Her Life

Just Married

On August 17th, 1997, Don and Agnes decided to get hitched. Yep, that's right - in the great state of Texas. They were so in love they went straight to the Justice of Peace and got 'er done right then and there. Of course Agnes, being a devout believer in our All Mighty, made Don marry her proper like - so a year later on August 15th they did an offical church weddin'.

It's a true story.

Love and Destiny

Love finds its way, whether by choice, chance, or perhaps a little nurturing from others. A friend of the family recommended a blind date between Agnes and a fine young man - who, as it turned out, shares the same birthday (Sept 20th). This man's friend mentioned, "This must be a sign!", but he replied "Yes it's a sign. We're both Virgo! We're not supposed to be compatible!"  This young man was Don.

When Don first met Agnes at her aunt's home in Houston (after about one year of phone dating), a little voice told him, "There's your wife!".  Later that evening when Agnes was praying before she went to bed, she had some doubts about Don and asked herself "Is he right for me?" A gentle voice replied "If you don't marry him, you'll never be happy".  Before returning to Los Angeles, Don gave her a small gold crucifix on a chain (my grandmother had given it to me when I was a young boy).  It was only much later that she realized that her childhood prayer had been answered.  As a young girl, she asked God to give her this sign:  that the man she would marry would give her a cross on a chain.    

Don and Agnes caught up to destiny  : )

New Horizons

In 1995, Agnes braved a new world and came to America to attend Pablo's, her brother, wedding in Tyler, Texas.

She was persuaded to stay and study physical therapy in Houston.


Chosen Path

Agnes' attention to detail and analytical talent encouraged her to get her degree in Accounting, with a minor in economics, from Saint Mary's College.

Shortly after she received her first job with the Bayer Company as an order processor.

Chapter 1

Maria Agnes Francia Navo Raborar was born in Manilla, Philippines, on Sunday September 20, 1964 at 4:40am. Her proud parents are Pablo Raborar and Rosita Navo Raborar from the province of Bicol.

She is the middle child of five. First came Candy and Pablo Raborar Jr., and after Agnes came Eric and Noel.

Pablo and Rosita raised Agnes in Makati, a suburb of Manilla. She was a good kid and a good student - graduating from Saint Mary's High School. Agnes loved her family very much and shared a very special bond and devotion to her father.