Let the memory of Ance be with us forever
  • 84 years old
  • Born on October 19, 1924 in Home at Old Buck, KY, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on July 5, 2009 in Kentucky River Medical Center, Kentucky, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ance Gilbert 84 years old , born on October 19, 1924 and passed away on July 5, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 5th July 2018
Daddy you have been gone 9 years today. I dreamed about Larry a few weeks ago. I miss you so much. You gave me so much of my beginnings and always loved me no matter what. I went and visited with mom today. She is now 92 and still hanging in there. I know she can't wait to see you but she says she hopes we all go in the rapture. God is so good. It might just happen that way. I wish you were here for Jay. He could really use you right now. But he has learned to depend on mom now a lot. She gets confused sometimes. You know that. But she is one smart cookie though. I love her dearly daddy. Wish you were here with us but I wouldn't want you to suffer for sure. I'm not doing the best ever. But I try to do the best that I can.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 10th July 2017
Daddy on July 5, 2017 it has been 8 years since you left us and went to a better place. I miss you as much today as I did then. Knowing that you are no longer in pain and sorrow makes it a little more tolerable. I didn't want you to suffer and God blessed you. So much has changed in these 8 years. Dakota is now 11 years old and Brooklyn who never got to know you is going on 7. Jason has one son and a set of twins a boy and a girl. Josh has a son and another one on the way. Elizabeth has moved a couple of times now. Jamie is a wonderful nurse and works in urology for one of the hospital doctor's. Paige is above True Value in an apartment. Mom has been sick but I think she is getting better. It's hard to believe she's made it this long daddy but she is tough and hanging in there. She says she is ready to come anytime God calls her. Jay and Lesa has been in the battle of their life. They had a huge new house but he's had to fight everyone of the big shots in this county and then some. I believe and trust in God that I will see you on the other side. I love you and miss you always.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2016
Daddy today is your birthday and I know you are celebrating everyday as your birthday now. But for me and probably the most that were left behind still think of this day just like you were here. It was always a happy occasion for you and I am trying to be strong and be proud of the man you became and how you lived your life for the LORD. I know that if you can anyone can and I have told some of your friends that. Some of them have passed on. Only God knows where they are. But I certainly know in my heart where you are and that gives me peace and the strength to go on and come to where you are someday. This world gets worse by the day, by the hour, by the minute and it can't go on forever. So my hope and prayer is to see you in that wonderful place someday that I heard you pray at night so hard about to stay true to God as you possibly could and you did. I still love you and miss you but you are in a much better place. But as humans we hate to think about going on and leaving mom, my children, my husband, my grandchildren and great grandchildren now dad. I have a great grandchild from Jayson and Eliz and his name is Aaron Dalton and he will be one year old in November. Jayson now have twins on the way with Jennifer. Can you imagine that? Twins in our family. Uncle Joe had twins. I always thought I could never have handled that but God made a way for Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary and he will make a way for Jayson and Jennifer. Aunt Mary passed on a few months back. I am sure she has met you up there somewhere. But life down here goes on. Coy has been working on a room for Brooklyn. I thought if you were here you would have helped him a long time ago and it would be finished but it is almost done and it is beautiful. You would have been proud of him. Dennis and I fixed the door to the graveyard a couple of days ago. It is only a place where markers are with people's names on it but everyone has done their best to keep it as nice looking as you did. See you soon.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 5th July 2016
Daddy the years keep adding up and it's been 7 today. They don't seem to get any easier just more bearable. Mom turned 90 back in May and we had her a birthday party in which just about all the family came in from far and wide and it was great. Mom looks good, sounds good, can't hear good but I know in her body she is getting tired. But she sure is a tough one. Her and Uncle Joe both. He is 92 now and still has Aunt Mary at home. Jamie, Coy, the kids and I had fireworks back on the mountain night before last. You would have loved them. We watched the city fireworks from my house and mom came and spent two nights with me and we had a cook out but only Jamie and her family came. Jay and his family was invited but they didn't show up. Guess they were too busy. Don't really know for sure. Dakota still talks about papaw sometimes and Brooklyn has now turned blonde headed and when we talk about you her eyes light up and she wants to think she might have known you but she didn't. She knows you through us though. She is something else. Not the average 5 year old. She can be good as gold and she can be mean too. But she's a sweetheart. As far as me I am just here and passing through. Sometimes I don't know what to do or where to go. But I know I will never give up on coming to where you are.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2015
Daddy today would have been your 92nd birthday if you were here with us. Mom will be 90 in May 2016. I still miss you so much daddy. You have been gone over 6 years now. With tears streaming down my eyes it don't seem to get any easier each year except just closer for me to come see you. I never thought it would be so hard. My cousin John is down helping mom with some things you would have done. Times are so much worse now than when you left. Our country is turning God away and bringing in so much other stuff. I know you wouldn't believe all the changes since you left. But our lives goes on and we try to do the best we can and be the best that God would have us be. I love you daddy and miss you and I know you don't want me to cry and I try not too. Until I see you again someday remember we all still love you with all our hearts. I know you are walking the streets of gold and have no worries like we do. We shouldn't fear though for Jesus Christ will take care of our every need I know. Have a "Happy Birthday" in heaven today. It don't get no better than that.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 5th July 2015
Daddy we had fireworks down at Jamie's tonight with Dakota and the new little girl "red". You would have called her Shirley Temple but her name is Brooklyn Nevaeh Olinger. You would have had a time with her daddy. Dennis has been a very good grandfather to her. He is kinda like you. He loves playing in the sandbox with her. She is one little character but Dakota is growing up and he is into the games on t.v and all that stuff. He would have loved for you to make him a Indian teepee like you did Jayson. Jayson is getting married August 1, this year and we are all looking forward to it. Jay is looking forward to being a grandpa himself. I am anxious to see if he follows in your footsteps and be a grandpa like you. I hope so daddy. The children need their grandparents in their lives. We have our ups and downs but God always iron's out our problems. See you soon with all my love.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 5th July 2015
Today is July 5, 24015 and you have been gone 6 years now. I miss you as though it was yesterday. But I am glad you are where you are and happy and free of the things of this world. Love and miss you.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2014
Today daddy would have been your 91st birthday. Dakota and I miss you so much. We know your happy where you are at. We can't wait to see you soon someday. You were so good to us both. You were the best dad and the best papaw anyone could ever wish for. Love always and missed sadly today and always.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 7th July 2014
Daddy it has been 5 years now. Everything has still changed. We don't get together as a family any more. I really don't know what to do anymore. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2013
Daddy I didn't get to say all I wanted to in the other paragraph. I know that time on earth is getting so close to an end. I know we will see one another real soon. I just want to finish the race and have faith and be secure in my knowing and my hope is where it should be that I will see you again and most of all see Jesus face who died for us all. I know you are so happy but I miss u.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2013
Daddy life has been so hectic these past few weeks that I had forgotten today was your birthday. The cemetery has a new building on it for the reunion in the summer and it looks really good. No more setting on those hard blocks. No more tents to put up. I know you would be proud of it. Dakota and I still miss you so much. He said just yesterday how much you both loved one another.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 14th May 2013
Daddy you were missed this past birthday and "mother's day" for mom. All the family gathered last weekend for a cookout. Jamie and I went over Saturday and surprised her with dinner and gifts and Elizabeth came later and spent the night and took her out Sunday and shopping. Jamie mentioned how you would have made her little two year old Brooklyn a good baby sitter and you would have.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 14th May 2013
Dad, as we just celebrated mom and Jamie's birthday for May 6, 2013 you were though of often. Jamie's little girl Brooklyn is now 2 now and you would have just loved her like you did all your family. Then it went into "Mother's Day" this past Sunday and you were thought of often. Your love for us all still shines today. Miss u
Posted by Trish Spicer on 19th October 2012
Today is your birthday had you been here to celebrate it you would have been 88. Everyone said that time would make it easier but I have to say somebody lied cause I have not found it to get any easier. Mom called me today and she said you know what today is and I said yes and she said "He's better off than us" but I just started to cry and I had to hang up. I know you are but I miss u.
Posted by Jamie Olinger on 19th October 2012
I miss this wonderful man as much today as I ever did. He knew how to do everything! His process of doing things sometimes seemed complex, but it ALWAYS worked! He loved family and holiday get-togethers were his favorite. I can picture him stacking up his Christmas presents, watching everyone else open theirs then getting to his. A man of wisdom, a man of character, a man of God.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 5th July 2012
Daddy it has been three years now and some days like yesterday and today are still hard to get through sometimes. I got married Saturday to a wonderful guy, Dennis Spicer-little gigler;s brother. You remember Mary coming home and spending a lot of nights with Elizabeth and you couldn't get no sleep for them laughing all night. Miss you dad. Happy 4th of July in Heaven.
Posted by Trish Spicer on 1st March 2012
My father died of lung cancer in which he knew about for several years. He was a hero to me, to my children and to my grandchildren. He always had time for them and played and make things for them. Dad was a loving person. I ask Dad the Christmas of 2008 what was the most important thing he wanted to say to everyone and it was "believe and trust God and I will see you on the other side

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