Her Life
Abiodun Toyosi Makanju née Oke-Kazeem was a dedicated family woman who clearly understood the significance of a prosperous home to long-term stability and happiness. She invested her life in building and regularly refining the ideal home she had dreamed of; in alignment with those she placed maximum value on. Her career and life progressed satisfactorily having created a stable base from which she sprang.
Abiodun was a motivated and intelligent Administrator and Manager driven by a strong desire to impact meaningfully on her immediate environment and the people contained in those spaces. She was purposeful about creating conditions that enabled people to thrive physically and emotionally. She was process-driven and kept keen attention to details.
Abiodun was educated at the University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and a Master of Science Degree in Public Health. She contributed significantly to the management of several health management institutions and systems in Nigeria through professional administration, project planning and execution and facilitating targeted research works and interventions.
Abiodun was a native of Lagos State, Nigeria, the city where she spent the better part of her life with her loving families and friends.