cut. The boys were well behaved and disciplined. ”You were a true Mum and One in a million”.
Your kind gesture was well appreciated by the barber who said..”Ese pupo Ma” after the good job done. You’ll be greatly missed by all...
R.I.P. Sister Abi...
This tribute was added by Maryam Areago on January 19, 2020
It all seems very strange writing this tribute to you. I had always imagined that we would grow old together - never did it ever cross my mind that I would lose my sister so soon. Now I understand why people often say, ‘Live each day like it’s your last’.

Reflecting on life, I know that you truly made your time on earth memorable - you left your mark. You left a void.

After visiting you at home or in the hospital, you would always send me a message, thanking me for coming followed by...“Twas really nice seeing you sweetie, love you lots like kilode! I absolutely love the sauce you made and thanks for the massage”.

My darling sister,
Growing up with you was enlightening.
Growing up with you was fun yet crazy.
You made chores look easy.
You made studying fun.

You were interested in what I did. That was how you expressed your love for me. You were genuine because you always followed up unfinished conversations as you liked to be understood.

The first time I saw you drive a car, you made it look so easy. Your drive for excellence was infectious.

The first time I saw you cook, you whizzed around the kitchen like you truly knew what you were doing (even though we both knew that I was a better cook). I saw you tick one goal and objective off as you achieved them one at a time.

We made it through the years till 2020 and I longed to see us spend more time together. I hoped that we would grow and develop together. We travelled to Antigua then to Atlanta and we planned to go further. However, your journey ended at an appointed time. The timekeeper was God The Creator, your creator. I cannot argue with our Creator - He appointed your time. I know heaven has a new angel.

You were truly inspirational. Until we meet again sweetie.

Love you
This tribute was added by Kunle Sonoiki on January 19, 2020
Abi was a sister-in-law who transitioned into a sister. She saw through pretence and graces as she discarded the formalities.
Once the formalities were dispensed with, she would break out with a rich smile which meant she took you at face value.
She would put you at ease and unravel her personality with a warm conversation about your interests. She would listen as you spoke reacting only with different facial expressions. Each facial expression indicated she was listening and cared to listen.
She was a good communicator with an excellent command of the English language.
If she heard incorrect grammar, she would react with a peculiar facial expression. You knew she was listening.
I gather from other members of the family that once she set her mind on a task, project or endeavour, she would proceed to complete.
She was a meticulous fixer hence her qualification in Mechanical Engineering.
She was a counsellor hence her pursuit of psychological studies.
She was a singer hence her onetime membership of a choir.
She was a dancer who was quick to show off her dance skills at any given opportunity.
She was a Christian who sought a closer relationship with God by travelling far and near to conferences, seminars and worship centres.
I met Abi for the first time in a church where we worshipped The Lord our God.
I believe Abi is resting in peace with The Lord our God, her maker in conversation.
This tribute was added by Ola Lajumoke on January 19, 2020

I am thankful for the life you lived. You fought the good fight and remained hopeful and your faith never wavered till the end.
You have affirmed that life is not how long you lived but how well, and the lives you touched.
Bimbo, you impacted lives with everything you had, time and prayers.
You were a beautiful soul, a loving wife, caring mother and marvellous sister.
I find solace knowing that you are no longer in pain nor discomfort.

I pray that your loving memory and legacy will live on.

Rest well till we meet again

Love you always

Olayinka Areago- Lajumoke (Sister)
This tribute was added by Wendy Onafalujo on January 19, 2020

Dearest Aunty Bimbo

The funniest - you brought laughter and dance competitions to the room. I remember our last conversation you told me how much you loved me and how you always wanted the best for me. I believed you and I wish you could still be here to see the things you desired for me come to fruition.

One thing I am certain of is that heaven gained an angel. Your resilience, your strength and fight of faith will always stay with me. You kept your head up aunty I admire you. You’ve been there through it all and I will miss you sooo much. I know you will be watching over me and I promise to make you proud.

Love you forever and always x
First daughter
This tribute was added by Segun Ifaturoti on January 19, 2020
Dear Abi,
Your passing is so painful ☹. You being no more is just unimaginable. I have fond memories of the numerous moments shared with you and Jide back in the day, you guys were just so much fun to be with. I remember your, near permanent, cheerful disposition. In fact, it is difficult for me to picture you frowning or being upset. You were always full of fun! Well, I have no doubt that you are now in a better place. May your loving soul Rest In Peace, Amen.
This tribute was added by Oche Alogwu on January 19, 2020
Eternity, a place we must one day go
it is an errand to which none can say no,
Lord, please grant us all a place by your Son’s throne,
So we ask you show us the sins for which we must atone
the pain of seperation weighs on all our hearts,
Every time a dearly loved soul departs
Still we must accept the Almighty’s will as of Love
Because She now lives with the angels above.
This tribute was added by Funmi Kunle-Komolafe on January 19, 2020
We are not mourning as those who do not have hope but we are certain that our dear Aunty Abi has gone to Glory to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She has fought a good fight She has finished the course, hence there is laid up for her a crown of righteousness. God will comfort Mr Femi and the Children. We will meet at Jesus feet. Rest in peace
This tribute was added by Olaitan Adeyelu on January 19, 2020
A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Surely you will never be forgotten,continue to rest in peace MA
This tribute was added by Abimbola Tevi on January 18, 2020


In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18-23 King James Version (KJV)

We give God all the glory, honour and adoration for the life of Bimbo and all that He enabled her accomplish during her time. At this time, we are thankful to God for :

45 years of infinite mercy
45 years of divine grace
45 years of God’s faithfulness

We salute you God of heaven and earth for the impactful life Bimbo lived and how you kept her glowing and beaming with smiles till the very end. You strengthened her with might in her inner man and made her a source of inspiration to others.
Her virtue and courage are visible from the pictures and testimonies of families and friends.
Bimbo, you have displayed what it means to fight a good fight of faith and also showed us that God is able to uphold His children to the very end.
Precious in God’s sight is the death of His saints and we take solace in the fact that there shall be a resurrection morning when God and all His saints shall live to part no more.
Blessed is the memory of the righteous.
Bimbo, Omo Sister mi, SUN RE O!!!!

Abimbola Tevi
This tribute was added by Rebecca Oladele on January 18, 2020
Abi darling,
Wow!!! I am so broken but the memories make me smile. You are that ride or die kinda chick, you do anything for your family and friends. You always made me laugh when we were together and even when we spoke on the phone. Your energy is contagious, your resilience inspiring and your smile lit up any room. I miss you girl and I love you dearly. Our chats were always meaningful, inspiring, happy and fun. I have no doubt fought hard till the end and now you are resting in our fathers arms.

Till I see you again, rest well my dear friend.
This tribute was added by Oluwatimilehin Areago on January 18, 2020
Words can't express how i feel big sis.. tbh i lack them at the moment.... But i know youre in a better place.... I'll miss you sister mi.. Till we me and part no more. Love from Lil bro. love u world's best..
This tribute was added by Olukemi Fagbenro on January 18, 2020
Your death sadden my heart , despite all odds of suffering and pain you still smiled. Bimbo was strong ,confident, courageous, always positive and a fighter still the end . You are in a better place on the right side of God. We will meet again at Jesus feet.
May your perfect soul Rest in peace. RIP
This tribute was added by Nike Areago on January 18, 2020
Abimbola, writing this message is so painful. having to use was instead of is, is very difficult.  However, we thank God for your life, for the lives of the people you touched during your journey through planet earth. We know that you are in a better place resting in the bosom of the almighty, singing with the angels. We will miss your cheekiness, your words of wisdom and all the things we did as a family together.

Let this be known that you were loved, you will be missed as you have left a gap, but trust me Sis you will never be forgotten. Sun re o my beautiful sister.
This tribute was added by Adetola Igoh on January 18, 2020
Dear Late Bimbo, and my dear family..

Gone too soon. Looking at the beautiful pictures and remembering how I knew Bimbo, even before she married into the family; amazing.

Our going out days if I may say.. beautiful, as my mum would say é lò sé drink up nì yén...

Your life has been beautiful, and those are the days I chose to remember. God sees and He knows and am sure He will comfort all of us as we go through this process in our lives.

The beautiful boy's you brought to this world; May the Lord continue to watch over them and your dear Jide, may the Lord comfort him always. 

Your resting now; you job on earth is completed, you were a fun person to know, you always had a smile on your face, even till the very last moment when I saw you at a family wedding; amazing only God can give someone that comfort. Amen.

Rest in peace friend.
This tribute was added by Adebayo Jones on January 18, 2020
I recall a meeting with Jide in Lagos and I asked after you and the children. He said he couldn't wait to be back with you in England. He couldn't really bare to be away from you guys.
He talked with much excitement and delight in his voice that one could not but notice the contentment, joy, and lovely fulfilment that going back home meant to him.
Such was the beauty you radiated to your husband, children,, family, friends. You were charming, kind, caring, witty as company, and mindful of everyone who meant something to you.
What a loss and you will be missed. We remain comforted that you are with the angels and finally in the arms our saviour.
Rest eternally in peace. You indeed ran a good race and received your crown of glory.

This tribute was added by Eucharia Chinonso on January 18, 2020
We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast, when we say this we imagine this hour would be in a distant future and we never thought we would be thinking about you as a memory.
Yes, it came a little soon, it came as a shock and still feels a bit unreal.
You will always be remembered for the different things you are to one and all. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord
Jesus Christ who died and now lives on, where all tears are wiped away.
This tribute was added by Akiode Ibironke on January 18, 2020
Sis Bimbo i wish i could stop the tears but i know u are in a better place free of pains. You were u the strongest woman i ever met,i love u loads as u will always say to me. My family would miss u cause u always came thru for us.....i dont think i can ever get over this bt i hope one day we will meet to part no more....but till then sis know my love for you is irreplaceable u Aby
This tribute was added by Tomi Osaile on January 18, 2020
Although I did not have the privilege to meet your wife but through you, she struck me as a woman of substance and strength. It was therefore with deep shock and sorrow that I received the news of her passing away. All the time I've interacted with you, I've been most impressed by the genuine warmth and care she radiated through you and the boys to everyone that come in contact with you. We have lost a truly great woman I share your sorrow and pain. I'll always be there for you whenever you need me. My sincere love goes to you and the boys and I'll continue to pray for you all. Stay strong brother. May her lovely soul rest in peace. Amen.
This tribute was added by Olugbenga Obadina on January 18, 2020
We never met but we interacted time and again through your darling husband Jide. You fought a victorious battle and checked out on your terms to join the hosts of heaven in destroying the last enemy, death. We can take solace and comfort in the fact that you are at rest and at peace, but most importantly you are now completely with the church of the first born whose names are written in heaven and in the company of just men made perfect. See you in the morning.
This tribute was added by Olushola Adekunle on January 17, 2020
Aunty Bimbo,
You can no longer be seen, by the human eye,
But your soul and love that you gave so many, will never ever die
Sometimes, I wish words, cries, prayers, and every other things your loved ones had done could bring you back to stay.
I guess this is the way life goes, and God's will we must accept
But I hope you didn't feel this pain or weep the way I've wept.
Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord that has called you this early out from the trials, pains and Tribulations of this World.
This tribute was added by Folashade Firstlady Dada on January 17, 2020
It is painful to loose a lovable soul, sister and mother, you left us in a state we will never forget ,you gave us a lasting memory that can never be forgotten,we will miss you ma. Thank you for giving to the Lord, Thank you for affecting lives positively, Thank you for the good works, Thank you for the smile you put on always. I love you ma but God love you most. Rest in peace ma. Folashade Dada
This tribute was added by Toyo Bolusire on January 17, 2020
Aunty Abi, I didn't see her often but she would always call to check up on me and catch up on what I've doing, even going the extra mile to send me a gift every year for my birthday. The traits of a truly generous and loving soul. Rest Peacefully.
This tribute was added by Yemi S on January 17, 2020
My darling Bimbo. You fondly call me "friendship mi" or "sweetie". That's how fun and loving you were. I'll miss your voice. You were very strong, brave and godly. You mostly hid the excruciating pain you passed through because you didn't want me to panic. You were always high-spirited, full of life, unbelievably selfless, compassionate, kind, encouraging, giving, truthful, thoughtful, real....I could go on and on. You focused more on others, and though you were gravely ill, you rarely expressed just how badly the pains were because you just tried not to worry your loved ones.

I remember how encouraging you were when I lost my nephew and saw you just a couple of weeks later when you visited Nigeria; your love and comfort were unbelievable, considering what you were passing through. When I took ill shortly after, you called, sent messages, prayed for me and lifted my spirit with words of encouragement. You were so strong that I just knew it could only be the spirit of the Lord.

I reflect on all the great times we had together whenever you visited Nigeria. You were always caring and reaching out whenever I was unavailable and just always a darling. Though we spoke often, when we didn't you understood. Yours was a magnanimous heart!

I didn't realise you'd leave let alone so soon. I truly thought God's got this.... Indeed, God's got you; another angel gone from this earth to the Father's mansion. I have no doubt you're in heaven and I know we'd see some day, at the feet of the Lord Jesus. Oh my darling, words cannot express how much I miss you. l cannot believe I'm writing this, I just never thought it'd come to this. You've left a vacuum only God can fill. Adieu beautiful soul! Adieu my friend-turned-sister! Adieu sweetie!
This tribute was added by Olafunke ALLI-BALOGUN on January 17, 2020
Rest in PEACE, in Jesus Mighty Name.
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