Her Life

My Girl!!

Remember that movie "My Girl"? You talked me into watching it and I cried at the end when she died. You cried too if I remember right. There is an old song, I think it's a 60's or 70's song called "My Girl" and I hear it in my head a lot these days. You were MY GIRL!! My baby girl, beautiful, sweet and kind. I so loved you then and always will. You made my heart smile so many times. You and your girl Jayden. She misses you and needs you. I worry about her all the time. I couldn't bear to lose her too. I prpbably am very guilty of spoiling her, I love her and your Dylie as they were my own, but yet know they are yours. Your Dad takes such good care of him. He says this is all I can do for my girl. I want to tell him so badly that you are MY GIRL and nop one elses. Got to gocheck on our Dylie. Love you, miss you always and forever ....Mama

You 2 Together Again.

  There you are together again in Heaven. I imagine you grabbing Trevor's hand and running through the beautiful fields and streets of Heaven. I have always told Jay that there was a beautiful huge fountain filled with children and you, Alysha, right there in the middle of it. If you had a car I wonder who would be driving and who would be riding, arguing over the music. You liked a lot of the same things when you were here together. I guess there isn't any of that Rap stuff to listen to there, you probably like to hear the angels sing. I know He doesn't want us to be envious, but I am so jealous of the joy and peace you all must be feeling. I miss my Daddy, Mama, Austin, Vicki, and of course both of you. Letting go is so so very hard. Look down on us with a prayer, peace, joy and love. Guide my Grandson well sweet Lysha. He is so loved. He will want to check in on his little boy often I'm sure, such a tragedy for Korbyn to grow up without his Daddy. We will love him enough for all of you, as much as you both have loved us. Enjoy being together again. I love you both much more than you could ever know........Mom/Grammy


             thank you our Heavenly father for the gift of letting me care and love my 3 babies. Each one the light in my heart that shines along with my love and gratitude to you Lord.  My little one resides with you now and has for the last 6 years. It has been the hardest thing I have experienced so far in my life. Thank you for carrying me over the roughest times, when you spoke into my heart and helped me to get up to do what I needed to do each day. All I wanted was to stay in bed and sleep so I wouldn't feel the pain. But you gave me 2 more little ones to care for--- I needed them as much as they needed me. Thank you Jesus for the 22 years with Lysha, I think you taught me a lot thru her. Please tell her I will always love  her as only a Mama can. Better to have the pain of losing her than to never had her at all. You know my pain Lord and you knew I could be strong enough to go on. Please help me and guide me to do the right thing when it's needed. My son is hurting so badly right now. Help me help him through this Lord. Dylan is growing into a strong little boy, how do I teach him about you, how do I help him through life Lord?  Please help My Shanna and her boys. We are all having difficulties now, but I pray they will pass.Thank you Father in Jesus name, Amen


  When Alysha found out she was having a baby, she bought a crib sized Precious Moments blanket. In fact she bought the whole crib set. Jayden loved that blanket--still does. That blanket went just about everywhere with them. Jay would cover her babies with it over at my house,but when it was time to go home the blanket had to go too.  When Alysha left us it was hard to tell Jayden, hard to know what was the right thing to do. Shanna called around and got some advice. We gave Jayden the option of viewing her Mama's body.  It was hard, heartbreaking wrenching pain to watch this 4 year old baby see her Mommy this way. She turned to me and said "she's so cold meme, she needs my Precious. Roy and I left her with Nana and Mrs. Carlson and went home to get that blanket.  I was in such pain and shock but I can remember feeling so proud of both little girls. Such unselfish allencompassing LOVE Jayden showed us that afternoon. She got that kind of love and unselfishness from her Mama.  I couldn't let the blanket go with my baby's body after her service, but had Shanna get it to be put up until I felt able to give it back to my sweet little granddaughter. Miss you Sis

Pretty Baby

  Alysha was a beautiful baby.  She had a swirl of dark curls, perfect in every way. She was a good little baby, didn't cry much. I loved to dress her up in pretty clothes. She however, preferred jeans and t-shirt when she was old enough to dress herself.  Sometimes I wondered where did my pretty baby go? She had to follow Troy around and get just as dirty as he would. They were partners in crime.  My Lysha was so sweet and kind, or so I thought.  Guess Troy made her mad one day up in their tree house, so she smacked him on the head with an old skillet I had given them to play with.