Let the memory of Allison be with us forever
  • 21 years old
  • Born on April 4, 1994 in Elkhart, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on June 30, 2015 in Johnson City, Tennessee, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Allison Freeze 21 years old , born on April 4, 1994 and passed away on June 30, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 30th June 2018
Today is the 3 year mark since you were taken. My heart is still shattered. I want you back! Not a moment goes by that you aren't in my thoughts and my life will never be the same. I walk this journey alone and I'm so lonely without you! Just know I love and miss you more than ever!!!! I'm proud to say you are my daughter!!!
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 17th October 2017
My beautiful angel, I'm missing you so much and my heart is still broken into a billion pieces. Nothing is better and I don't think I will ever get used to you being gone. I know you are looking down on us with such love and pride. I'm trying to do what I know you would do. Momma was able to prove you didn't do this to yourself but I don't know if we will ever get justice. I just wish those people knew you the way all of us do. You were always so giving of your time and yourself. If anyone needed anything you were always there for them. So many have reached out to me to let me know what a special person you were and how you helped them. I have been blessed with people who are willing to help me get to the truth. It hasn't been easy and it had taken a long time but you deserve the truth to be out there. You had so much to do here on this earth and everything was taken away from you. Your brothers and nephews and niece miss you so much. You loved those babies! They talk about you all of the time. They need an Auntie like you. You will never be forgotten and this momma will never stop trying to get you justice. You must be so beautiful up there! I still long to hear your voice and to see that little grin of yours. You are constantly in my thoughts and I often wonder what you woukd be doing now. This world lost a very special person who had so much to give. I can only try to do what I know you woukd want me to. Just know sweet girl I love you so much and missing you more than ever!!!
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 30th June 2017
2 years today that you were taken my sweet girl. Needless to say the tears have been flowing like a waterfall. Nothing is easier and you are always in my thoughts. When you died a huge part of me went with you. I miss your voice and I miss your smile and oh how I miss that little giggle you had. Those that took you have no idea what they took that day. No clue as to what it has done to your family. The pain we feel never let's up. I can only hope you knew how much you meant to us and how much we loved you and still do. So many things have happened in the past 2 years. Nephews and your niece have grown so much and they are quite the energy balls. We will have a new one in Feb. You loved those kids so much and they talk about you all of the time. That speaks volumes about the love you had for them and the love they have for you. Your J.R. has his first girlfriend, Avan made allstars, Gabe is just a little genius! Logan and Ethan are still doing their fishing tournements and winning. Baby Kerry is still his sweet self. Miss Rian is a little you and she brings back so many memories of my time with you. Brayden is a ball of energy and he's such a lover! Our Brantley is just the cutest thing! He can name every kind of truck. He asks me where's Allis Dodge truck. Your brothers still struggle with the loss of you. You know your Bubba misses you so much. We still laugh how you had him wrapped around your little finger. Chris has a hard time too. He went back to Unforsaken. I know how you loved his band and how proud you were of him. Jamie still struggles with his issues and Rob focuses on his family. So alot has happened and so much has changed but the one thing that hasn't changed is the pain we carry from losing you. I love you so much baby girl. You will always be my only daughter! I love and miss you! Love eternally.
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 4th April 2017
Happy 23rd Birthday baby girl! You are so loved and missed! Catch the balloons we are sending you today! I would give anything to see your beautiful face and hear that little giggle. You are constantly on my mind and the pain never let's up. So I want you to know I love you to the moon and back and I miss you so very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!
Posted by Erin Brick on 2nd April 2017
Happy early birthday kiddo! Brittany and I about going to the club that one night actually quite a bit! We haven't really gone in awhile.. wish you could go with us when we go again. Hope you have fun up there! Don't get too wild! Miss ya!
Posted by Amanda Quinn on 2nd April 2017
Typing this with tears in my eyes it's hard to put into words what you meant to me and it's even harder to describe how hard it is to go on in life without you. The boy's are getting big, Mason looks like me & I only wish you could've gotten to meet him....As for your little buddy Jake you'd be proud cause he's mac'n on all the girls at school hehe comes home with a new crush everyday. And now I'm starting to cry cause this isn't fair I don't want to talk to you on this site I want to you to be sitting here next to me talking about how we're gonna celebrate your birthday cause lord knows we could raise some hell. I don't know if they throw parties up in there in heaven firecracker but if they do I want you to sing nickelback loudly and dance your ass off haha you never could bust a move remember when we was in your hoopty mobile singing at that top of our lungs jamming out after we walked all through Wal-Mart cause you were determined to make me spend money on myself and do something for myself for a change. That was the last time I seen you, the last time we were together and I wish I could go back to that day and tell you how much I loved you and how much you meant to me. We got close to each other towards the end and I regret that I wasn't there as much as I should've been and could've been and I'm so sorry I am sorry for not telling you everything I need to want to and should have told you. Allison I love and miss you more than you know some days more than others when shits rough I don't have my friend to get me through it but I know your watching over me and that gives me some comfort. You rock there socks off up there in the sky happy almost birthday!!!
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 7th November 2016
Always loving you and missing you! Never ever forgetting you! My life is still a shambles since losing you and I don't see that changing! You are an amazing young woman and had so much to live for and so much left to do here. You were robbed of that. I pray that those who did this are held accountable soon! I will see you again. You are my daughter and my heart. Like you said, we fought hard but loved even harder! That's our family motto. Keep watching over us and let me know you are with me! Love you baby girl! See you soon!
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 9th September 2016
Loving and missing you more than ever my sweet daughter. I would give anything to hear your voice and to hug and kiss you again. I know you are dancing with the angels and I'm sure you are singing and playing music like you did when you were here. I will see you soon!
Posted by Peggy Freeze on 24th May 2016
Loving and missing you so much baby girl! You were an amazing young woman who had so much to offer the world! Nothing will ever be the same without you! See you soon my sweet girl!
Posted by Sherry Neumann Ehle on 23rd May 2016
From one Mother to another going through the loss of a child, I'm praying for you Peggy!! Although I didn't have the opportunity to know Allison, if she is anything like her Mom I know she has an amazing and kind hearted soul. Thinking of you...
Posted by Shea Blunier on 22nd May 2016
Always, always missing her. I hear her all the time and think of her often ❤
Posted by Craig Pontius on 22nd May 2016
For my beautiful little cousin Allison who left us much too soon. Forever an Angel making Heaven and even brighter place.
Posted by Katie Enochs on 22nd May 2016
Allison was always very, very sweet. When we had a fire at my house and my whole garage burnt down, Alison was there. She was helping in any way needed she hugged me and she told me it was going to be alright. And if I ever needed anything that she would help. She hugged me while I cried. She was a very good person with a very big heart

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