This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Most Rev Albert Fasina, 81 years old, born on July 8, 1939, and passed away on June 29, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Isama Reginald-Mario on August 2, 2021
Baba, I am glad I knew you. You always taught me to pray in all circumstances and leave the fight for God. You always told me to do what the Spirit tells me to do. Though you have flown away, so far away, but I still hear you telling me same words as you have always done. Rest in the peace of the Lord. Mother Mary loves you.
Posted by Isama Reginald-Mario on August 2, 2021
My Lord, never had I imagined
living without your smile until is now dawn on me. Feeling and knowing you hear me whenever we talk kept me alive and going on. With the grace of God in you, you made me whom I am today. Your departure leaves a great void and shock in me. Please, don't leave me totally. After your 33 days preparation you became a slave of love
through Our Lady Queen of all Hearts. Your life proved that the love of God and humanity were all you lived for. By the grace of God I know you're shining down on me from heaven like so many friends we've lost along the way. And I know eventually we'll be together One sweet day. Rest in peace. Mother Mary loves you.
Posted by Oliver Onyebuchi on August 2, 2021
One month already? So soon? Anyway, it is because you are always in our hearts and we talk of you day and night.  We are missing you baba.
Posted by Fashina Oluwafunke on July 29, 2021
I have not written words here since your demise because i don't even know what to write.
My Instagram and Facebook account has you all over...

It is one month already.

If i try to say all the good things i want to say about you, i will write a book.
If there is any lesson for anyone, it will be to be selfless, with the understanding that Wealth is good but greater good is it when it is used to help others. We rise by helping others.
Live a purposeful life that in the end, you can say your fought the fight, you finished the race.

Baba mi, Iṣẹ rere gbeyin yin...

Iṣẹ rere a gbẹyin awa naa o

I love you Baba
Posted by Veronica Opeyemi Idowu on July 29, 2021
It is a month already! Rest on Baba Fasina. We will always remember you.
Posted by Onafowora Anne on July 14, 2021
Rest in Perfect Peace dear amazing most simple man of God that I know. I celebrate your life because you lived well. The oldest man I know with the sharpest and the most clear sight. Baba will see me and immediately call me out as ‘Omo Iyabeji’ ( the child of my Mum , who had twin children too). I was always shocked by this. Your kindness, humility, total love for God amazes me. I really to hope I can emulate this way of life in this really dark world. You did Baba, You did it. I’m so happy for you as you are with Christ and already enjoying your rewards. You will be dearly missed Papa. E sun re Baba.
Posted by MARTINMARY OLALEYE on July 13, 2021
Rest in peace Baba. Joining the Angels and Saints as our heavenly intercessor.
Posted by Ceejay Peter on July 13, 2021
Its becoming a reality to me that you're gone..
I thought I've been sleeping, so baba you're gone?.ooh why now after you told me to be versatile in life .now I'm working towards being versatile and you're gone .
Baba I can now drive car, I can now cook Your OAT very well.why don't you wait and enjoy it more . Baba we'll for ever miss you , truly you're gone . but your memory remains forever in our hearts. Indeed ijebu ode, Nigeria , everyone who have come across you , Catholic Church and Christians all over the world lost a HERO,A SAINT, A FATHER and A BROTHER.Continue to rest in the Lord till we meet again. BABA.
Posted by Sossou Kanle Cecilia on July 12, 2021
Baba Fisina
✝️ Most Rev. Dr. Albert Ayinde Fasina, it was a sad news when it got to me that you're no more.
Hearing of your demise was a shock to me. I wish Someone like you lives forever, to me Someone like you isn't supposed do die @80 not even @100.
Baba Fasina, you were a great man. A man of honour, very humble, you lived a good life, you spent your life to the glory of God the most High and served man with humility, peace, love, kindness, charity and on it goes.
You worked for the Church with your life, with all you had. You were a friend to all, you helped many people, you helped many become great, you raised the helpless, you gave the thirsty water, you clothed the naked, you gave food, support, just to name few. You did all of those with no discrimination nor segregation. You were a man of all, whether Christian, muslim or pagan.
you loved all that came your way and treated all equally.
Baba wa, we all are going to miss you. You were a Saint on Earth, there was Jesus in you. You were a good Sheep to our Lord Jesus Christ and a good Shepherd to us meaning u served God and led us right. Ijebu-Ode Diocese has really lost a Saint. We pray for someone that'll be like you and even surprise us all to make you proud and make the Church proud.
It's painful you didn't get to enjoy all you deed and served with your life. You didn't enjoy your retirement as even while on retirement you had to continue the work when Ijebu-ode Diocese was waiting for who would take over. Unfortunately, when we later had Bishop your health didn't allow you enjoy. so sad

Sleep well at the bossom of Christ Jesus.
We all love you but God loves you must and we believe you're in a good place smiling.
May God Almighty forgive every of your short comings and reward you with His kingdom because you deserve it real good.

You may be no more, but your legacy, the Great life you lived, your kindness, your simplicity, humility etc is engraved with iron, we can never forget you.
I personally love you to the moon and back. Your death really touched me and broke my heart.

✝️ R.I.P Most Rev. Dr. Albert Ayinde Fasina

_Miss Cecilia Kanle Sossou
Secretary, Cathedral
Posted by Theophilus Elogie on July 10, 2021
Baba Albert Fasina, you were a kind and humble shepherd who impacted many may God welcome you to paradise and continually rest your soul in peace.. rest on Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina.. we will surely miss you. Sun Re o
Posted by Olubukunola Dorcas Schola... on July 10, 2021
Tribute to Baba Fasina by Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel

It is with deep sadness that we received the news of the passing of our dear father, Most Rev. Albert Ayinde Fasina, the Emeritus Bishop of Ijebu-Ode. We thank the Lord for his life and mission as a priest and a Bishop of Ijebu-Ode diocese. As he has gone to the world beyond, we pray that God whom he served so well will grant him eternal rest in his Bosom
Baba Fasina was very close to us as a group and he earnestly supported the congregation in her younger years. Baba preached retreats, preached at our events, he was very generous to us and was always ready to support the congregation and many of us as individuals. We shall surely miss your fatherly love, care and advice. Baba Fasina, BABA JEJE may you rest in the peace of his creator.
On behalf of the Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangel, I wish to express our deepest condolence the Bishop, the Priests, Religious and the Lay Faithful of Ijebu-Ode Diocese, and also the biological family of the Late Emeritus Bishop. Most Rev Albert Ayinde Fasina.
We pray for you and wi!l continue to ask God to console you, the Diocese and also minister his comfort to his natural family. May perpetual light continue to shine on him as he rests in peace, Amen.
Holy Masses has been offered for the repose of his soul.

Sr. Adenike Regina Oke, SSMA
Superior General.

Posted by Temitope Okoilu Nee Fashi... on July 9, 2021
Baba i will miss you so much. Baba you've gone to the Land Where You Will Never Grow Old. Baba youre simply simple. You're and epitome of lowliness and meekness. I have so much to say about you baba (as we fondly call you)since i was a child leaving with you. I know how much you love me and accepted all my naughtiness. You would want me to sit down and pick a book from your library and read, not just that, you will also want me to explain all i read from the book.
A defiant, a soldier and a gallant warrior you are baba. We know you fought through, yes you do and you won even in the midst of all circumstances. and yes YOU LIVE ON, RESTING IN THE BOSSOM OF YOUR FATHER.
Your exemplary Life is indeed a blessing to us all and to many, your memory lingers on and i trust God to cope with this. You're Loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Posted by Foluso Otunla on July 9, 2021
A true disciple of Divine Mercy slept  - Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina, Bishop Emeritus of Ijebu Ode Diocese ,Good night.
Baba,a true disciple of the Most high God slept on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. A humble and caring Father that you are.
I remember when my mother was sick, she was in coma for about a month,  in our confused state  we came to you. You calmed our fears. We were surprised to see you in our house to see mama. After praying , you said we should release her.  A few days after your visit my mother slept peacefully.  Your advice saved us from the great calamity that would have happened during her burial.  The entire family, all my siblings are forever grateful to you, Baba.
You carry out your Pastoral work with ease and never forget your sheep. Thanks for the visit andprayers to my nephew on his sick bed. You were so compassionate when you visited him in Abeokuta.
You are always ready to expose and lead me to the Blessed Sacrament on any of my visits.  Thanks Baba. You never fail to ask after every member of the family including my husband and prayers for him. We are very grateful .
Early this year when I visited you, we had a good time because you had a lot to share.  I left, got to my car, came back again to ask you to pray for me. You  prayed, gave me words of wisdom and most importantly you were asking about growth and spread of the Divine Mercy devotion. 
Yoruba Divine Mercy devotion leaflets are always received from you for the spread of the devotion in all Yoruba speaking Dioceses. Despite your health, you continued to carry out the works of Mercy, you still continued to solicit and take care of destitutes.
We give God all the glory for what you are and what you have been to us all.
You have shown Mercy, surely Mercy will be shown to you, sleep on in bosom of your Father, till we meet again. GOOD NIGHT BABA, ALBERT AYINDE FASINA
Posted by Matilda Okusanya on July 8, 2021
Happy Post hummus birthday Bishop Fashina. May God grant your soul eternal rest. Amen.
Posted by Veronica Opeyemi Idowu on July 8, 2021
Today we remember you our dear Baba Albert Ayinde Fasina. Happy Posthumous Birthday. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Okolie Julian on July 7, 2021
Baba, you are epitome of simplicity and love
Thou changed many lives
Your exemplars are ever motivational
Your days were nourishment to us
Thou will be crowned above
We shall ever yearn for you
May your light direct us
Adieu! Adieu!!...
Posted by Omolola OLAOSEBIKAN on July 6, 2021
His Lordship, one of my silent prayers was to one day meet you in person and ask how you managed this rare humility traits. I pray for a humble heart and a sincere heart of worship just like you had during you days on earth. I ask that God grant you ETERNAL Rest through Christ our Lord
Posted by Akinnibo Damilola on July 6, 2021
Dear Bishop Albert Ayinde Fashina.

With a great regret I got to know you're sick for some months before your Demise, I was soooo worried and prayed for you in my heart so you can get well soon. You played a vital role in my family most especially for my grandma. All the advise, financial contributions, visits, and hospitalilty to mention but few. You're a saint on earth. I know you're with Angels in Heaven. My heart is heavy and I pray May Angels in heaven receive your soul. You're a great teacher, a role model and a honest Servant of Most High God. You're gone but your legacies won't be forgotten. Rest in Peace Papa.

Condolence from: Arole/Akinnibo and Adeshola's Family.

We love you, but God loves you most.

You're loved Papa.
Rest in Peace.
Posted by Lawrencia Onuegbu on July 5, 2021
His Lordship
Most Rev. Francis Adesina Obafemi
Catholic Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese

Your lordship


It's really painful receiving the sad news of the death of Most Rev. Albert Ayinde Fasina, whom the Lord called on the 29th day of June, 2021. He has fought the good fight and what is left now is his crown of glory.

With heavy hearts we convey our prayerful condolence to you and the entire Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode. Do take heart from the promise of Christ who will raise our mortal bodies. Always remember that we share this sorrowful moment with you. Be encouraged and consoled.

In union of prayers for his repose,

Mother Resurreta Maria Agu, SJS
Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus the Saviour, Elele, Rivers State.
Posted by Matilda Okusanya on July 4, 2021
Baba, you gave me a shock when I learnt you had passed away. I remember when I visited you last to tell you I was travelling. You looked a lot better
It was a nice time talking to you. We even prayed together. You were a kind family friend to us and in particular a good confidant for me. You were always available whenever I come to you for advice and guidance. I can't remember how many times you visited us at Imuwen. The name MAMA IMUWEN that everyone calls me was given to me by you. Even my little children remember how you used to take care of them, whenever we came to the Bishop's House. I will miss you surely.
Rest in peace Baba Fashina.

Posted by Rosaline Adeniyi on July 3, 2021
Baba you were really a Shepherd to all. We the members of the Lagos Archdiocesan Confraternity of Christian Mothers will miss your fatherly love,encouragement and support when we came to Ijebu Ode to establish Confraternity of Christian Mothers which today is a Diocesan society in Ijebu Ode. You will forever remain in our hearts and we will continue to pray for the repose of your soul. ADIEU our humble and amiable Shepherd.
Posted by Otunba Olukayode Augustin... on July 3, 2021

Most Rev. (Dr.) Albert Ayinde Fasina (1939 – 2021)
(Bishop Emeritus Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode) – R.I.P.

“Everything that happens in this world happens
at the time God chooses. He sets the time for birth
and the time for death (Ecclesiastes 3:10).”

The announcement of his demise was received with mixed feelings by all and sundry throughout Nigeria and abroad. Everyone was grateful for his life well spent to God’s service and humanity.

The death of our Lord Jesus Christ did not only assure us of the love of God for us, but also of life after death. With faith in this, we accept the home call of our beloved Emeritus Bishop. It is therefore, my prayer that the Lord will grant him forgiveness of his sins and the benefit of the joy of our heavenly home which he longed for while on earth.

Bishop Fasina was a rule-follower who had the most transparent heart ever. Heart so pure, true, genuine and selfless. Very easy going, gently with soothing words and humourous talks. His smile was like sunshine – so genuine and soul lifting. Indeed, he was a shepherd with outstanding passion for the sheep.

He radiated love to all – family, the church, Priests, societies and individuals. He had a heart of fire for charity, sharing in the joys and sorrows of people.

His work of charity has no limits, knows no colour, class, race, faith nor tribe as every human being must be giving a helping hand where and when required even when he knows that the resources required are not readily available. He believes that when someone starts, God will send help through many others to complete it. He encouraged people by example and lived a God-centered life and was particularly benevolent to missionaries with utmost humility.

It is my believe that our gracious God will give you the reward due to those who give a cup of water to prophets.

Life is like a stage and we are players, each having his entrance and exit between the two extremes are opportunities and challenges.

“The souls of the righteous are in the hands
of the unwise they did appear to die (wisdom 3:1-3)”.

Eternal rest grant to him o Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and souls of all the faithfuls departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


St. Anthony’s Parish, Ayegbami Olororo Sagamu.        
Posted by Christiana Isola on July 3, 2021
Christiana Isola July 3, 2021
Baba as I fondly called you, you have done your best & I thank God that I have encounter with you, you cared for everyone you cherished vocation to priest & religious life, your humility, simplicity & prayer life was well emulated. May resurrected Christ accept your soul, may the Holy Angel welcome your soul to paradise. May your soul continue to rest in peace.
Adieu Baba Rere. I will surely missed your encouragement .
Posted by adebukola ayanbadejo on July 3, 2021
All my encounter with Baba was a blessed and peaceful one !! Baba was in Ilaporu Parish for a programme. I was in Olabisi Onabanjo University,Ago-Iwoye and was staying in Ilaporu in Mr Ogunsanwo's house( popularly called "Ile Baba Sister"). After baba finished his programme and my landlord ( a parishioner) told him some Catholic students were staying in his house, Baba accompanied with two other priests came to check on us and prayed for us and blessed us with sign of the cross on our foreheads. My Lord Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina, you will forever be in our hearts.Even when I lost my dad, he sent his condolences. Continue to rest in the bossom of your creator. May the Lord bless everyone you left behind. Please, BABA continue to pray for us.
Posted by Lovina Ogidi on July 3, 2021
A man with a golden heart.....
May God rest your soul Baba.......
Posted by Raphael Okusaga on July 3, 2021
Rest in peace our dear Late emeritus Bishop of Ijebu ode. You lived a good and exemplary life Baba. You are a rare breed that has witnessed to the life of Christ. I met you several times and it has always been a pleasure listening to you as father and good shepherd. Rest on well Baba until the day of resurrection. Okusaga Raphael, On behalf of Okusaga family of Odoaje and St. Paul Catholic church, Odoaje
Posted by Sr. Juliana Akadri OSFy on July 3, 2021
On behalf of Nigeria Conference Of Women Religious in Ijebu-Ode Area (NCWR), I write to express our heartfelt condolence to you my Lord, Most Rev. Francis Obafemi ADESINA, Clergy, Religious and the entire Lay Faithful of the Diocese of Ijebu-Ode, on the death of Bishop Emeritus Albert Ayinde Fasina.

We are consoled with your exemplary life of commitment to the service of God and caring for others. Baba, you have fought a good fight and finished the race! May God grant you the crown of glory and a well deserved rest you have worked for. The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul will accompany you home.

We will surely miss you.

Sr. Juliana Akadri OSF
(President of NCWR of Ijebu-Ode Area.)
Posted by ONABOTE OLUSEGUN ONABOTE on July 2, 2021
On Behalf Of Onabote Of St Francis Catholic Church Itele and Family home and abroad, we sympathize with Ijebu Ode Catholic Diocese over the demise of our Father His Emeritus Albert Fashina Ayinde. May Almighty God Grant him Eternal life and all departed Souls.
Posted by anthony adegbemi on July 2, 2021
The Inevitability of death
O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ........... yes JESUS the divine master conquered death nevertheless the most humble bishop have ever meet in my life Twice 2 visited st ANTHONY ejinrin rd parish during early morning mass u will came in simple without any body noticing in your short knicker i never knew u are the one except noticing your skull cap ........ A humble servant of christ rest on his right hand may your soul and the soul of the faithful departed rest in peace ........... adieu baba sun re oooooooooooo .........Most REV albert fasina 
Posted by adebukola ayanbadejo on July 2, 2021
A BABA with a BIG HEART that accommodated all. Always smiling and friend to everyone both old and young. A bishop that I heard went for a programme in Lagos and was held up in the hold up but had to take a bike to the venue in order to meet up with the time. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You left a LEGACY that cannot be forgotten. You cared for everyone. You preached PATIENCE AND HUMILITY. YOU ENCOURAGED US TO BE PRAYERFUL. You will always be remembered in the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode. We love you but GOD loves you more. REST ON BABA. ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO HIM O LORD,AND LET YOUR PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON HIM. AMEN.
Posted by Funmijohn Akhimien on July 2, 2021
Like a light you showed all the way to Christ Jesus with out sentiments, Baba as called by all, you thought us what true humility, generosity, and patience was. I still remember our beautiful encounter few days back. it is my believe that you have reunited with other saints in Heaven, because you were a saint in earth.. Rest on Baba......
Posted by Emmanuella Mamah on July 2, 2021
The News was a shock to meBaba Fasina was a man of Great Esteem...A Legend..An icon...Always smiling...Always Happy...Heaven must be rejoicing because a saint has joined them. You will forever be remembered Baba....Rest in the Bossom of the Lord
Posted by Olubunmi Osifeko on July 2, 2021
My Lord like I always called you was indeed a beautiful name i cherished calling you. Your top notch memory about people and events is highly remarkable. Every time I met you, You always prayed and had words of advice for me.
I believe and know you are in a better place.
Rest on my darling Bishop who was father to many. May your soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Godwin Hammed on July 2, 2021
To some you were a Bishop, but to many of us you were a Shepherd and "Baba". What will Christ do has always being a propelling words for you to do the things that you do. You lived and showed to us what True Christian vocation is all about. I grieve because each moment with you rejuvenates me and the love of God burns more intensely. I believe you are in heaven with the saints and you also deserve a Universal Knowledge by the Church as a SAINT in this world.
Posted by Festus Dalamu on July 1, 2021
With his passing, we have lost a faithful shepherd who preached the Word of God eloquently and served the faithful with a great sense of compassion. Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina humor, joyful expressions, and remarkable ability to share practical and fruitful stories will never be forgotten. Rest on in the perfect peace of the lord Baba Albert Ayinde Fashina
Posted by Official MCEE HAMOSEE Unl... on July 1, 2021
Because of his many friendships and years of faithful service to God, we all seem to have stories about MOST REV ALBERT AYINDE FASHINA and his impact on our lives. Some of the stories are inspiring; some are poignant; some are funny.Together, these stories give us a glimpse of a life well-lived. We invite you to share your stories as together we remember Baba Fashina
The Ijebu ode diocese will miss you.......
The Catholic Church as a whole would miss you......
Adieu Baba!!!
Continue to rest in perfect peace!!

From Babalola Victor Ayomide
NFCS IDC coordinator 17/18
Posted by oluwaseyi ajayi on July 1, 2021
The blue touraco has gone from the abode of indigo,
The red wood cock has gone from the abode of canwood pigment,
The cattle egret has gone from the house of whiting,
In peace may you leave the shore, in love may you find the next,
Safe passage on your travel.
Till we meet to part no more,
Adieu; selfless,philanthropist, spiritually inclined and beloved role model worthy of emulation.
Posted by Dogho David on July 1, 2021
Baba Fash was a Father to all, he was the true definition of simplicity and humility. During my days as a Pupil of St. Maria Goretti School, Sagamu, baba Fash visitation to School then was always fun, cause Baba will play football and do suwe with us...His constant advice to the Youth to go into vocation to Priesthood was top notch, any opportunity baba had with a young guy or lady from the Catholic Faith, he will always talk about vocation to the priesthood. Baba Fashina had a great sense of humor, Baba was fun to be with. We miss you Baba Albert Ayinde Fashina. Continue to rest till we meet to part no more...
Posted by Christopher Bright on July 1, 2021
Baba Fasina! a man of dignity, a friend to all, a true man of God and Father Abraham of our time.
May your soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen!
Posted by Official MCEE HAMOSEE Unl... on July 1, 2021

Baba as been my mentor ( SPIRITUALLY AND MORALLY ) since my childhood days from HCA TO CYON FINALLY TO NFCS he will said Michael-Mary always put your prayers first in anything you are doing especially your rosary and make sure you read your bible.
Baba last word to me was to focus on my dreams and make sure I achieve them.......
I will miss your fatherly care my LORD
BABA FASINA continue to rest in the blossom of God our maker till we meet and part no more .....
Sun rẹ ooooo My LORD
THE diocese of ijebu òde will miss you so much
The Lagos ecclesiastical province will miss you
The catholic church as a whole will miss you
Sun rẹ ooooo
Adieu baba!
Adieu baba!!
Adieu baba!!!
St Albert the Great   .. Pray for us

From Ajiboye Michael-Mary Adebowale
Posted by Christianah Adetutu Sanwo... on July 1, 2021
I know you are up there watching over us all Baba, I am very sure that you are dining with the Angels and Saints already because you lived an exemplary life, a life worthy of emulation.

Your love for youths and students can't be quantified. I have had so many encounters with you which still lingers in my heart.

Times you would travel down to TASUED to celebrate Mass for us whenever our priests were unavailable. The time we had issues at our chaplaincy but you admonished us to hold on tight to our faith and pray for our priests. You care for people around you, holding strong to our faith made most of the students at TASUED pray divine mercy no matter what they might be doing at that point in time.

You are never too quick judge as your name is PEACE. You loved to fault. 

I will never forget the lessons I learnt/ you taught me while I was the president because it still helps me in my daily dealings with humans.

No amount of words can be said to bring you back but I believe you are resting well and dining with the Angels and Saints.

Continue to rest Baba, A fe yin, sugbon Jesu fe yin ju.............. Sun re, Sun re, Sun re
Posted by marimar mary on July 1, 2021
My lord as I always called you, I can never forget your impact towards my life and my family, you really give us hope when we thought all hope was gone, your door is always open for the needy, I will always appreciate your prayers, love,care and support towards my family most especially towards my mother health and my career, I will forever miss you baba cause I didn't even wish that you will be receiving the calls of the Almighty even in the next Ten years to come,All your teachings will always remain in my heart,I really loves you Baba and I believe God loves you more than any one on Earth and I pray that may you continue to rest in the Lord and keep on smiling with the heavenly Angels.

Sun re ooooo!!!!!!!
Adieu my lord Bishop!!!!
Posted by Motunrayo Ogunsanya on July 1, 2021
Baba you have always been a father figure to me and my family. Having you as my uncle was a great privilege coz u thought me all even at d point of death. You cared for me tru out my surgeries when u too where battling with yours. Baba always preach forgiveness to me at every point of my visit. He keeps telling me Anthonia I am not going now coz I am waiting for your husband, not knowing Baba will leave me, us. Yes it is sad u left but my heart leap for joy coz HEAVEN GAINED A SAINT. REST IN PEACE MY DEAR UNCLE.
Posted by adebukola ayanbadejo on July 1, 2021
An ICON is gone. Bishop Albert Fasina, a man of Faith,Love and Humility .Infact, HUMBLE TO A FAULT. He preached HUMILITY and PRAYERS. Always giving us rosary anytime he comes to our parish. A Bishop who came to Sagamu Parish and was told that my mum was ill and came to our house to pray for her. I can never forget that day. He cared for all. He had good memory because he recognized us by our name. The day he met my first daughter Anthonia when she was a baby, the next time we met him in the church, he said"Mama Anthonia, how are you?" I was shocked because I didn't expect him to remember her name. He was a father indeed!! I have never seen a HUMBLE BISHOP like him in my entire life. My Lord, may GOD receive your SOUL. Rest on BABA as we used to call you. Thank you for teaching us a life of PRAYER. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU. On behalf of The OGUNDIYAN'S FAMILY.(Sagamu Parish.)
Posted by joy james on July 1, 2021
You are a man of endless gratitude. You taught me perseverance. You taught me courage as an act of faith. From you I learnt graciousness. There are so many things to thank you for. Your love for the Church, your unrepentant belief in the goodness in each person and the endless possibilities for growth are some of the enduring legacies. How can I forget that you love Missionary Society of St Paul and her whole existence? How can I ever forget that you stood by each MSP priest despite all odds? How can I not remember that you are a firm believer in the oneness of all human beings and that together we can build a one united, loving, kind and believing Church? How can I forget your belief that diversity is one great gift that can lead us closer to God and to one another?
Baba, the truth is that I am orphaned again. Please keep praying for us. Rest in peace.
Fr John Okwui Anih, MSP
Posted by Onakoya Oluwafemi Albert on July 1, 2021
PAPA as i always call you. Your smile whenever we see is something I can never forget contributed to the fact that i am your namesake (Albert). I will miss that tap i always get on my head.
Rest on PAPA!!!
Bishobu as my Grandma always call you. She talked about how you always ate her meals only.
Ki Olorun forun te Bishobu
The Family of Onakoya pray that God create a space for you at his side in his Kingdom

We will surely miss you PAPA Albert Fasina
Posted by Okorie John on July 1, 2021
As a Catholic, Hearing that a Bishop is coming to our parish back then in my village gives one Joy even though meeting him one on one may not be easy because of their busy schedule, but mere seeing him celebrate mass in our local church once in a blue moon was like winning a trophy. When I got to Ijebu ode, Baba lifestyle changed my view, he was ever available to all the parishes and my personal encounter with Baba was awesome, without going through protocols, Baba and My Lord as we Fondly call him, is Christ personified in humility and love, and a man of Peace, the peaceful of coexistence people of different religions in Ijebu ode Diocese is one in a kind through his Soul winning gestures. Baba, you lived a selfless life of service to the body of Christ. Baba will come to Kajola just to see how his children are doing was so encouraging.
As one of the Diocesan CYON Executive then, He give us his time, resources and wisdom to ensure that the youth apostolate is well rooted in the Catholic faith. Baba had every choice to live so wealthy, because he had access to men and women that matters in the society, rather he forsake them and sacrificed all for all, that all may be one in Christ Jesus. He treats the poor and the rich alike.
Even with his age, Baba could stood for hours giving sermon without been exhausted.
We have humanly lost an icon but we know that he lives on because he died in Christ the giver of Life.
Keep resting in peace until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Fr. Peter Owolabi on July 1, 2021
Our path in life no doubt is marked with upheavals. Yours was not anything different. But you taught that we have the grace to redefine how we wish to see life and relate with life. Hence, you chose the path of simplicity. Thank you for teaching me this. God rest your soul till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ademola Odukoya on July 1, 2021
Tributes by: Pius Ademola Odukoya, Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Imomo-Ijebu on the demise of our Emeritus Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina

Baba Fasina as you were popularly known and called by everybody that comes your way, old or young, Christians of all denominations and the Muslims too. There was no better adjectives to described Baba Fasina other than "Humility and Simplicity Personified".

Baba Fasina was the main person that created conducive atmosphere and harmonious working relationships between the Christians and the Muslim communities in Ijebu land and beyond.
Baba Fasina cemented this relationships by paying regular visits to the Chief Imam of Ijebu land during their festivities and in the same vein, the Chief Imam with his other Muslim Chiefs too do also pay visits and offer prayers in their Muslim ways whenever Baba Fasina was either celebrating or marking his birthday.

Baba Fasina had unshaken faith and believe in the efficacy of prayers. Anybody that went to Baba Fasina on any burning issues that has been given the person(s) sleepless nights, Baba will calmed the person down to the point that he/she will feel like someone has poured cold water on him/her and at the end of the meeting/discussions, Baba will tell you "Sa ti teju mo Jesu ki osi ma gbadura si nigba gbogbo" that He (Jesus) shall surely solve the problems that you were facing.

Finally Baba Fasina you came to this world, you saw and you conquered.
May your gentle soul rest in peace with your Creator till when all of us shall meet to part no more.          
Baba Fasina Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!.
Posted by Michael Banjo on July 1, 2021
Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina - You Earned Your Rest

I knew Bishop Fasina personally from a young age. He put me through my First Holy Communion preparations in Ijebu Ode when I was a young adult.

A genial, humble and most sincere soldier of
Christ, he combined a sternness for uprightness with deep affection and friendliness. A man who shunned the trappings of office, his tenure as Bishop was notable for his simplicity. He was a relentless evangelist.

I remember him often and will continue to do so as we celebrate his ascent into the pantheon of saints.

May the soul of Baba Most Rev. Albert Ayinde Fasina rest in perfect peace. AMEN.
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Posted by Isama Reginald-Mario on August 2, 2021
Baba, I am glad I knew you. You always taught me to pray in all circumstances and leave the fight for God. You always told me to do what the Spirit tells me to do. Though you have flown away, so far away, but I still hear you telling me same words as you have always done. Rest in the peace of the Lord. Mother Mary loves you.
Posted by Isama Reginald-Mario on August 2, 2021
My Lord, never had I imagined
living without your smile until is now dawn on me. Feeling and knowing you hear me whenever we talk kept me alive and going on. With the grace of God in you, you made me whom I am today. Your departure leaves a great void and shock in me. Please, don't leave me totally. After your 33 days preparation you became a slave of love
through Our Lady Queen of all Hearts. Your life proved that the love of God and humanity were all you lived for. By the grace of God I know you're shining down on me from heaven like so many friends we've lost along the way. And I know eventually we'll be together One sweet day. Rest in peace. Mother Mary loves you.
Posted by Oliver Onyebuchi on August 2, 2021
One month already? So soon? Anyway, it is because you are always in our hearts and we talk of you day and night.  We are missing you baba.
his Life
Born on July 8th, 1939 into the Muslim family of Late Pa Disu Fasina and Madam Moriatu Disu, Bishop Fasina’s father was an Imam. He attended St. Mary Catholic School Oke-Odolewu, just across the road and in front of his family house. From there, he proceeded to Central School, Itamapako, then to St. Patrick Catholic School, Isiwo, and was later taken by his elder brother to Lagos where he completed his Primary School Leaving Certificate in 1954. He returned to Isiwo to attend the Community Modern School. On finishing from the Community Modern School, he was posted to Lepia Village in Lekki District and later to Roman Catholic School (RCM), Igbodu as a probationary teacher. After some time of teaching, he proceeded and qualified as a Grade III teacher from St. Mark Teachers Training College, Iperu-Remo in 1969, he qualified as Grade II teacher from St. Joseph Teachers College, Surulere, Lagos.

In April 1959, Bishop Albert, who was a Muslim, was baptised by Fr. Terence Birmingham at St. Michael Catholic Church, Igbodu, and had his First Communion at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Molajoye, an outstation of Ibowon Parish. It will be important to note that as a teacher, he was under the tutelage of Bishop Aggey of blessed memory. He was a Catechist, a lector and a Legionary.

Although active in the Church, the thought of being a priest did not cross his mind until Fr. Alfred Ajayi spoke to him on a Sunday evening while he was preparing the coal for the thurible for Benediction. After this, he heard similar words from Fr Terrence and Fr Carew at different times. He was ordained a Priest with Msgr. Victor Ajayi on March 8, 1980. He was assigned to the then Remo Parish (now a Deanery) as Assistant Parish Priest, and became the Cathedral Administrator in 1981 till 1984 when he went to the Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port-Harcourt to study Pastoral Theology. While in the Cathedral, he took the formation of Basic Christian Communities seriously, and these Basic Christian Communities are now major parishes in Ijebu-Ode Deanery.

He was appointed Bishop on 21st June, 1988, consecrated a Bishop on 10th September, 1988, succeeded the Pioneer Bishop of Ijebu-Ode on 14th August, 1990, and retired as Bishop of Ijebu-Ode on 17th January, 2019 at the age of eighty minus six months.

His major interest is in the Print media for the formation of the people, he is very interested in young people and their faith formation, he deeply grieves the lack of Church’s presence in schools, and sees this as the reason for world’s moral decadence. 

The poor and the destitute are very dear to his heart. Bishop Albert will on his way to functions pick mentally derailed people who are roaming the streets in his car, and put them in the home for the destitute which he goes about to solicit for money to run. So many of them are not well and have reunited with their family members. Corpses by the road side are not left out, he would pick them up and bury them. Catholics and Non-Catholics approach him and have the existence and sustenance of their almost crumbling relationship to his mediation.

Bishop Fasina was the man who was appointed bishop and wanted to decline on health grounds but was told that even if he dies after a day, it is for God's honour. He met the number of Indigenous priests at six, and left it at sixty-seven and a Deacon. Parishes also grew from few numbers to thirty-eight.
Until his death, Bishop Fasina retired and resided in the home for Clergy. May God give him the reward of a good and faithful steward.
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Shared by Idowu Mayowa on July 3, 2021
May the lord grant baba fasina eternal rest and let your perpetual light shine on him ....... thank God for a life well spent baba as come he saw and conquered. You will forever remain in my heart baba,can’t just forget the role you play doing my confirmation ✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ I can vividly say that baba is the best bishop have ever meet or see ...... Adieu bishop emeritus  of ijebu ode diocese Albert ayinde fasina till we meet at a part no more ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Shared by Princess Ify on July 3, 2021
You have fought the good fight baba and I know you have been crowned with glory. 

You were such a beautiful soul.

Rest on God's gallant soldier.....
Shared by Omotunde Lizabeth on July 2, 2021
You were a Father & friend to my family but wasn't opportuned to have a close conversation with you till about 3 years ago and you really demonstrated the highest level of humility and simplicity. I could recall your last words to me when you invited me for a chat & all the gifts you sent to me. You were indeed a Father to all & you lived well! May your peaceful soul rest in peace dear Bishop!