Posted by James Carson on April 14, 2019
I'd never met Lysha, but stumbled upon this page when reading the reviews for this website. They say the best are taken far too soon, and after reading all the comments i say that is true. Lysha seemed like a well loved kind hearted girl, full of life, and 14 years on I wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss.
Sending love from Britain
April 14th 2019 04:21AM
Posted by Shanna Greer on August 27, 2016
Happy Birthday Lysha. You are proof to me that angels exist, and you are one. Your kids have been through so much, but they always come out ok! You are their guardian angel, their protector, their Momma.

We miss you always, love you forever!
Posted by Linda Davis on August 8, 2015
It will soon be your birthday my little girl. I am so blessed to have had you for those short almost 22 yrs. I ache for you, I will miss you always and forever love you. I'm beginning to see you in your son's face. Your little Jayden is becoming a beautiful young woman. You would be so proud of her. She has your golden heart. Dylan, you would be always yelling "help"! Your brother and I would have been here to help you with him. He is so big and almost as tall as me. He throws me around like I'm a sack of potatoes, lol! I love them both as you knew I would. I just wish you were here with them. Being a Mom was natural to you you were very good at it!! I love you my Alysha Dawn and I will see you again someday .In case I don't make back here on your birthday, I want to tell you Happy Birthday from all of us and we love you!! Mom
Posted by janie cox on November 18, 2013
""By being here you have communicated that you care.
This gesture is of immeasurable value, and speaks significantly
about the impact of the life we commemorate.""""

""♥†Sorry4ur loss...""
Posted by Linda Davis on August 27, 2013
Happy Birthday Lysha! How I wish you were able to be here with us. I imagine you don't celebrate today in Heaven because it was your earthly day. Instead I think every single moment of every day is a celebration up there. We miss you more than I can describe sweet child. I know you are pain free, no loneliness, no heartache, only joy and happiness for my baby girl. We love you Sissy..A&F
Posted by Brandi Cheever on August 22, 2013
Somedays it feels like I only saw you yesterday. But then there are the days that make me feel every long second that you've been gone. Eight years. That's a lot of seconds. It does make me feel better though, knowing you're patiently waiting for all of us to join you. To you its only been one second. I know you're still here with us. In our hearts and watching over us. I love you!
Posted by Linda Davis on August 22, 2013
Hi my sweet child! 8 years ago today you left us for a new home. It has been a long, lonely road of never ending pain in my heart. I don't think it will ever go away. I miss you baby girl, my love for you goes on and on in a circle of eternity. You have your 1st nephew with you now and I imagine that the 2 of you are having a great reunion. love,love, love you!! Missing you always....Mom
Posted by Linda Davis on June 16, 2013
Hi Sweetheart! Just thinking of you as always andwanted to tell you I love you and I miss you. Tell Trevor Michael the same please. I can't bring myself to write him right now. So much pain and anger in the family, I don't know how we are going to get past this one. I was angry when you were taken from us, but I had my family to help me. I feel as though I have no one now.
Posted by Linda Davis on June 12, 2013
Just wanted you to know you are and always will be on my mind in my heart forever and always. Don't think for one moment that because of our new loss of your beloved nephew that you have been forgotten. I love you and miss you every single second of every single day. You are my sweet baby girl and not even death can change that. Love you Lyshy with my entire being...Mama
Posted by Linda Davis on April 3, 2013
Missing you baby girl, always do, but sometimes it is like it was yesterday that you were taken from us. Still so painful in my heart. and now there are 2 of you taken away, leaving this horrible sadness that never goes away. Take care of one another up there and think of us down here with joy and the love we shared. Always and forever...Mom
Posted by Linda Davis on March 7, 2013
Hey my sweet Sissy girl! I just wanted you to know that even though my heart hurts and I cry now for Trev, doesn't mean I have forgotten you. I will never, ever forget about you. I miss you and love you just as much as I have since you left me/us. I want to believe that you are all together and full of joy and peace, no tears for you all. I love you baby girl..Mom. Tell Trev I love him!!
Posted by Linda Davis on February 11, 2013
My sweet girl, I trust you have our Trevor with you now. It helps ese the pain of both to know you are together again. He loved you so much as did all of us. We will lay him next to Grandma today. I'm guessing that is making her happy. He gets to know my awesome Daddy now too. I envy the joy you 4 will share. Think of us often with a prayer and a smile. Love to you all
Posted by Linda Davis on January 1, 2013
Another Christmas without you to make us complete.You get to spend Christmas with Jesus, and your Grandma & Grandad. We miss you so very much. I have to believe that you are with us still in spirit and are watching over your babies. We love them so much and try to make sure they know that we do and that you love them as only a Mama can. You are so missed and loved forever & always!!!
Posted by Linda Davis on November 21, 2012
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, another one without your beautiful little face. You loved the family meals and holidays, always helping where you could. I am forever thankful that God loaned you to me for almost 22 years. The best of my life. Jayden is learning to cook and can make pumpkin pie just like mine. I show your picture to Dylie and he is trying to say Mama. I love you Lysha dawn Davis!
Posted by Linda Davis on August 24, 2012
My little sweetheart, it has been 7 years since I've looked upon your beautiful face. The longest of my life. I try to remember happy times and not the day you left us, but really doesn't seem to get much better. Even though I may look okay to those around me, my heart is filled with pain. I love you my little girl as I always have and will always do. Mom
Posted by Charlene Henderson on August 22, 2012
Because of many miles between us----I did not get to know you as much as I would have liked to.I know one thing for certain you are one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever known.Never heard anything to the contrary.Will see you one day dear one.XXOOXXOO
Posted by Linda Davis on June 7, 2012
Love you and miss you my baby girl. So many things needed to be said, not enough time for us. I have never known anyone as awesome as you. You were so special. You will always be on my mind in my heart. To think of you is to think of Love.....Mama
Posted by Linda Davis on April 21, 2012
I miss you, have loved you for so long, Will ;ove you for all my days. I wish we could go back and do it all again. First time I held you I knew that that you were special, so very sweet and loveable. It hurts to not see you anymore, seems Bug looks more like you everyday. Frogman,Dylan gets more freckles everyday. I love you forever and always.....Mama
Posted by Linda Davis on March 30, 2012
Spring is here, almost time for Easter, rememberance of the price Jesus paid for our sins. I have had to work at forgiveness,not easy to let the bad memories of that day go. I love you so very much and of course miss you. You are in the best place, sleeping in the arms of Jesus(when you aren't playing with all those little children). I will see you again 1 day. always and forever ..Mom
Posted by Linda Davis on December 15, 2011
getting close to Christmas, another without you here with our family.Trevie will be here after 3 long years without him.I praise God that at least we could visit and talk on phone. Of course none of it makes me miss you any less. I love you Sissy Dawn. I will love you and miss you until we are together again. always & forever, Mom. Merry Christmas baby girl
Posted by Linda Davis on October 29, 2011
Missing you again, always do but sometimes more . wish you were her with us. Jaybug has had a bad day. She told me she cried at school cuz she didn't get to trick or treat with you very many years and it just isn't fair. What could i say cuz i agree totally with her, you are watching over them aren't you specially Dyl cuz you know he needs you more. Loving you always and forever..Mama
Posted by Linda Davis on October 9, 2011
I just need to tell you again how much I love you,miss you and all the other things I'd like to tell you. We didn't know that at the end of the day that we would never see you again, never have the chance to say all the things that we want to say now. We all love you so much.
Posted by Linda Davis on September 30, 2011
it seems I always say the same thing over and over again. What else can I say but How very much I miss you, love you, need to hold you in my empty arms one more time. This is my Hell, my cross to bear, 6 years but seems like yesterday. MY beautiful sweet child my love forever
Posted by Linda Davis on September 3, 2011
I miss you every minute of every day. If I could have changed the outcome of that last week of your life here with us, if I could hold you, hug you, say how much I love you and told you how very proud of you I have always been, But I can't, so I am telling you now.I luv U always
Posted by Linda Davis on September 3, 2011
Miss you Lysha. Your babies are growing up so fast. I know you know that the whole family loves them and looks out for them. Gavin is really good with Dylan and you can tell Dylan loves Gavin. Mason is ever the worry wart for Bug. "No boyfriends!" he tells her. love U, Mom
Posted by Linda Davis on August 27, 2011
Today you would have turned 28 years old. I can see you in my memory when they 1st handed you to me. So tiny, so pretty. I loved you from that moment and will keep on loving you until we are together again. Happy Birthday my sweet child.
Posted by Charlene Henderson on August 22, 2011
Knowing where Alisha is --is comforting!She would not want her loved ones to grieve but just to remember her.Remember her smile-her love and kindness to others.She would want her loved ones and friends to be with her one day---when God says it is their time!
Posted by Linda Davis on August 22, 2011
6 years ago today you had to leave us. We all know you didn't choose this. You are in a wonderful place where there is no pain, only joy. Your family will always love and miss you. You were so special to us.I love you Alysha Dawn, my sweet child, always and forever--Your Mama
Posted by Linda Davis on August 19, 2011
Another year has come and gone. You and Dylan have birthdays coming up. 6 years of bittersweet days and nights. I have to believe you are having a joy filled life in heaven, I could not bear losing you if not for that, I love you baby girl.
Posted by Shanna Greer on July 25, 2011
You gave your children the most beautiful part of you, your sweet, loving, caring, gentle, generous spirit. Your spirit lives on through, and in, them.
Posted by Shanna Greer on July 25, 2011
My sweetest memory is the year she got Big Bird for Christmas. That was awesome! My funniest memory of my baby sister (7/05). She sat in the rocker & it tipped really far back and scared her. After I knew she was ok, it was pretty funny! We misss and love you Lysha Dawn...
Posted by Charlene Henderson on July 19, 2011
Charlene Henderson lit a candle on July 19 2011
Memories are Golden that nothing can erase!
Posted by Cheryl McAllister on July 19, 2011
Today I am lighting a candle for a gentle soul. I will write my feelings later. Thoughts are fleeting but written words are from the heart and leave an imprint you cannot erase and is Sissy! I light a candle for an angel.
Posted by Linda Davis on July 18, 2011
Your little girl was baptised yesterday evrning. It was beautiful and I felt so honored to be there with her. I know you were there too. I felt your presence like a soft breath of air.My heart felt like it could break all over again. I miss you my sweet child.
Posted by Linda Davis on July 4, 2011
You loved holidays. All the things that came with each one, you were ready and waiting. You loved all of our family being together. They just aren't the same since you've been gone. Always an empty chair sitting ther waiting for you.
Posted by Linda Davis on July 1, 2011
Sweet child of mine. We miss you so much. So many things we should have said. My sweet child who knew the true meaning of love, giving and caring. Maybe that is why it was time for you to look into the eyes of God and know you did it right.

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