Posted by Tina Marcus on July 28, 2017
It's so hard to believe it's been seventeen years,
I was thinking about you and about how much you
would be with your nieces and nephews and all the new Babies
in the Family, I know you would love them all, I think back to
when I would let you hold Edie and how you would always
say " I'm not going to drop her ok" then you would always ask if you
could feed her and I'd say in a little while, then you would be at the door
ten times saying, Is it time yet? I have so many memories of you
with Edie, I'm very thankful for all the time we were able
to have with you, Amber you have been missed by many
and we will all hold our love for you in our hearts
Posted by Brooke Nunn- Buchanan on July 3, 2016
She was my very best friend and my favorite cousin always trying to hook me up with people she didn't even know lol we had so much fun always coming staying the night always together not a day or my birthday goes by that I don't think about her or miss her she is always in my heart no matter where I go in life I love u amber we shall see each other one day save me a good seat forever and always..
Posted by James Weaver on July 3, 2016
When I ran across this page on Facebook it brought me back to a time where Amber had spent the night over at the house with the girls so I will write a memory of mine but it will take some time for me to gather the thoughts and try to be as accurate as possible so look forward in the next day or two Tony and Connie of your little girl who is in heaven I look forward to sharing thanks

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