alexsandia clarks sis here tammie

Shared by Tammie Kinnon on January 1, 2013
A love alex fery mutch all a want to say is a love her and merry xmas to her and am heart broken that she isn't here any more xxx love tammie

merry xmas baby girl

Shared by Lisa Kinnon on December 24, 2012
Some, times I don't cry now but don't miss u any less or feel a part of me missing inside and always will be till untill you in my arms again love u miss you oh alex wish u were here with us not just in spirit merry xmas babe love mum dad and u sisters were all missing u never for get u from us all love u always

The Dental Hospital !!

Shared by Cherysse Kinnon on June 26, 2010

%uFEFFI'm Cherysse , Alex's Oldest Cousion On Her Mum's Side ! When Alex Was 3 Year's Old She Had Too Attend The Dental Hospital To Get Bad Teeth Removed . On The Morning Alex Was Too Go To The Dental Hospital Her Mum Asked Asked Me To Go . Lisa Didn't Want To See Alex Getten Put To Sleep . So I Went In :| (Ater Waiting About For Hours Playing Away In The PlayRoom) She Loved That Thou :-D , She Loved The Triangle With The 3 Mirror's ( She Could See Her Gorgous Wee Self ) ! When We ( me & ali ) Went Into The Room There Were About 5 Dentist's Waitin To Do Alex's Mouth Op ! I Lay Alex On The Bed , Too Help With The Mask ! Alex Gave Us All Nothing But Hell (hehe She Was Good At Being Cheeky) After About 20 Mins Of Trying Alex Finaly Fell Asleep ! (It Broke My Heart , Was For The Best Though) I Left The Room & Went To Get Lisa . We Waited In The Playroom For About Half An Hour Before Alex Came Back To Into Recovery . When Alex Came Back She Wasn't Happy But She Had The Bad Teeth Out ! .  It Never Took Her Long Too Cheer Up Thou , It Never Did !  Lovee Youu Lotss & Lotss Missyy :( Gbnf !

auntie tina's memory

Shared by Martina Kinnon on June 4, 2010

i am the auntie you really didn't know that well. i so wish i made the effort to get to know you more. i can't get the time back & for that i'm sorry. the memories i do have of you are when you were first born how tiny you were how tiny you an skye both were. i baby sat you once. you must have been about two months old i came to visit your mum & she left me for an hour with both you girls & craig my son who was also a new born i put you both in your swings so i could feed & change craig then i swapped over an done one of you girls then swapped over again it was a really challenging hour i have to say, there was another time i visited you an you were in your cot your mum went to get you up an your face lit up when you saw her you could tell you had a special bond. these memories will have to last me until i get the chance to meet you again in gods garden. hope you know well i know you know we all love & miss you babe xx auntie tina

our Ali Bali

Shared by Martina Kinnon on June 3, 2010

Ali Bali is daughter of alex clark & lisa kinnon she is twin of skye & sister of  lisa, roberta, tammie, jayde, kirstie & graham. She went to broomlea keppoch campus nursery school,  she had many friends there & she was fond of her teachers donna baillie & lesley. The nurse mandy at the nursery was also great with ali. ali liked playing drums. her favourite toy was the drum she loved music & was a very happy child. she says get and the word whit. Ali also loved twinkle twinkle little star. She would often listen to loud music & play her much loved purple & red drum. I love her and miss her badly the only thing that keeps me going is still doing things for her  she will always be my baby x

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