The best driver of our journey...

Shared by Julie Junio - De Castro on April 21, 2021
"Tapakan mo muna sabay clutch at brake, bago dahan dahan mo release yung clutch sabay tapak sa gasolina... Primera... Segunda... Wag kang matakot andito naman ako... Quinta mo na!"
Those were few of my most favourite lines of him that keeps running through my amygdala over and over again while he's alive and kicking until to date. 
He's the best driving teacher, better than the A1. During his days off, he will send us to empty streets and there started teaching us to drive one by one, sympre may baon kami bitbit nun at imemeryenda kami ng BananaQ kapag gets namin sya else uuwi kami na nagtutulak (silang 3 lang pala kasi among 4 of us, ako yung lambutin.. ) . He taught all four of us how to drive a car very patiently. Until we all learned. 
Eversince, every time I hold the steering wheel, set all the mirrors - side and rear, I always remember him, andito man sya o wala...

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